Seahawks trade down, again


The Seahawks know that it makes a lot more sense to trade down than trade up.  Trading down gives a team more tickets to the crapshoot that the draft inherently is.  With more swings of the bat, a team has a better chance of finding great players in later rounds.

Whether it’s G.M. John Schneider’s ability to find diamonds in the rough or coach Pete Carroll’s ability to coach them up or (most likely) a combination of both, the Seahawks have committed to turning their picks into more picks.

The 40th pick in 2014, acquired by trading down with the Vikings, has been traded to the Lions, who used it to select BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

Rated the top linebacker by, Van Noy will help bolster the pass rush.  But he brings baggage to Detroit, via a full-year suspension while in college.

Those concerns may have caused him to slip, and he ended up slipping right into the Lions’ laps.

Seattle will now make their first pick at No. 45.  Unless they trade down again.

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  1. I love the Seahawks, and I certainly respect Schneider and Carroll’s success in the draft. But grabbing a multitude of picks of mediocre and less-than-average players doesn’t help our below average offensive line one bit. I think they are really gambling with Russell Wilson’s health. At some point, the third-most sacked QB in 2013 is going to get hurt if they don’t get somebody to protect him.

  2. This is the same problem the Pats ran into a few years ago where they got too full of their scouting process because they landed some late round stars in prior drafts.

    So they keep trading down and trading down in an effort to hoard later picks and show off their self-perceived scouting abilities.

    Then they trade down when there’s a complete gamechanger like Dez Bryant or Clay Matthews on the board because they think they can draft someone better in the 4th and 5th rounds. Seattle better snap out of it.

  3. Exactly who I wanted, great pick. Not at all worried about the suspension. It’s BYU, if he didn’t get thrown out of school I’m not worried.

  4. How did we have Morgan Moses who would fix our problem area (RT) sitting there and take a WR with a history of drops?

  5. Now we have Richardson, who has incredible speed, and on paper that sounds outstanding. In actual practice, it doesn’t help much if Wilson can’t get any protection because of a sub-par offensive line. He won’t be able to actually throw the ball with an offensive line giving him no protection. He does scramble well and he can throw extremely well on the run. I think we may have to get used to that situation a lot in 2014. Now we have to bank on the notion that Schneider and Carroll can find some unknown offensive linemen that turn out to be gangbusters. Their track record says they can.

  6. Hawks may have outsmarted themselves by leaving Su’afina and on the board and trading out of the first spot. Then they pick a smallish WR. Of course, they reshirted almost of last year’s entire draft class so they may have more there than what we have seen.

  7. He sat out his freshman year because of an honor code violation. He had a DUI, and later was caught with possession of alcohol. Considering it’s BYU, the alcohol possession was a big deal.

    He was released from his agreement with BYU, but opted to stay at the school and sit out his freshman year. He went to his coaches, admitted he had a problem, asked for help, and got it.

    He and Ziggy Ansah were roommates.

    It will be interesting to see where the Lions put him and how they use him.

    The only character issue I see involves magic underwear.

  8. Love the Hawks but these two picks? Not sure. If they needed a WR, why not Lattimer from Indiana he was available when they drafted the boy from Colorado. Lattimer atleast is 6’2″ big and strong. Bad Picks. Busts like Carpenter, he was a reach in the first round 4 years ago.

  9. Two great picks by the Hawks.

    Richardson was a stud on a terrible team. Defenses won’t be able to stack the box with Harvin and Richardson on the field.

    Britt is very athletic for his size.

  10. I trust that Carroll and company have an accurate take on the level of talent they have on board, and what they can get to fill in or compete with the current starters.

    I suggest anyone concerned about Britt to check out his game against SC’s Clowney. He didn’t give up a single sack against the #1 pick in the draft. That’s pretty impressive. It certainly caught Tom Cables attention. Britt seems to have very solid fundamentals skills that should, hopefully, translate smoothly to the right guard position.

    Richardson was another bolt out of a clear blue sky. I admit I don’t know much about him, but his metrics suggest he’s a DeSean Jackson type. 180 lb’s, and a 4.28 40. Speed kills, and he has added significantly to the team speed.

    I have read that he has a bit of a problem with drops, but if it pans out, he could be a definite deep threat that will stretch defenses and open up the underneath routes for Percy and ADB.

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