Report: A.J. McCarron rubbed teams the wrong way in interviews


A.J. McCarron is one of the top quarterbacks left on the draft board heading into the fourth round and his approach to interviews with teams over the last couple of months may have something to do with that.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that McCarron, who quarterbacked Alabama to a pair of national titles, rubbed teams “the wrong way” when he met with them heading into the draft. It’s not the first time that we’ve heard things along these lines about McCarron.

PFT reported that McCarron’s repeated claims that he’d been told by teams that he would be a first-round pick didn’t sit well with some talent evaluators around the league. McCarron said last month that he expected to go as high as the 16th pick and no lower than the 35th pick, but his analysis was way off unless the whole thing was an elaborate deception to assure he wound up with a particular team in the fourth round.

That’s not what the whole thing was, of course. If McCarron’s interviews and demeanor are keeping him from getting picked, he really did himself a disservice during the process because he’s a third-day pick based on talent. His biggest selling points are the intangibles associated with leading a team to multiple titles but McCarron may have rendered them moot.

67 responses to “Report: A.J. McCarron rubbed teams the wrong way in interviews

  1. McCarron is mediocre.

    McCarron can’t play at the next level.

    McCarron is on the precipice of packing on a lot of weight in the next 10 years.

    McCarron’s success at ‘AMA was fundamentally based on the enormous advantage his offensive teammates created.

    About his interviews, that may be all true – but there are plenty of non-interview reasons to not want McCarron with a Day 1 or 2 pick too.

  2. He rubbed me the wrong way and I didn’t even interview him. I had a problem with how he explained the reality show that his WIFE is doing! It’s hard to trust somebody when they say things that don’t make sense and aren’t believable.

    Also I thought Manziel lost some points due to his interview with mom on draft day. Another mother explained how she knew her son was special right away when she saw what he could do. Manziel’s mom said she didn’t know he was special and she thought every kid had that kind of talent. And then Manziel had a sudden weird look. That whole interview with him and mom was WEIRD and that could have spooked somebody too, you never know what some people will read into your interviews, so don’t mess them up and be very careful!

  3. Is this the guy that had the sexy girlfriend up in the stands during one of his games and Brent Musburger went totally gaga over her?

  4. If he was a future franchise QB, teams would have cared less… Simply put … He isn’t

  5. Didn’t he completely skip the meeting with the Titans with some bogus excuse? One of the teams he could of had a chance to start with. He’s immature and full of himself. Spoiled kid. He’ll be a busts where ever he goes anyway.

  6. Arrogance is never a good attitude at a job interview. It sounds like he exhibited a bit of it at the interviews. Maybe fibbing about where teams were going to pick him in the draft to the press came back to bite him in the butt to the tune of several million dollars.

  7. So you’re telling me he’s more arrogant than Johnny Football? You’ve got to be kidding.

  8. I learned everything about this guy before this whole draft process thing when they played ND in the national title game.

    He missed a wide open receiver while they were absolutely destroying ND late in the game and he got up and screamed in Barrett Jones face because he couldn’t pad his stats. This guy thinks he’s Mr perfect.

  9. “Who was the last Alabama quarterback that was any good in the NFL? They’re all system guys.”

    Bart Starr and Joe Namath come to mind. Granted that was a long time ago…

  10. Aside from 1 good season, (1968 won the 69 Super Bowl), Namath wasn’t very good either.

  11. Actually … Starr, Namath, and Stabler come to mind. Bama’s not a QB factory, but it has produced a couple of Hall of Fame QBs and one who should be.

  12. Alabama QBs have had success on many levels of the NFL. Joe Namath, Kenny Stabbler, and Bart Star on one level but most Alabama QBs tend to play at some level when they leave. The better question is who was the last QB from Alabama that didn’t go to the NFL and play when they left Alabama? You’ll have to go back more than a decade. Most of them back ups but what other teams can say that other than a couple, not many!

  13. What has changed? racinsplinter we are winning more? More national championships in fewer years? If Saban leaves when Bryant left we’ve got another 20 yrs. The future looks bright at Bama. The only reason you would like to think things have changed is because you can’t handle Alabama being the leader in college football and it won’t change anytime soon. Fyi UA has been #1 in recruiting for 5 yrs. the more things change the more they stay the same.

  14. Texans got very lucky with Savage. A blue collar hard working kid. I have no doubt he will be the QB
    everybody will be talking about. He ‘s in a perfect system with O’Brien.

    Texans knew what they wanted and waited patiently for him. He’s a steal at 6’th / 135. Next Terry Bradshaw. Texans get 100% score on all fronts. The top winner in 2014 draft.

  15. Regardless of why he was chosen as late as the 4th round he will stil have to go in and prove himself, if he’s good, the big bucks will come. Wasn’t Tom Brady a 4th round draft choice?
    Good things come to those you wait!

  16. This time next year McCarron will either be on a taxi squad somewhere or completely out of the NFL!

  17. A J was a very humble and gracious player in Alabama – the things he is being quoted as saying are completely out of character for him – wonder what happened? Been watching him play for 4 years and interview after every game and never seen attitude or self promotion in any way. Wish he could have gone to the Patriots, he would have fit in good there and been willing to sit behind Brady for as long as it takes, not so sure about the Bengals for 4 years, but wish him the best of luck.

  18. For some reason, teams are avoiding picking quarterbacks even though there is a very good group this year. In the future, many teams will be kicking themselves for passing over Manziel and McCarron.

  19. How do u nfl people know he cant play in nfl

    If ryan leaf cant get 4 chances this guy can get a few
    All the nfl people who evaluate are wrong 80pct of the time with first n 2nd rd picks
    Most of them out of league before there rookie deals are up

    So basically if u win in college u will suck at nfl thats what seems to happe. Here

  20. I do recall an interview with one of my favorite Alabama Quarterbacks, “The Snake” Stabler”.
    Kenny stated he never felt he was a great quarterback but he was surrounded by great players that made him look good. A.J. was not a dud by any standards. He was surrounded by a great cast and great coaches however he will be a quality hire and prove to be a great man at the next level.

  21. Stabler,Starr and Namath. You guys went far in the Wayback Machine…since 1979 has there been a Bama QB with any pro success?

  22. AJ is just Tebow #2!!! At Bama he had a huge line to give him all the time in the world and Tebow had a line to protect him long enough to create a hole to run or make a quick throw. Either way failure in the NFL.

  23. McCarron is like any other QB that was on a very talented team vs the others. His talent was better, which made he, Leinert, and many others look better than they are. Although Alabama wasn’t completely offensively oriented so McCarron has a chance. Hes a winner but probably an average starter or backup at best

  24. He needs to focus given that he will need much refinement on his skills already. Teams are already wary of rookies that come in with baggage and he is bringing an entourage with goals to self promote on the team’s back. Primarily his girlfriend Webb who is planning on a reality series which will no doubt involve his team on the periphery.

  25. I’ll bet that McCarron doesn’t make any final 53 man roster come week 1. He better hope the reality TV gig works out. That’s all he’s going to have.

  26. Jeff Rutledge and Richard Todd and Todd had success with the Jets. played in the Nfl. AJ did nothing but repeat what he was told. Also before you call someone arrogant how about doing some research. AJ did more charity work in 4 years than most do in 10 years. Treats everyone with respect. Now do I think he’s a starter in the NFL? No, but he’s a solid back up and a will be good to have in the locker room.

  27. I am a Bama fan and I thank AJ for all he did for the program and the team, but his arrogance, sense of entitlement, and lack of humility always rubbed me the wrong way.
    I can completely understand why some NFL coaches decided against giving him too much weight in the draft.
    With that said, where he was drafted may give him some sense of humility and make him work his butt off for a chance to start, and it may have done him a world of good.
    He has those “intangibles” but when you add arrogance to that, you end up with a QB who is stubborn to learn or change and ends up overwhelmed and makes too many mistakes.

  28. I have no personal axe to grind with McCarron, but he is going to find out that playing at the NFL level is nowhere like playing at the NCAA level. Instead of playing against a few linebackers during the year that are quick and fast, he will be playing against those kind of linebackers ALL OF THE TIME! Instead of playing against a few cornerbacks that are quick and fast, he will be playing against cornerbacks that are hypersonic ALL OF THE TIME! And defensive linemen? Well, you get the picture.

  29. Bama fans…get some perspective. Joe Namath career stats: 50.1% completion rate, 173 TDs, 220 interceptions…this is your example of the great Bama QB tradition? Had this guy not been a media darling (i.e. “I guarantee we’ll win…”) no one would even remember him. And if he had played 10 years later, he’d never have made the Hall of Fame…by today’s standards he wouldn’t even start. And as far as his one Superbowl victory, a recent article put him as the #1 QB in a list of QBs that didn’t deserve to win the Superbowl, ahead of Trent Dilfer’s Baltimore Ravens. In that game Namath threw for just over 200 yards, no TDs…while his running backs ran for nearly 200 yards and controlled the clock. His backfield and defense delivered on his guarantee. Namath is a Hollywood production, not an example of a QB dynasty.

  30. A.J. McCarron, loves to joke. He was just being himself, he knew he would not go in the first round.

    Haters are gonna hate.

    He was drafted by the Bengals. He now like all the other QB’s drafted in the NFL 2014 draft have to prove themselves in the NFL….

    Alabama fans completely understand that A.J. is no Namath or Starr or Stablier. But he is a very good quarterback. And he does have a great sense of humor.

  31. One thing to keep in mind: Because he said what he was told about his potential position in the draft does not necessarily make him a liar. He may have been simply “played”. Teams make all kinds of moves in order to mislead, or trick, other teams into thinking they have given up a “card in their sleeve”. He may, or may not, pan out in the Pros, but the kid quarterbacked more National Champion teams than practically anybody else you can name. Who could blame him for being confident?

  32. Arrogant or not, the guy is extremely talented! Period.
    You can’t say anything except he’s arrogant, he’s still a kid, that will calm down when he sits the bench for a while! Regardless, the kid is a franchise quarterback and would have gone first round if he didn’t skip the senior bowl or act like a kid during his sit downs. If he pulls it together you guys have to keep in mind in his carrer with BAMA he threw 77 touchdowns on 15 interceptionsm has a life time almost 68% completion percentage 165 % quarterback rating and has a record of
    42-2, and I clearly remember him beating jonny football last year!
    And as for his size, 6’2″ 220 pounds, there’s no beafing up required. He’s the same size as Aaron Rodgers , and is the only quarter back to have a completion percentage the same as drew Brees , when you can complete almost 70% of your throws you are a phenom at the quarter back position! I think he’s gonna surprise alot of people!! He’s a special kind of quarterback. The guy blew away all the passing records set by the hall of fame quarterbacks you guys mentioned, stabler, Starr, and NAMETH!! Give him a break, just because the NFL has it out for someone doesn’t mean you have to ride the band wagon with them!!! It all started with him wanting to train for the pros, so he missed the senior bowl and the NFL has made him pay for that decision. Don’t agree with the NFL all the time! They are notorious for making a stink when they don’t get things there way, I say give all NFL affiliates a baby bib and a rattler and let them scream and cry in the corner because they didn’t get there way again!! Get em A.J.

  33. Oh and also…….his team everyone is talking about? Who are is receivers? None of them did anything great except Julio jones! And jones was drafted in 2011. And I clearly remember him throwing more yards with out Julio and completion percentage went up since 2011!

    Now you want to talk about the next level? What is the next level? It’s the same guys A.J. mcCaron destroyed in college. The next level is filled up with these guys, the ones that came from college football programs. And he’s proven he can destroy them! A.J. McCaron was in the toughest conference in college football putting up those numbers, look at the percentage of player that go pro from the SEC. Compared to all the rest combined, do a little research on that, then come back and tell me he’s not ready for the “so called” next level…….the next level is an illusion, he will not be playing against the Incredable Hulk , superman, Spider-Man , batman, his competition is the same guys he’s been spanking already, so why is he so bad again I ask?

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