Texans could be going for Garoppolo

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On Thursday, the Texans weren’t able to find a trade partner for the right to select Jadeveon Clowney, so the Texans took him.

On Friday, if the Texans once again can’t get a deal done, they are likely to pick a quarterback.  The current buzz in league circles centers on Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

If it happens, both Texans NFL teams will have former Eastern Illinois quarterbacks at the top of their respective depth charts.  Garropolo, who came to the draft at the NFL’s invitation, would compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job in Houston.

26 responses to “Texans could be going for Garoppolo

  1. Garoppolo comes from a 1-read, pitch and catch offense at Eastern Illinois. He also has demonstrated a lack of poise when facing pressure. I don’t understand the love.

  2. One day, when Garoppollo Locco is long out of the league and Derek Carr is at least still playing, someone in the Houston FO will get fired, and during that conversation words like “jinx” and “unlucky” will be used to explain why they didn’t take a clearly better player when they had the chance. smh.

  3. There are two Texans teams? They should forget about the one that played last year.

  4. I sense a qb run early in the second & I think it would be silly for Houston to Derek Carr for obvious reasons .

  5. The unfortunate part is that the Texans don’t have the “balls” to go after the next best QB because of who his brother is. It shouldn’t matter that they drafted his brother. I believe that situation would work out favorably for the Texans. Carr would be inclined to re-define the Carr name for that franchise. Rick Smith will probably be looking for work elsewhere soon.

  6. Rick Smith will never get fired, because he’s close to the McNair family. He can keep screwing up, and his job is secure.

  7. Good grief . Yes if you think Derek Carr a little better than another qb prospect draft him . And continually simply say everyday , over and over , repeatedly , Derek Carr is much better than his brother . We would never draft another David Carr Noooooo this is his much more talented brother . We drafted Derek not his loser brother . I’m sure Derek will love answering those questions even more ; ) I’m sure David Carr will say the same things about his brother not being the incompetent rube he is when he comes to town to watch him play .

  8. Agreed on Smith never getting fired. McNair is the heart of the problem b/c he’s too timid. Smith has a track record of busted picks (JJ was Wade’s pick) and sucks all around. Typical Houston franchise though.

  9. Not going to be a QB, till round 3. The pick is either going to be Louis Nix, Stephen Tuitt or Marquis Lee, more likely Nix or Tuitt. Also could trade back. Will go after Mettenberger, Aaron Murray or AJ McCarron in round 3, if available.

  10. Also maybe Tom Savage or the kid at San Jose State. Texans need to replace Antonio Smith. Tuitt maybe the pick or Kony Ealy.

  11. Tuitt fits really well as 3-4 DE and Nix to me is a beast in the middle. I’d much rather see them go DL here and get a QB in the 3rd.

    Mettenberger, Murray, and McCarron should all be available in the 3rd.

  12. I think Tom Savage has real pro potential with the right team and coach.

  13. 1) obviously these morons have never watched Garoppolo play a game.

    2) if these morons knew anything, they’d be working as scouts.

    3) reading about a player and making a judgement is moronic.

  14. They’re going to go defense. Fitzpatrick and a 3rd round qb will duke it out for the starting spot. Clowney,watt, Cushing, + tuitt nix or ealy would be a young dominant group for years

  15. The Texans need a lot more depth on the defensive side of the ball! At this point I’d rather see them trade to get more picks. Maybe draft Murray in the 4th round.

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