Seahawks bailed out after missing on Dominique Easley

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While there was a pool of quarterbacks that many thought would lead to a rush of moves late in the first round, only the Seahawks bailed out to someone could take one.

And that move was apparently triggered as much by the Seahawks missing the target of their preference as much as the Vikings wanting Teddy Bridgewater.

Via the, the Seahawks were visibly deflated when the Patriots took Florida defensive tackle Dominique Easley 29th overall.

If well, Easley would be exactly the kind of inside rusher the Seahawks covet. But the Patriots did too, which left them willing to move out of the first round altogether.

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  1. Easley played for Seahawks DC Dan Quinn at Florida.. Gators have 3 draftable corners, so it will be interesting to see if Quinn wants to bring in one of them in the next 2 days.

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    Easley, with his injury history, is the type of player that only teams like NE and Seattle could take a first round risk on.

    I think Seattle could have made a deal with Carolina at 28 if they wanted.


  3. Belichick was drooling over easely for the past month or so. Even I knew that. Seattle couldn’t trade up?

  4. Seattle isn’t going to be any worse off. They still are the champs and have the NFL’s most dominant defense.

    I’m excited that the Patriots added Easely though. His interior disruption was awesome in college. And if Seattle really wanted him, then I’m even more convinced he’ll be good one than I am already. Schneider and Carrol are as good as it gets at the draft after all.

    Belichick is definitely changing with the times. He’s looking at what Seattle has done. The days of having big lumbering run stuffers is over. Collins and Easely are both explosive players that represent the Patriots’ new defensive philosophy.

  5. I love the smell of Seattle hate in the morning.

    Smells like…a Super Bowl victory.

    Some day this draft’s gonna end.

  6. As a Patriot fan, we should definitely try and copy what Seattle has done on defence.

    Much props to Seahawk fans. And welcome to the ‘haters club’. You can only be admitted if you sport a championship ring.

  7. I have been watching some video of Easley and he sure is impressive. The way he avoid blockers and closes down on the ball is something to see.
    Take look at some of the video of his own Pro Day in April and watch him do the lateral drills. Just wow.
    On the other hand there is no doubt he is a gamble. One of his two ACLs was ruptured during a no-contact practice. Can he consistently show up on NFL Sunday? Nobody knows, but history would say no.

    I see Easley as the Patriots defensive Gronkowski. Gronk had a history of injury in college and completely missed his senior year. The Patriots looked past the injuries and went for the talent. Now when Gronk plays he is usually the best player on the field. Unfortunately there are a lot of times when Gronk is not on the field at all.

    Easley is clearly a superior talent and he comes across as a serious, hard-working player than loves the game. I hope that his body doesn’t stab him in the back.

  8. For the fans of the other 30 crappy teams, you know deep down that if BOTH Seattle and NE want a guy, then that guy must be one heck of a football player.

  9. Seahawks will get what they need through undrafted rookies and free agency…Seahawks will keep winning, and haters will keep crying…

  10. As a gator fan, I was really hoping he would go to the Bucs later. He is an energetic player who always gives his best effort. I hope he stays healthy and has a long career. Congrats New England, you have a good one.

  11. There are plenty of college players who would have had great careers had it not been for injury. Now all the media is somehow falling overthemselves for a undersized lineman with bad knees. Feel free to check back with me and tell me “Told you so” if this guy’s body holds up. Head scratcher for a team that had a terrible defense last year.

  12. Seattle and New England can both field competitive teams now without any additional players. This allows them to take a risk. How can you win playing conservatively all the time. That is called Marty Ball.

  13. Belichick has had some pretty poor drafts in recent years considering all the picks he has had. That’s the reason they haven’t returned to the Superbowl since their loss to the Giants. Basically the entire 2009 draft class, which featured 4 2nd round picks, is gone. Those would otherwise be players entering their prime and contributing to the team greatly. Obviously, there’s all the injury issues Gronkowski has had and the accused murderer Aaron Hernandez but those issues could have potentially been covered up with better drafting. They showed a graphic on ESPN last night during the draft: Disregarding turnovers, the Patriots have been the worst defense in the league the past four years. Those Pat Chungs and Brandon Meriweathers and Ras I Dowlings add up over time and this is the result. I’m a Belichick fan but his drafting does leave much to be desired

  14. A little Deer Antler spray is all he’ll need when the knee flares up.

    Just like Suggs and St. Ray leading up to their Superbowl run.
    Spray it on, rub it in and Whammo! Good as new.

  15. The reason the Pats have not returned to the SB is because they played good teams and lost. Discounting the play of the Ravens and the Broncos and blaming the Pats losses on the draft is wrong. They have made good picks and bad picks just like all the other teams. No one is invincible.

  16. The reason the pats lost 2 SB and 2 of the last 3 AFC championships is lack of defense late in games. TB can only save you so much and add to that a marginal running game at best. I cant wait for opening day at miami they had to change their whole scheme last year when wilfork went down. if will smith can play like his former self before injury and with revis and browner on the back end QB are going to miserable when they play new england. Good job vikings on getting Bridgewater.

  17. What a load of garbage.

    The way the draft works is the guy that picks before you has the right to pick before you……or is that too complicated?

    Seattle picked up an extra 4th round pick by trading back 8 spots, that was their intent and goal.

    The pick had value because it allow the Vikings to tie up Bridgewater for an extra year….win / win

  18. Mark Sanchez has as many playoff wins as Tom Brady over the past 6 years…

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