Texans back on the clock and reportedly open to dealing No. 33


Part of the intrigue of the first round of the draft was the Texans’ apparent willingness to trade out of the first overall pick during the weeks leading up to May 8.

Nothing wound up happening and the Texans took Jadeveon Clowney to kick off the proceedings, but it seems they enjoyed the process of fielding offers from teams interested in climbing a little higher in the order. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Texans are listening to trade offers for pick No. 33 at the top of the second round and that they are open to moving it.

That’s not particularly surprising, even with the Texans believed to still be looking for a quarterback when the second round is underway. Teams have a long time to look at the players left on the board and decide whether they want to make a move to secure the top guy left on their list. Quarterback Derek Carr, wide receiver Marqise Lee and defensive tackle Louis Nix are three players who likely got first-round grades with various teams and could be targets in a trade with Houston.

Nix and Carr could both work for Houston, although the Texans have already gone the Carr route at quarterback without success in the past, but an extra pick or two would allow them to address more needs if they think the players they’re eyeing will still be available a bit later in the round.

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  1. I wonder if they’re open to this because they got sniped on Bridgewater by the Vikings last night.

    Hopefully their prices won’t be as absurd as what they wanted for first overall.

  2. If they stay at 33 they should look at Louis Nix. Another option would be Stephen Tuitt if they trade back. They need to add depth and size to their D-line still. They could also use a MLB since Cushing has played a full season the past two years.

  3. The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty is playing out exactly how I predicted.

    How many times did I tell you guys we were taking Bridgewater?

    How many times did I tell you guys the Vikings would steal a first round defensive player?

    We are destined for greatness. A Lombardi trophy awaits.

    Let the purple and gold confetti fall.

  4. They won’t go Nix as OB has already said they will be in Nickel for 70% of the time, and you don’t use an NT in that formation. They could definitely go with Tuitt or Van Noy at that spot, hopefully not Carr.

  5. If the Texans are smart, they trade the 33rd pick to my Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM, for Cousins. He’d lead them back to the playoffs for sure. Doubt any team is smart enough to realize how good Cousins is, except for my Redskins of course. #HTTR #RedskinsAreSmarterThanYourTeam

  6. I will be shocked if the Texans draft Carr. Too much stigma there. I would think they are still trying to get Mallet and will then use that pick on marquise Lee.

  7. .

    Mallet goes to the Texans. Nix goes to the Patriots. Suddenly the New England defense has improved markedly.


  8. These nfl network smart guys like sapp think Bridgewater n ap will have great future isnt ap already 29. He not gonna be there for 5 yrs
    Vikings should of seen what trade market for ap is

  9. If they like Carr, they should draft Carr. Who cares that they had his brother once and he wasn’t great? Has anyone seen Jordan Rodgers play? He’s terrible! What about Tom Brady’s brother? He’s an architect with six kids! It doesn’t matter how good your brother was at football!

  10. The Mallett thing was a smokescreen. If teams thought that Houston wasn’t going to draft a QB at 33, then no need to jump them to get a QB, leaving more choices for Houston. I guess that didn’t work as planned.

  11. I think the Texans should look into trading their second round pick to New England for Ryan Mallett. O’Brien is familiar with Mallett and he is in his last year with the Pats. It would benefit both teams.

  12. The Texans better have a plan. There’s no way the Seahawks didn’t call them to see if they could beat the Vikings’ offer for pick 32. So it’s clear to me that the Texans passed on Bridgewater intentionally. I hope they’ve got something other than Ryan Mallett up their collective sleeve.

  13. I think the Texans are hoping TBay goes QB, which would start the dominoes going, allowing TBay to trade Glennon to the Pats(for a 4th?), and allowing the Texans to trade their 3rd to the Pats for Mallett. They may think Mallett is better than any of the QBs left on the board. Moving the 33rd pk for additional pks would partially replace trading the 65th. Just a theory.

  14. all of you must have forgotten that when David Carr was the qb the TEXANS o line had more holes than Swiss cheese they couldn’t block a high school team…they gave up almost 70 sacks a year and u bash the qb…people wake up

  15. Is Mallett “that” bad of an option? He has learn under Brady, has more NFL experience than any rookie, and is eager to prove himself, plus he is familiar with what O’Brien wants and expects. New England knows Brady’s time is drawing to a close and Mallett is going to become too expensive of a backup and they would probably rather not let him go for nothing. Brady has time to tutor another.

  16. Eagles want Lee, but not enough to trade up to get him (especially if they passed with him on the board in the first). Whoever drafts Carr is getting a future great player, I think his career will be the antithesis of his brothers. Houston not taking him just because of his last name would come back to bite them, guaranteed.

  17. Mallett will be the Texans choice for QB. If he were in this draft, he would have been rated the #1 QB by far. He dropped from the top 10 to the 3rd round solely on character issues. Those issues were overblown and now considered nonexistent. He has spent two years working with Brady, McDaniel and Belichick, no better place for a young QB to train in the NFL. The Pats can’t hold on to him any longer, as his contract will be up after this year and Brady is going nowhere soon. The sticking point is the contract, which would have to be extended. With the Pats running out of time and the contract issue, the price of Mallett alone will come down, not even close to #33. A third this year or a second next year would be the very top end here, and either of those may be to much.

  18. Houston Texans,
    Draft a few competent cornerbacks. We were constantly getting torched on long passes.

  19. I’d be okay using a 2nd round pick for Carr. I was a bit worried that the Texans would trade down to late in round 1, and Carr would be the best available for their 1st round pick.

  20. Mallet’s rookie contract is about to run out, so I don’t see that as a real option. Then again, it’s Ric Smith so something that stupid would not be unprecedented.

  21. You people constantly amaze me. The Eagles absolutely do NOT want Lee. If they did, they would have taken him at 26. If they were to take a WR, it’d be Kelvin Benjamin. Chip has said all along he wants big players not small ones. His philosophy is big people beat up little people. They don’t want Lee! Give it up already.

  22. I’d draft carr myself but I tyhink Van Noy would be great addition. A lot of nice options in round 2 for all teams. Should be great!

  23. No one is giving a second round pick for Mallet, not for a one year rental, fourth round pick tops.

  24. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t. But we saw a massive trade in the 1st round. One that should have been enough compensation to get the #1 overall pick.

    So Houston wanted to trade the pick but they were very unrealistic in what they wanted. You don’t want your GM to be like that, and therefore I will guess he wants too much for their pick this time as well.

    Perhaps he’ll lower his demands, because at this point he should be praying for a 3rd round pick if he wants to trade, and most likely a 4th and 6th or just a 4th.

    We’ll see though. But Buffalo gave up alot.

    Though at this point, seeing how they need a QB, and Bortles, Manziel, and Bridgewater are gone, their QB options are becoming limited and if they need one, wherever they pick next they should be looking for one, and at 33, they should strongly think about it.

  25. Everyone is forgetting about the system. Norv Turner knows what he wants in MN, and he liked Bridgewater over Manziel and Carr in that system.

    I bet there are average QBs in the league — guys like Bradford or Dalton — who might be much better in a different system. Likewise, a guy like Russell Wilson might not be nearly as effective if different things were asked of him on a different team.

  26. >You people constantly amaze me. The Eagles absolutely do NOT want Lee. If they did, they would have taken him at 26. If they were to take a WR, it’d be Kelvin Benjamin. Chip has said all along he wants big players not small ones. His philosophy is big people beat up little people. They don’t want Lee! Give it up already.<

    Speaking of being amazed. That'd be a much more believable scenario in Carolina didn't already pick Benjamin in the 1st round.

  27. Saw someone say the Panthers should trade up for Marquise Lee……….NO THANKYOU! Panthers don’t have the ammunition to be giving away picks, and in my opinion Lee is NOT WORTH trading up for. I’d much rather see them stay where they are (or move up a few spots depending how the board falls) and take Davante Adams or Allen Robinson. Giving up a significant pick to move all the way up to 33 for a WR who i have serious questions about is NOT a good idea.

    If the Panthers can get Allen Robinson or Davante Adams, i will take that 1000 times before trading up that far for Lee.

  28. Everyone is forgetting about the system. Norv Turner knows what he wants in MN, and he liked Bridgewater over Manziel and Carr in that system.

    Except it’s well known that the Vikings tried to trade up for Manziel and were outbid by Cleveland.

    Norv may be ok with TB but he didn’t WANT TB over Manziel. Manziel was they guy he wanted.

  29. Maybe Texans didn’t actually want to trade first pick and so set the bar ridiculously high on the outside chance someone was stupid enough to go for it. Draft Carr or the Pitt QB.

  30. Somebody talk some sense into the hallucinating vikings fan. Seriously there going to be picking top 10 next year. Bridgewater is overrated why you think he fell to 32.

  31. If the Texans took Van Noy with the 33rd pick, I would feel sorry for the QBs that they face. Clowney, Van Noy, Watt, and Cushing on the same team! Van Noy makes big plays when big plays are needed. This kid has all pro written all over him.

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