Steelers take Stephon Tuitt with No. 46 pick


The Steelers addressed a need at defensive end in Round Two, taking Notre Dame’s Stephon Tuitt No. 46 overall on Friday evening.

Tuitt (6-5, 304) notched 21.5 sacks in three seasons with Notre Dame. He could compete for immediate reps at end for Pittsburgh, which saw Ziggy Hood depart in free agency. Moreover, Brett Keisel, a longtime starter at end, is an unrestricted free agent.

Tuitt is the second defensive player the Steelers have selected in as many picks in the 2014 draft. The club took Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier No. 15 overall on Thursday night. For the Steelers, their first two picks are a nod to the reality that they must get younger on defense, with their core of their Super Bowl-winning teams whittling away over the years.

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  1. The Steelers actually have only two players over 30 on defense and one of those made the pro bowl last year. People calling them old are too lazy to do their own research. That said, it’s a decent pick at a need position. A lot of people wanted Tuitt’s teammate at Notre dame, Louis Nix, but of the two I like this guy better.

  2. Glad the Steelers are focused on strengthening the core of the defense (line and linebackers). But I will miss Brett Keisel.

  3. Hope the kid has a great year especially if u look at how young pittsburgh defense was last year at times they looked lost and didnt know what to do in secondary

  4. WOW, serious injection of youth and talent to the front 7 so far. Tuitt to tie up blockers and Shazier to make plays. Of course, we still need a CB, and I expect 2 to be drafted over the next 3 rounds.

  5. Too Old Too young, definitely unstable, They won’t be good again, until Ben is gone, and they get a solid O-line.

  6. Coming from a Browns fan I like both picks but let’s face it. The bottom line is you never know what you will get. It’s a crapshoot for all 32 teams.

  7. Welcome to land of mediocracy for a long time. How do you lose to Tebow in the playoffs, and not have a winning season since. ? See the pittsburgh steelers for that answer dude! Haha

  8. Ive been very worried about our corner situation since we passed on Dennard for Shazier last night, but they did the right thing in taking Tuitt here instead of reaching for a developmental corner.

    Pairing Tuitt with Heyward could give the Steelers a very solid pair of DEs for years to come. Love this pick.

  9. bengalguy says:
    May 9, 2014 9:19 PM

    Forget old or young…….how ’bout they just aren’t that good!

    Troll much? Always makes me laugh how Ravens and Bengal fans can’t stay away from Steelers news.

  10. Shazier, Tuitt and now Archer..Doing it the steeler way. They have added speed. The steelers filled needy spots on defense and a blazing receiver on offense who is versatile. They havent hit the field yet but these guys are going to make an impact. Mark it down!

  11. As a lifelong Steelers fan, I don’t see it. Sorry, I just don’t see the strategy of this draft but then again, have never seen the logic of Kevin Colbert’s drafts.
    The defensive secondary is still weak. The O-line is still a problem. The D-line had little push in pass situations last year but hey, we are now incredibly deep at linebacker.
    I guess the only good thing is that the Ravens look weak and as division front-runners go, has there ever been a softer division champ that the Bengals?

  12. I’m liking things now, but admit I was scratching my head when they picked Shazier first. Thought it would have been a CB, but I think Chicago took t
    he one wanted in Fuller. Can’t go wrong reinforcing your defense. Hopefully CB is the next pick, and I believe that they have a bigger role planned for Moye as far as a WR with size goes.

  13. I’m a little concerned. The Steelers draft a second round player in the first round. Then, the draft a guy with a reputation for being lazy. Scratching my head a little.

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