Jeff Fisher: We drafted a good football player in Michael Sam


Rams coach Jeff Fisher said after his team made Michael Sam the NFL’s first openly gay player that he has no worries about off-field distractions.

Fisher said on NFL Network that he believes there will be a lot of media attention at first, and then Sam will quickly get to work with his teammates.

“I don’t have any concern whatsoever,” Fisher said. “We drafted a good football player, and I’m excited to get him on the practice field and get him going. It’s going to be a little extra attention for a couple days.”

The Rams drafted Sam with the 249th pick and then drafted Tennessee State center Demetrius Rhaney with the 250th pick, and Fisher said Sam, Rhaney and all of the other draft picks will be treated the same.

“We were very fortunate to have the supplemental choice, and we felt that you use those to pick players you want to give an opportunity to, that you think you want to draft,” Fisher said. “He’s a good football player, and we got a good football player right after him, so I’m excited about our draft, excited about our production, excited about the possibility of adding him to our defensive front.”

Now Sam will get to work, and Fisher will get to work on coaching Sam and evaluating him, determining whether Sam has what it takes to make the Rams’ 53-man roster. In Fisher’s eyes, Sam is just another young player trying to make the team.

19 responses to “Jeff Fisher: We drafted a good football player in Michael Sam

  1. If I were a conspiracy theorists, I would wonder how Michael Silver received access to a war room during this draft.

    On a team that had 2 compensatory picks in the 7th round (giving them 3 total 7th round picks).

    And that team has a DC known for a scandal and perhaps the most non-politically correct speech ever.

    And they picked “the story of the draft”.

    With possibly the most liberal journalist in the war room to write the story.

    —–hmmmmm Today’s NFL sometimes make me wonder.

  2. They drafted him so there wouldn’t be any media backlash. I’m already tired of hearing about this guy, and his career hasn’t even started.

  3. Goodell was on the phone all day trying to get teams to pick Sam. Not because he thought they should consider the player, but because his phone was ringing with calls from the progressive movement.

  4. I believe 10+ teams had reporter access to their draft tools. Silver was there all 3 days I believe.

  5. If they really thought he was so good…then why didn’t they draft him earlier…I really hope they took him because of his play and not for PR

  6. its only a big deal because people are making it a big deal. it was only weird because it was made to be a big deal… too bad baltimore didnt draft him. thats my only downside

  7. This draft pick was an enlightening move by an evangelical Christian head coach.

  8. I don’t mind what they do in private, but it was very controversial ESPN putting it out there for the whole world to see. He can love it and do whatever he wants to do with him, but just don’t put it out there like that. The world is not ready for interaction couples kissing on TV.
    Donald Sterling.

  9. The most over-rated coach in the NFL……

    Jeff Fisher.

    Will have a chance to coach up Michael Sam.

  10. He’s a marginal player on a team very deep at DE. I don’t give a damn about his personal life. He’s a practice squad player for a few years then out of the league.

  11. I’m really surprised that the Steelers didn’t draft him. They have a greater need, and Rooney has a well-earned reputation for fairness.

  12. I don’t look at him as a “gay football player.” I just see a football player. That should be the goal of equality seekers anyways. As a football player, he has long odds to make it in the NFL, like every other 7th round pick. His size and lack of speed don’t translate well to the NFL, too small for a 4-3 defensive end and far too slow for a 3-4 OLB. To stick on the team he will have to show he is valuable as a special teamer, and then might be able to gain the bulk needed to play DE in the pro’s… but speed can’t be taught.

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