Browns’ draft haul includes three 2015 picks


Here’s something we haven’t been able to say in a long time: The Cleveland Browns are in position to build a very talented young football team.

That’s true in part because of the players the Browns have drafted, most notably Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert in the first round. But it’s also true because the Browns used some of their 2014 picks to acquire extra picks next year: The Browns got the Bills’ 2015 first-round pick and 2015 fourth-round pick, which the Bills gave up to move up and draft Sammy Watkins. Cleveland also traded away its seventh-round pick and got Baltimore’s 2015 sixth-round pick in return. (The Ravens used that pick on wide receiver Michael Campanaro.)

Other teams traded future draft picks as well, but no other team got anything close to that kind of valuable 2015 picks that the Browns now have. After adding Manziel, Gilbert, tackle Joel Bitonio, linebacker Christian Kirksey, running back Terrance West and cornerback Pierre Desir this year, the Browns are almost assured of adding a lot of talent next year as well.

Of course, these are the Browns we’re talking about. Plenty of people thought they were heading in the right direction when they drafted Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson, too. And Cleveland’s most talented young player, Josh Gordon, is facing a possible drug suspension. So it’s not like it’s a sure thing that the Browns will get turned around.

But more than at any other time in recent history, there are reasons to believe the Browns are pointed in the right direction.

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  1. Enjoy your offseason championship while it lasts Clowns fans. The real season is just around the corner.

  2. I like that the Browns didnt stray from their plan despite Gordons issue. At this point they cant count on him anymore and should begin scouting for a replacement. A talented player only helps if he can stay on the field. Josh has shown he cant be counted on to do that. Million dollar talent, penny brain.

  3. These draft picks will ultimately just be more cogs in the factory of sadness. More draft picks only mean more disappointment when you’re talking about the Browns.

  4. In Ray Farmer, we trust!
    He has torn down the factory of sadness, and is building,” THE FACTORY OF GLADNESS” !!!

  5. Their CB in the first round has a rough road. He is already overshadowed by the player picked after him in round 1 and he was supposed to be Sammy Watkins, especially after the Gordon news was already known by the Browns.
    He really needs to play at a pro bowl level right away or he will be considered a bad pick in the fans eyes.

  6. I can see that, “GLEAM”, that Marty was talking about !
    These Brown’s aren’t the Brown’s of yesterday, they are more like my Grandfather’s Brown’s, that were able to compete, and win multiple championships. Thank you Jimmy Haslam, and Ray Farmer ! you are putting the Gleam back into OUR BROWN’S !

  7. Every year the Browns win “The Draft”. So much so they made a docudrama w/Costner. However one cant ignore the MANY times the Browns trade up to the late 1st to take a QB NO ONE ELSE WANTED! Quinn,Wheeden, McKoy, and now Manziel.

  8. ^ enjoy those sorts of comments while you can. The Browns are putting together a talented team. The defense has the pieces to be elite in this league.

  9. Browns Defense was very good last year and I think they have a chance to make the playoffs! Trader Ray has done nothing but improve this team and that’s a fact. Go Browns!

  10. Getting those extra draft picks won a lot of games for the 3 Stooges, well didn’t it?

    They need to find a #1 receiver quickly or it’s 2 steps back again.

  11. It all hinges on whether or not Manziel is the answer. If he is a bust (and I’m not saying he is), then they’re gonna need all those draft picks and more.

  12. There isn’t one Browns fan I know who thought drafting Weeden was a good idea/move. As for the Browns and their “offseason championship” I haven’t seen many Browns fans claiming that our pounding our chests screamin “we killed it”.
    I like the moves Ray Farmer & the rest of the front office made. Hopefully the picks work out and the Browns can get some more wins in ’14.

  13. REMIND ME: Who are the starting wide receivers???

    Johnny Manziel can be a dangerous offensive weapon.

    Unfortunately… with no wide receivers… Manziel will be put into more situations to make something happen with his legs.

    This could turn out bad.
    Manziel will be one hit away from the hospital.

  14. Yeah, Haslam swore up and down that he would rectify his blunders by making this 2014 the all-in season. 6 returning Pro Bowlers, $55 MM in free agent money, 10 draft picks. 1 Pro Bowler was let go, they left $30MM on the table, and only ended up using 6 draft picks. Meanwhile Browns fans bought thousands of season tickets when Manziel was announced; which is why they did not release the Josh Gordon info until after. Cleveland fans will see this offseason as they always do, championship bound. A team couldn’t be poised or a better offseason and the Browns blew it AGAIN.

  15. Picks are great but we all know its what you do with them. Manzel is a curious player to me i can not decide if he is going to be the sort of player you guys hope is going to be. He probably will be boom or bust no in between. Sitting on the bench for a year will do him the world of good. He has done nothing in the pros but carries a lot of attention, hype and hope, if he can handle that he has a chance.

  16. Gee…a (mostly) positive post about the Cleveland Browns.

    I think I’ll head to church this morning and pray for another miracle…

  17. Good for you, Browns. Here’s hoping Johnny FB turns out to be better than expected, and we can all watch as the Cowboys see what could have been theirs…

  18. the 4th round pick the bills got I believe was drone the 49ers in the Stevie Johnson trade ( why we didn’t do that one… ugh) so they indeed got a 4th rounder back, just not the same one they traded to us.

  19. Good for the Brown’s Fans. They have suffered long enough.

    Even survived their Team stolen out of Cleveland…

  20. People keep talking about how we let Ward go, ignoring the fact that we replaced him with a better overall safety. Then we replaced Jackson with a better ILB. As for our WRs, the team that just won the superbowl didnt have a player with 1000yds and only had 2 with over 500yds.

    Not to mention the fact that we have 3 RBs that fit our new scheme which seems to churn out 1000yd backs out yearly. And we have one of the most talented OL with Thomas/Mack and the youngsters Schwartz and Bitonio. But please sleep on the Browns.

  21. Drafting a really good offensive lineman who can protect the qb and improve the run game is gonna help the qb more than a wr. I’m not worried about it. Gordon’s stats were inflated by garbage time and the fact we had no running game so all we did is chuck it up to him

  22. Cleveland are assembling many good players to form a decent team. We have been conditioned to disappointing seasons for far too long, but the depth of talent will soon be obvious. Players like Bitonio and West were excellent draft picks.
    Manziel is a high risk – high reward prospect. Kyle Shanahan had big problems trying to direct RG3 but he ain’t seen nothing yet. If Manziel can be directed to follow a playbook, the Browns will be finally on their way back to the playoffs.

  23. While we had a respectable draft, we shouldn’t get too high about it.

    The loss of Gordon will HURT badly.

    Second, we must remember that the Browns have a totally new coaching regime (again). Also, keep in mind that this is Pettine’s first shot as a HC, and he comes from a background of defense, just like Romeo Crennel, and….Chuck Noll. Each of them were well respected as DC’s but….

    It’s not that they CAN’T do it, but even the great Chuck Noll took several years to get it right. (One win in his first year?)

    It is unrealistic for us to expect anything better than last year’s record. Just keep praying and hoping that Ray can find a good replacement at WR, resign our vets, the players stay healthy & out of jail, and coaches & players bring it all together on the field. But, every win will be a blessing.

  24. Us Raven fans survived the Colts being stolen from us by the DRUNK Bob Irsay and went on to win 2 Superbowls…..sick of hearing the Cleveland team was “stolen”. The National Media never mentions that our Colts were stolen.

    If they would have built Modell a new stadium like they did for their New York new owners instead of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, a new stadium for the Indians, and a new arena for the Cavaliers the Browns would have never left.

  25. What a brilliant move by Michael Lombardi to trade away Trent Richardson wich turns into Johny Manziel. Richardson is nothing a first round RB should be and the Browns where very lucky to see it before the Colts. Lombardi left Ray Farmer a very nice present, now they just have to hope Manziel is successfull.

    Too bad for Gordon if he misses the season. Im sure he’s not the only player in the NFL who smokes. He probably wasnt wise enough to get around the substance abuse control program. But I personnaly think its ridiculous the NFL would suspend a guy over a recreative drug thats legal in one of the NFL franchise states (Colorado).

  26. Some commenters on here should google “straw man argument”.

    Who in the world thinks that the Browns are always being touted as “offseason champions”?!? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that. Certainly not the year they drafted Weeden.

    There were just as many people saying that was a terrible pick as there saying it was a good one.

    This was a well balanced article offering cautious optimism. Getting a 2o15 first round draft pick that could very easily wind up being in the Top 10 or even Top 5 and still getting the QB you wanted was a great move, it almost doesn’t even matter how it turns out with JM.

    BTW- I think their best pick, other than Manziel if he’s a star, will turn out to be Bitonio. Dude is a beast.

  27. I am not sweating the whole Gordon situation. In fact…trade the rights to him or cut him. Make him an example of dunderhead moves. This was a deep receiver draft and no we did not draft one. But everyone else did…which means there will be lots of others hitting the cut lists and waiver wires.

    Decent talent in a pool can make a great talent pool. Let’s see what Ray Farmer assembles when this team takes the field. THEN we can start to formulate our ideas. I like what has been done so far.

    In fact…I like that people are quick to judge negatively how it is going. Keeps our profile low. Wait till the season wears on. Wait till it all comes out in results and then decide. We have waited 50 years. whats a couple more months.

    To the naysayers I say this. Beware the ELF.


  28. It is very rare for rookie receivers to be productive in their first year and forget replacing Gordon’s production. Farmer and Pettine have sufficient time to evaluate what they have on the roster and obtain a veteran receiver or two if they need to later. He stuck to his board and did not panic. I like his fortitude.

  29. Cleveland had four wins with elite receiver Josh Gordon. Seattle won the Super Bowl with a great defense, a pounding running game, and no elite WRs. Which of those do you think Farmer’s trying to emulate? Go Browns!

  30. Mr. Farmer had a plan and stuck to it. We’re probably losing Josh, but there’s other guys on the team who can catch the ball.

    Defense is improved, run game is improved.

    Suck it haters!

    Go Browns!!!

  31. I wonder if Browns fan Mike Polk ever thought that his coined term “factory of sadness” would be come more unbearable than tired, played-out Charlie Sheen tiger blood/winning references.

  32. The Browns have been good at trading their picks for a few years now. Seems they have 2 1s lots. The problem is their picking.

  33. Without gordon and no good RB, looks like they woul dbe playing for 2016 next year…

  34. Reminds me of the 85′ Browns. Young QB, (Kosar/Manziel) young strong talent in the backfield, (Mack, Byner/Tate, West, and Crowell) and not much in terms of experience at receiver. (Newsome, Slaughter, Langhorne, and Brennan/ Cameron, ?, ?, and Hawkins) We have two above average corners (Dixon, Minnifield/Hayden, Gilbert) We have a better offensive line and front 7 on D. (although Matthews and Banks were better at OLB)

    Ravens fans, you inherited a fully stocked team from us, we started from scratch with Tagliabue giving us a bag of chips and hammy, (2-3 available bottom feeders from each team and a 7 round draft…) Carolina, Jville, and Texans traveled easier roads. Learn the history of the game before spouting your frustration with subjects you are not educated sir.

  35. Keep Johnny Football on the bench. Linebackers are looking forward to his scampering into their zone for a legitimate hit. He’s clueless about what lies ahead.

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