McCarron, Mettenberger, Murray, Savage among top QBs available

Three quarterbacks went off the board in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, and two more were selected in the second round, but when the third round came and went without a single quarterback being selected, it left some notable passers available heading into Day Three of the draft.

So who will join Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo in the quarterback class of 2014 today?

The best known is probably Alabama’s AJ McCarron, who wrongly believed that he would be a first-round pick. McCarron had a lot of success at Alabama, but NFL personnel people tended to think that was more about the talent surrounding him about McCarron himself.

Also available is LSU’s Zach Mettenberger, who at 6-foot-5 and 224 pounds has the build of the prototypical pocket passer. But NFL teams have concerns about Mettenberger’s injury history and his off-field issues, and as a result he’s still available heading into the fourth round as well.

And another SEC quarterback, Georgia’s Aaron Murray, is intriguing. You can’t argue with his success: He was the MVP of all three bowl games he was healthy enough to play, and he’s the SEC’s all-time leader in passing yards and passing touchdowns. But Murray is coming off a torn ACL, and he’s on the small side, and those physical issues resulted in him dropping out of the first three rounds.

And then there’s Tom Savage of Pittsburgh, who bounced around the college football world and didn’t have a lot of production, but has a great arm and looks like he has the physical tools to become a high-level NFL starter. But he won’t be ready to start right away, and he’ll have to go to a team that has the patience to develop him.

Other quarterbacks who may hear their names called today include Virginia Tech’s Logan Thomas, Clemson’s Tajh Boyd, Miami’s Stephen Morris, San Jose State’s David Fales, South Carolina’s Connor Shaw and North Carolina’s Bryn Renner. History tells us that most of those guys won’t amount to anything in the NFL. But history also tells us that a handful of late-round quarterbacks become superstars. Perhaps one of those quarterbacks will be drafted today.

28 responses to “McCarron, Mettenberger, Murray, Savage among top QBs available

  1. Im surprised Carr and Garoppolo went four and five.
    I thought Mett or McCarron woulda been in the top 5.
    If you watched the SEC this year, you should know Mett, McCarron, and Murray are all studs.

  2. And yet Wyoming’s Brett Smith is the best of all of them. He’s a taller, faster on-field version of Johnny Manziel. Once he gets a chance, he will be good.

  3. Past mediocrity from Alabama and LSU QBs is probably hurting McCarron and Mettenberger more than off the field issues and garish chest tattoos. This draft is clearly not as QB rich as the media outlets hyped it up to be. Lots of project guys.

  4. if a.j. mcCarron thought he was 1st rd material, why isn’t he still camping in the radio city green room?
    i like seeing the disgusted faces; i.e. ShAaron Rodgers.

  5. Hope AJ’s woman is not a high maintenance chick.. Cause that drop off will affect the bottom line if he is even drafted.

  6. Speilman should be ready to draft one of these guys in 5th or Fales in the 6th to groom as Teddy Ballgames backup next year. This move could save 5 mil off cap letting cassel walk next free agency. Hope they would use towards Kyle Rudolph’s extension! Skol baby skol!!

  7. All these guys are praying to St. Tom, the patron saint of late round QBs.

    Maybe if the league posted their GF pictures the GMs would become mesmerized into picking them.

  8. Look for Ozzie taking either McCarron or Logan Thomas with his next pick. Taylor has outlived his usefulness and Ozzie loves those Tide and Hokey players. Taylor was rated the 65th best QB last year, which means a couple of teams had 3 QBs better than him.

  9. Did u see Murray’s girlfriend as well? Southern women are looking for a free ride by running after QB’s. if Murray is not picked soon she may have to hedge her bet and crawl to Johnny boy or big Blake. Mettenberger is a hit away from a wheelchair. I hope he likes to wear a suit, udfa.

  10. Agree with brasho to a point. Don’t know if Brett Smith will be the best of all the remaining QB’s, but if/when he gets a chance, he has a very good chance to be a franchise-QB in the NFL. He’s really good, and has that ‘it’ factor.

  11. The QBs that are left are skilled, but not all versatile Starters. Connor Shaw might be a 7th or UDFA, but he is solid and will make a nice backup for a Team with time to develop. Boyd and Thomas are gimmicky, so maybe practice fodder for the RGIII’s. Murray has a shot for a redshirt team that has plenty of picks with no immediate need. McCarron is as described, a caretaker.

  12. ^no, no, no, Connor Shaw is gimmicky and Logan Thomas and McCarron have legitimate upside.
    USC primarily ran the ball, and when they got into pass heavy situations they ran a variant of the run and shoot taking advantage of Shaw’s mobility and quick release. Shaw isnt fast enough to be an NFL scrambler, he doesnt have a big arm or much accuracy, and he wasn’t required to read defenses.
    That does not spell success in the NFL.

  13. Murray is the best of the bunch, with Mettenberger a close second. Watching Murray these last couple years, he is pretty darn good. Good arm, good decision making, accuracy. A little on the small side, but not too much where you really worry.

    I was hoping he’d go to the Vikings, but with Bridgewater there they’d never give him a real chance.

    I’m guessing Murray will go in the 4th to either the Jets, Titans, or Cowboys.

  14. Worst Draft in Texans Franchise History

    Clowney and Mercilus can’t be on the field at the same time on passing downs because neither one has cover skills. That’s a waste of at least 1 first round pick of the last 3 seasons.

    They draft a Left Guard when their most glaring weakness next to quarterback is Right Tackle. We get a TE who can’t catch (averaged 300 yards a season).

    And Nix was a total waste of a 3rd round pick. There are very good reasons the other 31 teams passed on him. He has a Torn Meniscus and a weight and conditioning problem. You can have all the surgery you want but a torn meniscus is a degenerative condition that erodes over time (and the conditioning issue will accelerate that). He will never play 16 games, will always be injured, and the games he does play he will never be able to play more than 50% of the defensive snaps. He will have to retire within three years. He loves nicknames…let’s call him Jabba the Hut.

    And QB is a major issue that was not addressed. You have to get a QB in the first 3 rounds (QBs taken after except for Tom Brady never develop). With Fitzgerald (or Mallet if we decide to waste picks on the POS with a 1 for 4 and 1 INT in his NFL career), the best we can hope for next year is 6-10. That will result in a middling 1st round pick which means picking a QB that will take at least a year or two of development.

    With the Colts having Andrew Luck and Jaguars having the best head coach in the division with Gus Bradley, the Texans will be fighting for scraps with the Tennessee Titans. It will take a minimum of 3-4 years for the Texans to return to relevance.

  15. “Reminds me a bit of Jeff Garcia.”

    Yea that’s pretty accurate comparison for Shaw, minus the pretty good arm Garcia had.

    But are there any qb’s succeeding in today’s nfl that play like Jeff Garcia? I don’t think so, maybe Mark Sanchez, TJ Yates, and Thad Lewis but those guys all have more talent than Shaw and they’re just backups.

  16. Typical Texans fan…you get 3 players who are the best player in the draft at his position, and all you can do is complain about it.

  17. All I ever hear from the “Quarterback Obsessed” is that so-and-so “is a winner.” And now I see that Tom Savage is rated ahead of McCarron. So I’m assuming that the “Quarterback Obsessed” are saying that had Savage quarterbacked the Tide, Alabama would’ve been even more successful than it was with McCarron.
    Too funny.

  18. Unlike bworacle, I think the Texans have drafted good. I like all 4 Picks, although the TE was a player they probably don’t need. Yes the Texans need a QB, BAD. Trading a 4 and 5th round pick for Nix was good, but steep. They have a 4th round Compensatory Pick, but not sure if those QB’s left will be there. I hope they take, if available, Aaron Murray, Mettenberger or McCarron. Maybe David Fales or Tom Savage.

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