McCarron’s slide ends in Cincinnati

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Finally, former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron has found a new home in the NFL.

McCarron, who believed he’d be taken between picks No. 16 and 35, was selected in the 164th slot by the Cincinnati Bengals.

With Andy Dalton entering the final year of his contract and with an 0-3 record in the postseason, McCarron provides the Bengals with an intriguing Plan B, in the event the Bengals ultimately choose to move on from Bengals.

That said, the Bengals have shown no inclination to move on from Dalton.  If they were truly looking for a potential replacement, the Bengals would have taken someone a lot earlier.

Still, the Bengals arguably got a bargain with McCarron, thanks to a self-assessment that one scout calls “delusional” and poor decision-making that included not attending the Senior Bowl.

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  1. He’s not very good, but definitely an upgrade over Dalton. He should at least start for primetime and playoff games.

  2. After the selection, McCarron was quoted saying “I look forward to playing in Cincinnati. Many of the coaches I spoke to told me I will have a hall of fame career and win a half a dozen super-bowls”

  3. Finally, Cincy has a QB that knows how to win a big game. Maybe it will rub of on Dalton, but Idoubt it. As rusty says, its all about that #2 WR that’s holding Dalton back.

  4. Lol???? Bust???? He ‘s a 5th round backup…… How’s that a bust???
    Great pick here by the Bengals……they needed a backup QB and they got s 3rd rounder in the 5th! Pure Genius

  5. AJ performed so well on the field for Bama, he made it easy to forget that he wasn’t always the most likeable guy off the field. Some bad calls during these few months post-Tide have put him in a position of having to prove himself. He’s talented, but not flashy. I still think he could be a good pro QB–if he can rein in his ego.

  6. I hate Alabama QB’s. But this dude is different from the rest of them. He will be the Starting QB in Cincy Next year at some point. This Guy can really play IMO and was a steal at this point he and AMurray.

  7. It’s hard to be a bust if you’re tabbed 164 picks deep in the draft.

    Bust involves not one, but two concepts: (1) be drafted sufficiently high enough (2) to not come close to producing to expectations at a level commensurate with said draft slot.

    McCarron was nearly a 6th round pick — this is not high enough to merit bust status if the guy flames out.

  8. Looks to me like this guy is a couple of minor adjustments away from being very good.
    Be consistent with his mechanics and mature a little.
    He seems to have the competitiveness, leadership and intangibles you look for. And we all know he can win big games. Also, only has like 15 INTs in his entire career!
    That being said, he is at least a year or two from being able to seriously compete with Dalton.

  9. Let’s hope he learned a lesson here. Don’t be arrogant because you won 2 national championships in college and don’t shoot your mouth of because of what some so-called experts tell you. Go to the nearest bakery tonight and buy yourself a nice big ol’ humble pie and curl up on the couch with your hot lady.

  10. He is what he is and he was drafted exactly where he belonged, as a mid 5th round pick.. Same case as Ken Dorsey whom I expect whose career path AJ will be following.

  11. I give this dude 2 years tops in the NFL before he is working at I-Hop flipping pancakes.

  12. The consensus seems to be that both Manziel and McCarron have doubtful futures in the NFL. And for good reason. Does anybody remember a similar prospect/player by the name of Jimmy Clausen? He came out of Notre Dame early in 2010, got drafted eventually by Carolina, and wound up in the toilet by 2013 because of his constant self-promotion and insufficient talent to play with the big boys.

  13. Actually, I I think McCarron will surprise NFL folks. That proven leadership skill with a good OC like Jackson might be really good for him.

  14. Manziel, on the other hand, has maturity issues – he really came out way too early – and he will be with an unproven GM and HC, a QB-killer OC, and on a team so fraught with controversy. After the media frenzy wanes (which, face it, is why they drafted him)’, these realities will set in.

    McCarron being with Hue Jackson will be good for him. And he has intangibles strengths – leadership – that many current NFL players frankly do not.

  15. He reminds me a ton of Dalton, he doesn’t have all of the tangibles, but he has all of the intangibles and wins games. I don’t suspect he’ll be as good as Dalton for a few years, if ever, but with Dalton’s failures in big games, and the fact that his agent is reminding people he’s had one of the best starts to a career ever (AKA he’s asking for a TON of money), I think AJ is a pretty good fall back project. Don’t forget that as long as the Bengals QB doesn’t make too money, the team around him should stay very talented, making it similar to Alabama was for AJ.

  16. There are two types of teams that win in today’s NFL. Those with the super elite (and expensive) QB’s, and those with solid young cheap QBs (with super elite team built around them). Andy Dalton is certainly not super elite, so when he gets expensive the team will suffer. A backup plan is a really smart move.

  17. And btw, McCarron is not going to be flipping pancakes at IHOP, as a poster suggested, because even if his NFL career pans out, he could go to the CFL or college coaching (at RollTide?). Failing those, I suspect he will be fine since his spouse-to-be has a pretty good career going for herself these days…

  18. I don’t understand why so many people hate this pick. I admit I don’t watch college football but rarely, but I think with some work and some ego checking, McCarron can be a good, if not above average quarterback for the Bengals. It’s like others have said, at absolute worst, we have a very good backup for a number of years. It’s a 5th round pick. In my opinion, it’s going to help the Bengals either way. Either McCarron puts it all together and replaces Dalton, or he backs him up.

  19. Question for the draftniks out there who can rattle off scouting and measurables: Is AJ McCarron’s arm any better than Andy Dalton’s?

  20. Excellent pick. He will earn the back up position. 5th round money is easily worth it. May be the most NFL “game ready” QB in the draft. Ok ok enough nice talk. I’m a Steelers fan. Trivia Question…When was the last time the Bengals won a playoff game?……………Answer …..Justin Bieber wouldn’t be born for another 3. 23 Seasons ago. Ouch!

  21. I don’t understand why so many people hate this guy. All he did was win football games and national championships and hook the most gorgeous female in the entire southeast. Oh wait, that’s right, he didn’t play for YOUR team. Now I get it. By the way, I’m not an Alabama fan. AJ, here’s hoping you have a remarkable pro career. And I couldn’t care less how many idiots thumbs-down this post.

  22. McCarron has the chance to be a Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson type guy. He is good in high pressure games & rarely makes big mistakes. Alabama is disliked by many so there is a lot of hate already, add in his 1st round prediction & reality show & there you have a ton of hate. Really good pick for the bengals

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