Belichick suggests Garoppolo could be Brady’s successor


At some point, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady no longer will be the quarterback of the Patriots.  Coach Bill Belichick either can plan for the inevitable transition, or he can hope the team falls bass-ackwards into an Andrew Luck.

Belichick possibly has opted to plan for that transition, by using the team’s 2014 second-round pick not on a guy who’ll help Brady win another Super Bowl before he leaves New England, but on a guy who could help Belichick win a Super Bowl after Brady is gone.

And so Jimmy Garoppolo could be be the backup to Brady (for now) and the eventual successor to Brady.

“We know what Ryan [Mallett’s] contract situation is,” Belichick told reporters on Friday night.  “We know what Tom’s age and contract situation is.  I don’t think you want to have one quarterback on your team.  I don’t think that’s responsible to the entire team or the organization.”

Asked if he has talked to Brady about the possibility of picking a quarterback, Belichick was classically evasive:  “I talk to Tom on a regular basis.”

It’s possible that, with Mallett entering the final season of his rookie deal, the arrival of Garoppolo could mean the team will keep three quarterbacks on the roster in 2014.

“It could,” Belichick said.  “I don’t know.  It could.  I don’t have any control over how anything is going to unfurl.  We put the players out there and they compete and we evaluate them. I can’t control that. . . .  We’ll do whatever is best for the team.  We’ve had four, we’ve had three, we’ve had two.  So whatever’s best for the team, that’s what we’ll do.  Nothing is set in stone.  We’ve had different numbers of guys at different positions.  I don’t think there’s any concrete formula.  We’ll do what’s best for the team.”

At some point in the future, what’s best for the team will be to nudge Brady off the roster.  Once Garoppolo signs, he and Brady will each be under contract for four years.  By the time those four years are up, Jimmy could be taking over for #Tommy.

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  1. Poor timing for this move. Should have drafted the Next in Line in 2015 so both don’t hit free agency at the same time.

  2. Megahead is 38, I believe Brady is 36. At least NE has begun to prepare for the eventuality that Brady will retire in the next few years, give or take. Denver has done nothing except put all its eggs into one choking basket.

  3. When you’re a team as close to winning the superbowl as either New England of Denver is, I don’t know that you should be planning for 4 or 5 years down the road. Unless N.E. trades Mallett for value now, not sure they need TWO backups for this season. By the by, Brady is not showing any signs of slowing down.

  4. “Asked if he has talked to Brady about the possibility of picking a quarterback, Belichick was classically evasive: “I talk to Tom on a regular basis.””

    I think he answered the question. He just doesn’t get into specifics because you’ll just want to ask more questions. He was not classicly evasive. The answer is obviously yes, he did, and no, I don;t need to tell you how I run my business.

    Now I have to go and update MyFace.

  5. To the people saying that Denver hasn’t done anything to prepare for when manning retires, does the name Brock osweiler ring a bell? They drafted him in the second round last year to develop as Mannings replacement.

  6. This is the QB that the Browns should’ve taken in the second round *after* getting a top tier WR with pick 4 then moving up to take a CB in the first round. But instead of quality pics like this one, the circus is coming to town instead.

  7. Outside of Bridgewater, he was my favorite QB. Lo and behold, guess who figures out a way to draft him. It’s a wonder why some of these other teams continue to suck in the meantime.

  8. Anyone who knows the Patriots roster knew they were going to take a QB in this draft as Mallett is in the last year of his contract and he will be looking for a team to compete to start next season.

    And because of moves like this is the reason the Patriots continue to restock their roster and compete every season for the Super Bowl. Last year any Patriots fan will admit the team overachieved losing the most key players on their roster to season ending injuries; Wilfork, Mayo, Gronk and the unexpected arrest of Hernandez. In addition, to having to retool the entire receiving corps.Brady carried the team on his back.

    This team is well set up without any contribution from rookies to win the AFC and anything a rookie can add is “topping on the cake”.

  9. ampats, to say that Brady carried the team last year is not correct. I recall many times when the defense was instrumental in providing a win for the Pats. Being a blind Brady homer doesn’t make you look informed.

  10. I’m only seeing 3 guys being screwed with.
    –Tom Brady now has 2 quarterbacks in position to take his spot with a clock looming over his head.
    –Ryan Mallett will have his career officially wasted as a 3-year member of the Patriots with his replacement already drafted.
    –Janeane Garofolo is basically in NE to piss off Tom Brady and Mallett and might not actually play in the NFL while with the Patriots instead of being on a team like the Texans where he might’ve had a chance to start as a rookie.

    I don’t see the benefit of this. And all you Pats want to brag about how this is your formula for success, but it is not a formula for winning a SB for the past 10 years….

  11. They should carry 3 QBs. Carrying 2 last year was an anomaly. Why not carry one that has a chance to take over as starter? I think that was the point for Mallet too.

  12. The concern I have with many of the Pats moves this offseason is that the Patriots are increasingly becoming the all injury team. How many players could compare ACLs? Someone run me through the list but their top pick Easley and Vince Wilfork are coming off ACL tears and I know there are more. Plus some of their other draft picks were given low ratings for durability due to a string of injuries. You think by now the Patriots would have learned to place a premium on durability.

  13. Darrelle Revis had ACL surgery in September of 2012.

    Will Smith spent the entire 2013 season on injured reserve with a knee injury suffered during training camp.

    Easley actually tore BOTH his ACLs.

    Tommy Kelly is coming off a season-ending knee injury.

    And they were just kicking the tires on Dustin Keller.

  14. Jimcarnoven following you logic I would assume once a player tears an ACL he should be cut huh. I guess the Vikings should get rid of AP, the Patriots Brady, the Cardinals Palmer. ACL tears are now part of the football landscape just like Tommy John surgery is in MLB.

    Do the Pats have quite a few players coming off of major surgeries? Yes they do should they be concerned ? Yes.

    Have they made about 50% of the AFL championship games in the last decade ? Yes.

    You can hate the Pats, a lot of people do, but you have to admire the success they have had.

  15. What a stupid pick. Use a 2nd rounder on a career back up QB at best. Esp when they have lots of holes to fill. Hilarious.

  16. vikesr4reel says:

    BB should worry about who his successor is.
    Run this clown out of town

    Yeah right, send the coach who got you to the AFCC last year with a decimated roster, to the AFCC the year before and within a minute or 2 of winning the Super Bowl the year before the boot.

    SMH but its no surprise a Vikings fan would know how to lose football games.

  17. To the people complaining about the Patriots selecting and stockpiling good to great players who are injury prone. Has it occurred to you that they are doing this intentionally? To keep good players on the field at all times. Okay a good-great injury prone guy goes down. He’s replaced by a good -great injury prone guy. The constant is you stay good-great. Even when the injured guy heals and comes back. That kind of versatility is part of the Belichick formula. And it also helps them control costs. By getting good players on the cheap. It has worked for the Patriots for over a decade. And it will work for them again this year.

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