Coin flip may have kept Cowboys from taking Manziel


It’s clear that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had a strong degree of interest in quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Ultimately, Jones disregarded the fact that Manziel was the highest-rated player on the Cowboys’ draft board at pick No. 16 and selected tackle Zack Martin.

But what if Martin hadn’t been there?  It’s a question that ultimately came down to a coin flip.

On Thursday night, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said that his team was trying to swing a trade with the Ravens at No. 17 for Martin.

“We were talking with Baltimore,” Fisher told reporters.  “It would’ve been pricey but worth it. It was a good pick for the Cowboys.”

If the Ravens had won the coin flip with the Cowboys at the Scouting Combine, the Rams and Ravens could have gotten the deal done, and Martin wouldn’t have been on the board at No. 17 for the Cowboys.

If Martin hadn’t been there, could Jones have ignored the fact that Manziel was the No. 1 guy on the Dallas board?

We’ll never know the answer to that question, obviously.  But if the Cowboys had simply lost that coin flip in Indy, the rest of us may have won the ability to watch the ultimately reality show unfold in Dallas.

“He’s a celebrity,” Jones said of Manziel.  “He’s Elvis Presley.”

But for the flip of a coin, Elvis could have been entering the building at Valley Ranch.

17 responses to “Coin flip may have kept Cowboys from taking Manziel

  1. My gosh, they weren’t ever going to pick Manziel. They wanted Shazier at 16 before Pittsburgh took him, then they tried to trade down. When that didn’t work they took the best guy on their board.

  2. All this doesnt mean nothing dallas is gonna have another crappy year at 7-9 or 8-8 or maybe worse cause there defense is gonna be worse than last year and im sure romo is gonna get hurt again if they were smart they would draft another in the late rounds and develop him cause within 3 years romo probably want be playing anymore hes had 2 back surgeries and there offense line is terrible like the rest of there team

  3. Like I said, with you guys, if Johnny turns into a star, you guys will act like the Cowboys were the only team who passed on him. Jerry is doing the right thing and building the o line. The Cowboys may well be 8-8 again but it won’t be because Rom is the QB. Without him their string of matching seasons would probably 1-15 seasons.The Rams need a QB far more than Dallas and they passed on Johnny TWICE.

    But you guys carry on.

  4. Johnny Football would have caused a huge distraction. The Cowboys would have been entertaining (like a train wreck) but so tiring.

    I predict them to go 8-8 this year. Just a hunch.

  5. Jerry Jones makes a decision on he getting 27 cents out of that quarter. Sorry Cowboy fans Jones cares about his money than to give the fans what they want.. a championship.

  6. I know I added a comment here because I’m receiving emails with all the later comments. But my original comment is nowhere to be seen. What’s up with that?

  7. “The homeless-man “draft Manziel” anecdote, which arguably was made by ESPN into something more than Browns owner Jimmy Haslam intended, created the unmistakable impression that Haslam influenced the selection of quarterback Johnny Manziel in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft.”

    That analysis quoted above is what makes PFT unlike any other resource. It is articulate, original and spot-on. It deduces the seemingly subtle impact of a seemingly benign statement from an owner. Boom.

    There are many disagreements about pro football — but that is an example of high level thinking and quality analysis rarely found anywhere else.

  8. Jerry is heading the Cowboys in the right direction for the future & now. The Cowboys Will win the NFC East & Romo Will win another playoff game, guaranteed. Mark my words anti-Cowboys fans. How About Them Cowboys!!

  9. He was Great early in his career and got all the movie gals, turned Hollywood, and was going places. Then, he got tired, slow, drunk, and drugged out in the rest. Oh wait, you were talking about Elvis; sorry.

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