Report: Eagles trade Bryce Brown to Bills


The Eagles kicked off the fourth round by taking defensive back Jaylen Watkins and they reportedly moved to add more picks for the future a bit later on Saturday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Eagles have traded running back Bryce Brown to the Bills. Philly will get a conditional fourth-round pick in 2015 that could upgrade to a third-round pick in 2016.

Brown’s departure from the Eagles has been rumored since the team acquired Darren Sproles to go with LeSean McCoy and Chris Polk, who had shoulder surgery this offseason. Brown has run for 878 yards and six touchdowns on 190 carries over two years with the Eagles, who picked Brown in the seventh round of the 2012 draft. Wherever they wind up picking as a result of this deal, the Eagles did a good job in terms of the return they got for Brown.

The Bills have C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson, but they were believed to be interested in adding depth to the position during the draft as both vets can be free agents after the season. They’ve done that, but they’ve left themselves potentially short in next year’s draft with their first-round pick in 2015 already gone in the Sammy Watkins deal.

UPDATE 1:04 p.m. ET: Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the pick is the conditional 2015 fourth-rounder the Bills got in exchange for Stevie Johnson which could turn into a 2016 third-rounder or a 2016 fourth-rounder. Berman adds that the teams also swapped seventh-round picks this year.

22 responses to “Report: Eagles trade Bryce Brown to Bills

  1. As an Eagles fan im sad about this. Dude was lookin’ like a monster in 2012 for Andy when LeSean was injured… just never really caught on/got a fair shot in Chip’s offense, and this trade was almost inevitable. That being said, bring on De’Anthony Thomas.

  2. This is basically trading Stevie for Bryce Brown which is a great move considering Stevie’s downward spiral. The Bills have added 2 great backs this offseason in Brown and Dixon to cover ever RB scenario behind CJ and Fred Jackson. Adds great depth to the #2 rushing attack in the NFL!

  3. I liked Bryce his original season but damn if he couldn’t figure out how to cut upfield on the stretch runs that I’m pretty sure was his lone responsibility in Kelly’s offense. LeSean wanted a teammate to pick up some slack and Bryce couldn’t succeed in Kelly’s system. Doesn’t make him terrible but did make him expendable. I wish him the best.

  4. Awesome straight line runner. Can’t help but think he could have gotten even more if more plays were made to fit his skill set like in 2012. Hope he succeeds in Buffalo.

  5. The guy has raw skills and natural talent……the knack is fumbles….if he can cut down on those he will be one of hell of a pickup……its no secret that both Spiller and Jackson are free agents after the season….this could turn out to be a good player to have on the roster once that happens….IMO

  6. Wait. Did that guy just say a “great back” like Dixon? I loved Dixon when he was here, but he is a fiery special teamer at best.

  7. The Bills FO reeks of desperation.

    What they were building was promising, but they’ve essentially mortgaged the future. If EJ Manuel doesn’t pan out, it’ll take another 5 years to rebuild the Bills.

  8. If they cut Fred Jackson aka the only consistent running back for the bills for the last five years who still has three years left of solid play, I will think this coaching staff and Front office has gone blind.

  9. Do people understand how football works on here? The Bills gave up a first round pick in 2015 for the elite playmaker in this draft. “If” EJ doesn’t pan out you can still get a QB in the second round, third round or through free agency next year. All this ridiculous talk that they “mortgaged the future” is so absurd it makes me question whether people actually follow trends in the NFL. Russell Wilson was a 3rd round pick, Kaepernick was a 2nd, Dalton was a 2nd, Brady, Favre yadda yadaa. I could go on and on but why bother. There are very few generational QB’s that come around (maybe Luck being one), sometimes you take a chance down the line, do your homework scouting and find a great player on day two. The Bills are doing some nice things this year and putting together a pretty explosive, exciting roster. If it doesn’t work it won’t be through a lack of trying. Whaley has made some aggressive, calculated moves.

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