Bucs turned down six offers to trade for Mike Glennon


The Buccaneers surprised some people by declaring Mike Glennon their quarterback of the future.

But they backed it up this weekend by turning away at least six requests for a trade, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

There’s a lot of interest and we want to keep Mike,” Bucs General Manager Jason Licht said. “[They were] just feeling it out. I know that Mike has a very good reputation throughout the league as far as his developmental future.”

Glennon was a third-rounder last year, and only five quarterbacks were taken that highly this year. But while the Bucs brought in Josh McCown to be their starter this year, Glennon showed enough last year to make him worth some more time.


28 responses to “Bucs turned down six offers to trade for Mike Glennon

  1. nothing says qb of the future than benching him for a guy who defines journeyman player. Lovie smith where offense and the people who play on that side of the ball disappear.

  2. He did alright last year.

    Now that the bucs picked up some more weapons, why not keep him and see what he can do.

    Doesn’t hurt that he’s probably the best QB Lovie Smith has ever had.

  3. Well… they have to teach him not to throw off his back foot under pressure. Teams figured that out the last five games of the last season, and his QBR was under 75 for all those games – against Buffalo, it was a miserable 40. That is on a scale that goes up way over 100. The NFL standard of a decent QBR is 80.

    On the plus side, his QBR in his first seven starts was over 100 three or four times. So he obviously has it in him to make good decisions and be a decent QB. Only time will tell if he learns to control his nervousness in the pocket and start making mistakes under presure. If he can end that, he could be a starter for years to come.

  4. He and Mckown are journeyman backups. Says the guy that lives in Tampa..me

  5. One of the offers was a ham sammich and a DVD of ‘That’s My Boy’.

  6. He didn’t have a pocket last year, hence the new O-line.. he’ll be fine, he’s a good, not great QB..

  7. Avg qb who had no rb but did have wr. So can’t say he didn’t have weapons Was just in experienced. And there more ready to win now then in 4 yrs

    Let me guess he’s the qb of the future cause he’s 6ft 4

  8. hey people the draft class of qbs next year is better, this guy has low athleticism but is football smart, but I say not a starter but that is why I am posting not getting paid to evaluate, if you need a qb next year is the year to draft one

  9. If Lovie really thinks this guy is the future then he should be able to beat out McCown this year. I would’ve rather taken a chance with Johnny Football than go with Glennon or McCown but I’ll leave it to the professionals.

  10. He wasn’t great, but he was great in spots–he was excellent in that game in Seattle (of all places), until the team choked it away. The kid has promise, and I’m more than willing to give him a shot for a year.

    Also, they need somebody as freakishly tall as him so he can actually look his receiving corps in the eye.

  11. Glennon beat Dangeruss out at NC STATE cause jerk coach was pissed Dangeruss also played baseball. That tells me Glennon owes Dangeruss dinner. Glennon got a shot to start and made it to the pros. Just starting at QB in the NFL is a feat. TB was wise NOT trading Glennon for what would amount to a bag of balls in baseball slang. Lovie will turn that ship soon. GO HAWKS!

  12. Glennon has a terrific calm about him, is decisive and works his tail off.

    Glennon has earned this opportunity, and he’s got a chance to be special.

    Josh Freeman should take notes on “how to be a leader” from Mike Glennon.

  13. New OC Tedford is said to want to run a fast-paced offense where the QB makes many decisions and adjustments (including no-huddle) at the line of scrimmage; Glennon had two no-huddle series against the Niners last year that both resulted in TD’s. RB’s, yes. Questionable, at best, O-line, yes. Four, brand-spankin’ new receiving targets this year and an OC that knows offense? Yeah, let’s let him learn and grow, see what he’s got.

  14. I have no idea whether they are telling the truth about whether they really think Glennon is their QB of the future or not, but nothing in their actions would indicate that he isn’t.

    1) they didn’t get rid of him, and 2) they signed a 34 year old QB to a 2 year contract.

    Maybe they, like just everyone else in the world not named Greg Schiano, simply felt Glennon was polished enough and needed a couple of seasons to develop.

  15. You see QBs like Cam Newton,Andrew Luck and Robert Griffith have great first years and suddenly any rookie quarterback should be able to throw for 4k and 25 TDs. Those guys were an exception and they tailed off their second season. Maybe if they gave Glennon a chance to continue his growth,they’d be surprised.

  16. If Lovie can take the bears to the SB with Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton at QB don’t you think he can work some magic with Josh M. and Mike G. who are both far superior than Rex and Kyle. We just need a top 5 Defense and with these new weapons on offense who knows what can happen.

  17. It’s amazing! Show you what a little hard work at a mini camp will do. Smith and Licht finally got to the see the potential Mike Glennon has. Bucs fans already knew that fact.

  18. Why is this a surprise? He isn’t flashy but did fine given the circumstances he was under so why not see if he can build on it?

  19. I think that Lovie made a mistake by announcing, before the first practice, that McKown was the starting QB. It should have been an open position, the best man wins. Having said that, letting Glennon know his role early will give him a chance to learn how to be better without all the pressure. I have been a Bucs fan since the woeful 0-26 days, and then, just a few years later, the Bucs almost made it to the Super Bowl. Since then, the crappy years with all of the high draft picks, people in Tampa thought that it was just a year or so away from the playoffs/SB. I think that people are thinking that now and they want to have Lovie turn this thing around THIS YEAR and it ain’t going to happen! Not in the NFC South division. The three other teams are just that much better than the Bucs and the way that Schiano was, this team lost it’s heart. I think that Lovie will have some time and will build a very good team, but don’t think that it will be this year. I see 7-9 this year with McKown and that will be okay. This team is the youngest in the NFL and, if they can stay together for a couple of years, Glennon will step in as the starter and we can see some special things in ’16 and forward. Patience is a good thing Bucs fans!! The Bucs will be back!!

  20. Glennon is a class act. Never negative. Always complementary of the coaches, receivers and OL. Sorry Eagle fans but Napoleon Dynamite plays for Tampa Bay.

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