If Michael Sam is drafted, ESPN will have a camera on him


Michael Sam, who is poised to become the NFL’s first openly gay player, will allow the moment to be shown on ESPN if he is drafted.

Despite a previous report that Sam had declined requests from ESPN and NFL Network to put him on the air, ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer wrote on Twitter today that Sam will be on camera if he is drafted. (ESPN won’t show him if he goes undrafted.)

Sam, who came out publicly shortly after completing his senior season at Missouri, was the SEC defensive player of the year last year. But he did not perform well at offseason workouts, and he’s no sure thing to get drafted at all.

If Sam is not selected, he will almost certainly catch on somewhere as an undrafted free agent. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said he’s rooting for Sam to get his chance to prove he belongs in the NFL.

8 responses to “If Michael Sam is drafted, ESPN will have a camera on him

  1. Great. But can he play? He only ran 4.9 at the combine. He did run 4.7 at his pro day, but pulled his hamstring. Hope his future team likes answering lots of questions about a late rd selection or free agent with fringe abilities. Good Luck to all involved.

  2. I love the “can he play” questions. As if all his tape didn’t even exist.

    No, you mean to ask “can he workout”?

    I’ll take a player with good GAME TAPE
    over a player with good WORKOUT TAPE any day of the week.

  3. Sure he can play but does any team want all the media attention besides the Jets

  4. Nice move re: working out that his reaction will only be televised if he is drafted versus not. I’m surprised more players don’t do this.

  5. He ain’t getting drafted. .I love how all you couch critics think you know more about football than NFL team scouts. His workouts and numbers were horrible. And Im sorry but if you cant put up good numbers when it counts most , game or not its not good. Prevailing under pressure is what matters…that guy cut his own throat buy coming out, stupid move.They are in the 7th round…it ain’t happening if it hasn’t by now. To Draft that circus…In the 7th round isn’t worth it..

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