Jerry Jones was high on Manziel but didn’t want a QB controversy


Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones said Johnny Manziel “was probably the highest player on the board” when the Cowboys were on the clock with the 16th overall pick on Thursday night. But Jones passed on Manziel because the Cowboys are totally committed to Tony Romo.

“I said last night, it was all about Tony Romo,” Jones said. “I was just looking at it today and thought, ‘You put that with the Dallas Cowboys and you put that with the quarterback controversy over Romo, and you’ve got an explosion.’”

It certainly would have been an explosion of media attention if Manziel had ended up in Dallas, and Jones believes Manziel is going to be a game-changer in the NFL. What Jones doesn’t think is that Manziel would be good enough to beat out Romo.

“[Manziel]’s got a chance to knock it out of the park, and we all know that, but with what Romo’s got, his knowledge of the game, and his experience, then frankly, Romo’s arm is quicker and stronger,” Jones said. “So with all of that, he’s not going to beat Romo out. The only thing this thing does is all of a sudden Romo has a shorter career than we might have anticipated, and then you’re sitting here for several years.”

Jones compared Manziel to Elvis Presley in terms of the impact he’d have at the box office. That might sound exactly like the kind of player Jones would want, but Jones already has Romo, and in Jones’s mind, Romo is like the Beatles.

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  1. He needs to sit a year or two bc he will get killed the first year in that division. Ben Tate is not a very good blocker and his best wr is looking at a nice lenghty suspension.

  2. When you hear talk of an owner *not* selecting a player simply to avoid players competing in practice, you can only think one thing: Here’s a guy who doesn’t want to win.

  3. Years ago when you would listen to Jerry Jones speak he came accross as an incredibly sharp and fascinating guy… Now it’s obvious he’s just losing his mind by the day. With him in charge this team will never have a chance.

  4. JJ effectively made the choice not to draft another QB last year when he gave Romo that ridiculous contract that married him to Romo no matter what else transpired for at least 3 years.

  5. This is so stupid

    You make a board have a player ranked higher than another…then you select the lower rated player ???

    Why are you wasting time making a board then ???

  6. You wonder how guys like Jones get rich? Is he Forrest Gump rich, or Warren Buffet rich?

  7. Thanks from this Redskins fan, Jerruh! You will never, ever win anything with Romo, the biggest big game choker in sports history.

  8. Cowboys should take a QB today that they can sit for a couple of years to see how Romo does…maybe Mettenberger or Murray.

  9. I hope Manziel starts his first game against a division rival give him a warm welcome to the NFL steeler or ravens style. Ask mark Sanchez about that.

  10. The truth is that Jerry Jones did not want to share the spotlight with Johnny Football.

  11. The only reason he wouldn’t beat out Romo is because some fool gave him $100 mil. And that kind of cash can’t be on the pine…

  12. boy jj did it again. as long as jj is there room is qb jg is coach. the o lone is not the problem jj qb is. the int’s are what is killing the cowboys. but room is you boy another 8-8 season. no playoffs

  13. He’s so out of touch it’s amazing. I’d hate to be a Cowboys fan, that’s for sure.

  14. Why would Manziel be on your board at all if you have no intentions of drafting him?

  15. And it’s why you are stuck at 8-8. It takes bold moves to win and making Romo feel a little uncomfortable may be a good thing. The marriage to Romo cost them their future QB. Who cares what Romo thinks?

  16. In a way, this puts MORE pressure on Tony Romo, knowing that his team is so all in on him that they ignored a potential alternative QB.

    Contrast that with Brian Hoyer’s reaction to bringing in Manziel: “Bring him on” and Petine’s “he’s got to earn the starting job.”

    Just think about this comparison for a minute.

  17. So the best player on your board is there and you don’t take him to create competition? Even cowboys fans have come to realize romo cant win

  18. Nice of him to look out for Romo’s fragile psyche…You’d hate to see Romo get pushed and compete for his job. Lol, Dallas isn’t winning anything anytime soon.

  19. I wonder if Jones was just trying to light a fire under Romo. Sticking with Romo is clearly the right decision.

  20. Wait wait. Is Jerry Jones saying he changed? Hes no longer that”I love the attention”guy anymore?I guess times have changed, people get old,lol

  21. When Manziel was asked if he was an Elvis fan, he replied that he doesn’t really know Dumervil that well.

  22. Dallas Cowboys: A commitment to mediocrity. When you have been at .500 the last 3 years and had the worst ranked defense last year, you should have had a defensive player ranked high enough on your board to take in the first round.

  23. Can always count on Jerry for my football laughs.. Nothing like keeping all your going rotten eggs in one basket.. Have you ever heard of the concept of competition or developing a QB? It seems if you liked him on your draft board that would have been an opportunity to give that position some depth and insurance given Romo is your starter. I’m not necessarily a Manziel fan but who’s gonna step in when Romo’s back folds like a house of cards? Someone else said it best that JJ wants to remain the center of attention or his kajones must be shriveling up by the day not making the tuff decisions..

    I look at the Cowpies as entertainment not competition.

    Just too too funny..

  24. I could see Jones point if Romo was healthy. But Romo has a bad back and it’s just dumb to not prepare for him not being there.

    Gotta figure this mistake will haunt Dallas for years– but it just might be the one thing which let’s the owner know he’s no GM.

  25. So you think he’s the best player but you’re more worried about upsetting the QB who has won ONE PO game ever?


  26. Did it ever occur to JJ that competition from the number 1 guy on their board was exactly what he and Dallas needed? Especially to finally know whether Romo and Garrett are men of Gold or Straw? I think practically everyone else in America already know the answer. But JJ needs to know this. Because he has somehow lost it over those 2. He has trapped himself in a very strange Waltz.

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