Vikings checked out Teddy Bridgewater’s heartbeat before picking him

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The Vikings traded back into the first round on Thursday night so they could select quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with the 32nd overall pick, a move that only came after they did some work to eliminate concerns about the third quarterback to come off the board.

One of those concerns was Bridgewater’s infamous pro day workout, something that Bridgewater was able to overcome during a private workout with the team. Bridgewater wore gloves for that workout (he didn’t at his pro day) and said he’ll keep the gloves on from this point forward.

The Vikings were also concerned about an abnormal heartbeat that was diagnosed during the combine and had him take an extra physical during a visit.

“I just had an abnormal heartbeat,” Bridgewater said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “I think it was 1 percent, or one beat, less than the normal beat. So, I came back up to Minnesota, got the physical, got the EKG and everything, got tested and it came back positive.”

Bridgewater said the Vikings were the only team to look into the heartbeat issue and they were obviously satisfied that it would not prove to be a major problem for Bridgewater in the future.

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  1. So the Vikings reach with their first pick, then play it safe with the other pick. They can only hope it doesn’t turn out to be two reaches. Something about Bridgewater’s attitude strikes me as off a bit during that Gruden QB camp intwerview.

  2. “I think it was 1 percent, or one beat, less than the normal beat. So, I came back up to Minnesota, got the physical, got the EKG and everything, got tested and it came back positive.”

    I think Teddy meant to say it came back Negative….

  3. They would have better served checking Spielman for a brain.

    Think about it, 3 QB’s were taken in the 1st round, what do they have in common besides the obvious need for a QB. The fact that all 3 teams previously picked a bust QB in the 1st round just a few years ago (Gabbert in Jax, Weeden in Cleveland, and of course Ponder in MN)

    Now what is the only difference? The other two teams have new GM’s, only Speiladope got a 2nd chance to screw it up and thank god he did not disappoint.

  4. If you look at his tape, he’s the #1 guy, if you only look at his pro day, he wouldn’t have been drafted, it kind of reminds me of the Aaron Rodgers fall and Alex Smith going #1, I’m surprised he went past the Packers, time will tell.

  5. Called it! Although I thought he’d end up on a real team at the end of the 1st, instead of a bunch of partyboat sailors that happen to occasionally throw the pigskin around a bit. Leave it to the Vikes to blunder into his masterful scheme.

  6. this will be the end of the Spielman regime in Minnesota.
    1 reach at qb via ponder is one thing
    2 reaches at qb means find another job
    neither of these guys is a starter in the nfl.
    didnt we see this movie at the last place ole
    Rick S. had the decision making authority?
    He traded for AJ Feeley for example.

  7. That bad pro day was the best thing that ever happened to the Vikings. If not for that, Bridgewater would have been a top-5 pick. As long as no team tries the “pro day defense” (pull all the defenders off the field), this guy is going to do just fine.

  8. I still think the previous regime was really the problem in MN, not QB play. and, why is Teddy holding a pup tent with his name on it? Superbowl homeboys and girls.

  9. Poor pick another mistake that will set the Vikes back 5 more years
    small hands, poor wonderlic + fumbles (pro football is larger than a college one) gloves will not cut it

    can’t read defenses sure he reads college those guys are smucks compaired to the cover schemes he’ll see and the game is quicker… thy should have went with the QB from LSU

  10. I really wish they had gotten Johnny Football. A bust at 22 is more fun than a bust at 32. Have you seen the video of Teddy’s pro day? Man, that was brutal to watch. But, as long as he wears the customary glove, I guess those are correctable mistakes.

  11. When a layperson says their results of a medical exam came back “positive,” one must ask if they know that a negative result is a good thing and a positive result is the bad thing.

    George Costanza once had a freakout fit back in the day over similar confusion.

  12. Not psyched about the first pick, given that LB is more suited to a 3-4 defense. However, Bridgewater is not a reach at 32. The guy graded out light years over the other QBs on advanced metric analysis, but that’s not the key point. The most important point is his ability to read defenses, look off DBs, go through progressions and maintain accuracy when all hell is breaking loose in the pocket. The guy graded out highest in completion percentage when faced with blitzes. The key isn’t height, weight, arm strength or cute girlfriends, it’s the ability to react well under pressure — this guy does.

  13. Breaking news: Bridgewater just threw his 1st interception. And with that, the Vikings have already been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs this year!

  14. I put all my purple and gold confetti into the attic. Think it will be many years before I can use it. I see 2 busts here. All the good choices and we picked these two guys??? Will the Viking ever draft a cornerback which is what the need the most? I guess we will get torched in the air all year again. I hope after our 6-10 season they finally ax Spielman.

  15. Xavier Rhodes 2013, 0 interceptions, 1 forced fumble and all season only 48 tackles. That’s not much of a cornerback. Just because you are called a cornerback does not mean you are one (or a good one). We will get torched again all year because we dont have one good cornerback. Signed, Mr. Poser to you!

  16. I remember last year people saying the same crap for moving up to get Patterson. These guys know what they’re doing. Damn, can’t anyone be happy about some new Vikings? Barr is a solid pick…how do you know he would have been there later. Do you scout for a living? Let’s see how this plays out in 2 years! Bridgewater? Once considered the top 3 pick?
    Yeah, a lot of trolls like to get your dandruff up. But what the hell, must not be happy with their selection either or the would be on their own blogs. lol I do like the picks though. I sure could have been confusing. It did make sense though. I am not scratching my head at all. Skol True Vikings!!!!!!!!

  17. Small hands = lots of fumbles and fluttering passes, especially in the cold.
    And that thin body isn’t going to stand up to many hits.
    But other than that, you can argue he’s a first-rounder.

  18. I was surprised the Vikings took Bridgewater there. He could be a good QB, but he has to prove he can move to the next level first. There is just something about him that makes a lot of people think he will be a bust in the NFL. I thought he played pretty good in college, but I don’t know what everyone else saw. He went from being the best prospect to being a 3rd or 4th round guy on a lot of lists I have seen lately.

    The Vikes will either look like schmucks, or they will look like a genius.

  19. Dude, what “lists” have you been looking at? Anyone who had Teddy Touchdown as a 3rd or 4th round guy doesn’t know anything. You can argue if he should be a first-round pick or a second-round pick, but third or fourth?

  20. For all the Packers on here hating on Spielman, check out the past 3 years of 1st round picks for each team:

    GB has had 3:
    Nick Perry – 28 tackles
    Datone Jones – 10 tackles
    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

    MN – Seven 1st Round picks past 3 years:
    Matt Kalil – Pro Bowl LT
    Harrison Smith – 162 tackles
    Sharrif Floyd – 2.5 sacks
    Xavier Rhodes – 48 tackles
    Cordarrelle Patterson – 2,020 total yds 9 TDs
    Anthony Barr
    Teddy Bridgewater

    Enough said about Spielman. I’d take him any day over Ted Thompson.

  21. This Bridgewaiter that the vikings drafted has a good chance to:
    1) Be better than Spergeon Wynn,
    2) Have more viking starts than Donovan McNabb
    3) Have fewer turnovers than Daunte Culpeeper
    4) Never get a Super Bowl Ring unlike Tarvaris Jackson.

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the experience of a Chris Ponder, nor does he have the talent like a high first round pick like Ponder.

    Yet the vikings have had great success with black QB’s in the past, like when they won their division with Randy Cunningham.

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