mistakenly shows McCarron as Ravens’ fourth-round pick

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Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, who recently boasted on ESPN about hearing from multiple teams that a first-round grade had been applied to him and claimed he could go as high as No. 16 to the Cowboys, continues to wait to be drafted as round five gets rolling.

At one point during round four, however, ESPN did their best to help McCarron’s slide end.  The draft tracker mistakenly showed that the Ravens took McCarron in round four, with the 38th pick in the round.  McCarron’s name eventually was removed and replaced by the actual pick — Coastal Carolina running back Lorenzo Taliaferro.

I wonder how many teams told Taliaferro he had a first-round grade?

Meanwhile, McCarron’s slide continues.  The Cowboys just made a pick at No. 146 — and it wasn’t McCarron.  We reported earlier this month that McCarron’s delusional assessment of his draft stock could hurt him.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reported earlier today that McCarron rubbed teams the wrong way during pre-draft interviews.

McCarron’s free-fall surely rubs his former head coach in Tuscaloosa the wrong way, and we can’t wait to hear the eruption from Mt. Saban once McCarron finally finds a new home.

13 responses to “ mistakenly shows McCarron as Ravens’ fourth-round pick

  1. What’s the scoreboard at between how many picks were tipped by each network? There needs to be another network to cover the draft so that we don’t get stuck with two lousy coverage options.

  2. Has a long wind up and release takes too long getting rid of the football. His flaws were masked by a great line. He may not get drafted until rd 7

  3. Mettenberger and aaron murray should get drafted before aj mccarron cause he’s just gonna be a right handed matt leinart he doesnt have a strong arm all he did was manage the game in college he want be able to do that in the nfl he should go undrafted or in the 7th round and for mcCarron to think he was gonna get drafted in the 1st round i ask myself what was he smoking just because a scout wasnt trying to hurt his feelings and tell him he had a 1st round grade this idiot starts thinking that wrong u will be out of the league within 3 years thats if u even make a team

  4. Wait till this poor guy hits the locker room after speaking so highly of himself…and dressed like that pic.

  5. I don’t want to hear anything from Saban. Guy is a joke. Great recruiter period. But like most college coaches, just not cut out for the big leagues. Guy thinks he’s way more important in the grand scheme of things than he actually is. Aren’t at least half the ‘bama players busts anyway in the NFL or at least not nearly as dominant as they were projected in the the pre-draft hype?

  6. Told y’all that the media loved him too much.

    Then again … Katherine Webb did too.

    Garoppolo at least looks like a lady’s man (watch out Tom Brady).

  7. McCarron is gonna shock a lot of people in the foreseeable future ,,, it’s gonna be Brady/Bledsoe all over again ,, Dalton winds up getting hurt and McCarron comes in and gets them over the playoff hump ,, something Dalton can’t do ,, McCarron can play in big pressure games with 2 NCAA titles under his belt should have been a 3rd except for Saban’s goofy play calling ,, btw I’m a pats fan !!!

  8. If there’s a true competition in Cincy, Josh Johnson may win the job. He brings a stronger arm plus athleticism to the position.

    They’re gonna have to open up for true competition to get better.

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