Dolphins to speak to Don Jones after Michael Sam-related tweet


After the Rams selected defensive end Michael Sam in the seventh round of the draft, ESPN cameras showed Sam’s emotional reaction to the pick.

There were tears, congratulations from well-wishers and a kiss from his boyfriend, which was nothing out of the ordinary from the reaction of past draft picks outside of the gender of the person kissing Sam. That didn’t seem to sit well with Dolphins cornerback Don Jones. Jones tweeted out “omg” after the kiss was shown and then replied “horrible” to a follower asking if he was referring to the kiss.

The tweets have since been deleted, but Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey was asked about them at a Saturday press conference. He called the selection of Sam, the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL, “a great thing” for the league and said that he would sit down with Jones to talk about appropriate use of social media.

“I was made aware of it and I was disappointed in those comments,” Hickey said, via “That’s not what we stand for as an organization. The draft weekend is a culmination for so many players, their lifetime achievement of their dream to achieve a goal for Michael Sam and all the other players.”

It’s the second time since the start of the draft that Hickey has had to deal with fallout from one of the team’s players’ Twitter use. Center Mike Pouncey also earned a chat with the G.M. for joking about last year’s harassment of Jonathan Martin after the team selected tackle Ja’Wuan James in the first round. Pouncey has since shut down his Twitter account and Hickey might like the rest of the roster to do the same so he has time to spend on football matters instead of reminding players that their musings on social media are seen by other people.

189 responses to “Dolphins to speak to Don Jones after Michael Sam-related tweet

  1. Wow. I would never expect such words from a member of such a prestigious franchise.

  2. He’s entitled to how he feels. I felt the same way about it. Good for Michael Sam. Hope he does great things as a player for the rams. It was just very odd witnessing something that on a sports channel.

  3. Dude, what in the hell is wrong with someone having a difference in opinion? This nonsense is out of control. Sam deserves respect for his choice in partner , but respect in that not everyone agrees with his sexual preference should be honored as well.

  4. “OMG” and “horrible”? Let’s suspend this rascal for life. Let’s through him in prison and let him rot. Let’s make sure this guy doesn’t reproduce.

    Or how about the media and everyone else just relax.

  5. “That’s not what we stand for as an organization”

    Just what does this team stand for?

  6. I use Twitter every now and then, but oh Lord is it a tool that should be limited to a few. I wont even start with the poor deplorable grammar that is on there.

  7. I dont think Sam fell in the draft cuz of his sexuality. It was because hes a tweener: isnt exactly a great fit to play DE or OLB at the nfl level.

  8. I am certainly not defending the comments of Don Jones, but it is a mind blower to see things one is very much not accustomed to seeing.

    I wish Sam well and hope he has success and happiness – but we all have to concede this is really astonishing stuff for some of us to witness.

    Again, best regards to Sam — just “wow!”.

  9. What is horrible is that he cant express his thoughts without fear of “being talked to”.
    We have a right to say what is on our minds and express our opinions.

  10. This Micheal Sam coverage is getting out of hand. It’s reaching Tebow levels of ridiculousness. If the media (including this site) want Sam to be treated like everyone else they would stop the rampant coverage that’s turning him into a sideshow. We don’t need these hourly Sam stories. Just let this story breathe for crying out loud.

  11. I don’t recall seeing on TV any other 7th-round draft pick kissing after their selection. I agree with Jones. ESPN’s overkill was “horrible.”

  12. Don Jones doesn’t need a talking to. He has every right to not like watching Michael Sam kiss another man. People seem to be losing sight of the fact that people are NOT required to change their opinions based on the current popular opinion. He said nothing hateful, biased, or inappropriate. He simply voiced his discomfort of seeing 2 men kiss. Everybody needs to get a grip and realize that everybody isn’t going to conform their views just because the culture has changed. He said nothing wrong and it is getting a little ridiculous. I personally had no problem with it but I can understand some people vein uncomfortable. Nothing wrong with that. Michael Sam would probably say the same thing.

  13. He shouldn’t say anything negative publicly because that reflects on the franchise and the league.
    However, Sam should have the same respect for the league and not kiss his boyfriend at such a high-profile moment. It was a kind of in-your-face thing and lacked class.

  14. You can think what you want, your just not allowed to voice those thoughts. What a wonderful politically correct world we an living in.

  15. I’m usually on the side of the person or group being offended, but this time, I just don’t know. I just wonder, where are we headed?

  16. U only have rights if it’s what the majority agrees with. He has the right to kiss a man but they don’t won’t u to have the right to have an opinion on that matter unless it’s p.c.

  17. We are being forced to support Michael Sam, but who is to say anything to anyone with a different opinion. Good on the guy for getting drafted

    But if one person thinks a different way we are supposed to force him to think otherwise?

    Sounds hypocritical to me.

  18. Looking at the replies here makes you realize just how many bigots there still are.

    Shouldn’t be shocked but still kind of am.

  19. Nothing out of the ordinary? I didn’t see bottles or any other player ever rubbing CAKE on somebody’s face and licking it off. That was way beyond ordinary.

    And just as much as People have to respect SAMs life choices, peoples opinions and right to disagree should also be respected. He has a right to be gay, and people have just as much of a right to disagree with it and not want to see it.

    Weren’t people offended by the Kenny Britt thing? Same thing with Sam. If you think one should keep PDA private, then all should. Otherwise it’s hypocritical.

  20. While everyone is entitled to share their thoughts and opinions based in the rights granted under the constitution, that’s not the same thing as saying there are no consequences for those words or actions. I can say that I do not care for fat people and not face any repercussions. But if I said that in the public sphere or went into work and said that my coworker Leigh was fat and disgusting… I’d get a reprimand of some sort. I don’t care what Michael Sam does in his own home and if you paid attention to the ESPN coverage, you knew something like this was going to be thrown into the spotlight and shouldn’t be outraged or upset.

  21. Y’all,
    As a member of a football team, he faces consequences for his twitter actions, no matter if there is free speech or not. Just like you or I do with our employers. There are consequences for being a bonehead.

  22. Oh goodie, a bunch of posts from Constitutional scholars who have zero idea what the 1st Amendment actually protects.

  23. Its horrible when my child is watching tv,notices the kiss and turns around to ask,”daddy,he just kissed another man”! Wtf am I supposed 2 tell him! Ofcourse I said hell no,it isn’t okay but I was literally embarrassed in my own freakin home cuz of this shizm!

  24. The Dolphins can’t control players beliefs. This is Don Jones fault, not the Miami Dolphins. Don Jones was foolish enough to express his feelings on Twitter knowing it was controversial. And now he’s going to get cut anyway.

  25. Sorry but when you’re employed by someone, you can lose your job for being an idiot. Free speech does have consequences.

  26. For all of you mentioning free speech, remember Jones can say what he wants. The government isn’t going to come and arrest him. His employer doesn’t have to put up speech they don’t like. Just like your employer could can you for saying stuff they don’t like.

  27. Horrible , I agree with Don James….what’s worse is the people glorifying it .

  28. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from responsibly for your speech.

    Punishing your employees’ for saying stupid stuff is the best combo of free speech and free market.

  29. I love Freedom of Speech/First Amendment “defenders” who have no clue what the amendment even says.

    We are protected from punishment by the U.S. GOVERNMENT (and by incorporation, state governments) for certain types of speech.

    Private employers can discipline and fire employees if the have a legitimate non-discriminatory reason. Tarnishing the reputation of the company is good reason to discipline that employee.

    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Say whatever you want, but be prepared to deal with the repercussions. And when you put a thought on Twitter, it’s no longer just a thought.

  30. As to the free speechers imagine what your life would be like if you said everything that came into your head.. Have any of you Miami knuckleheads ever heard of situational awareness?

    Three questions I always ask myself before I talk..

    1. Does this need to be said?

    2. Does this need to be said ‘by me’?

    3. Does this need to be said ‘by me right now’?

    I got this from a stand up comedian, but oh has it saved me on more than one occassion…

  31. I believe in freedom of speech but this guy is an idiot. Especially considering what the Dolphins went through last year with Incognito/Martin.

  32. all of you constitutional scholars claiming First Amendment do know what that means right? he cant be persecuted by our govt for saying it. which he wasnt.

  33. I keep telling everyone it starts at the top. These guys don’t respect Philbin and obviously don’t fear the repercussions. Do you think Belichick would stand for the BS coming from guys like Pouncey? Of course not. And the Pats players know it. Countless other examples of respect and coaches who don’t mess around but that’s an obvious one.

    Why is a Philbin still around??

  34. The dolphins are as phony as the day is long… mean everybody in that organization thought Sams kissing his boyfriend was totally cool?

    To many people feel the need to be PC all the time but when behind closed doors they are just like the Sterlings of the world

  35. To everybody on Twitter……………….get off it. Keep your opinions to yourself. I feel bad for the future of our country.

  36. Of course they have a right to their opinions but, these guys have to understand that as members of an NFL franchise, they have sacrificed their anonymity for those handsome paychecks they receive.

    Between the Pouncey tweet and Jones tweet, its apparent that they have an impulse control problem in that locker room.

    They seem to be tone deaf and not shy to display bullying, bigotry and intolerance for all to see. They need to leave that for the rank and file boneheads of the world…of which there is no shortage.

  37. He is free to speak and he did.
    Now there are consequences in this case. Because it was stupid and ugly and again it’s a Dolphin.

  38. Every team has a few bone heads, Jones won’t get cut because he is a very good special team player, and Pouncy won’t either. It would be best if the media would stop covering this story and let the guy try to make the team as a player, and forget the rest of this story and move on. Bill

  39. A lot of people claiming freedom of speech here. But, a lot of people confused about what the freedom of speech is here.

    You do not have the right to say anything and everything you would like. That is not what is guaranteed by the Constitution. There are MANY things that are not protected. This means there are many things you are not allowed to say.

    Additionally, those texts are potentially a violation of employment. You can’t Tweet out that you hate your job, hate your boss, etc., and get away w/o repercussion. Sometimes sure…if you don’t get caught. But, if you get caught, you will likely be fired. And, your employer will be in the right to do that.

    The biggest takeaway I have here is that the Dolphins learned nothing last year.

  40. Miami Dolphins have a problem with their players openly commenting on Facebook and twitter. Other teams seem to have their players better educated to avoid controversy.
    Don Jones is a special teams player with modest upside – he’s not considered a problem player with an aptitude to find trouble. However, he actually faces the risk of not only being castigated but getting cut because of these comments to send a strong message to other players to think more carefully before clicking send.
    He is probably in big trouble for his politically incorrect comments.

  41. “Free speech does have consequences.”
    While this situation isn’t a free speech situation, your statement goes against what free speech is all about.

    Free speech is about having NO consequences for expressing your views and opinions.

  42. Doesn’t Don know that it is against the law to have an opinion that is different from this current dictat….ummmm democracy?

  43. Sure…nothing “out of the ordinary” seeing 2 grown men smear buttercream frosting on each other’s faces in between kisses during an NFL Draft. Move along people…nothing to see here.

  44. We better lock him up and throw away the key. This guy should never be able to work again. His life should be considered over. Listen to yourself.

  45. Wow. It’s like nobody understands what the First Amendment actually says. I didn’t realize that the Miami Dolphins are part of the government now!

  46. The fact that this is becoming more about an openly gay player makes it more of a personal matter. This whole thing should be about a man being drafted into the NFL. There is a difference between the fact when it shows someone being drafted and kissing/ hugging there mom or girlfriend and then the media talking about the fact of what he will bring to a football team. Then there was the Michael Sam situation. Congrats on making it to the NFL, but let’s focus on what he will do as a football player, and not what he will be as an openly gay player in the NFL!!!

  47. I hope Don Jones defends his comments. He has the right to express himself too.

  48. No one is saying he’s going to be hauled off to jail or prosecuted by a public official for stating his opinion. THAT would be a violation of first amendment rights. But the Dolphins have a major PR problem right now and some dude drawing attention to the team because he doesn’t like to see another player kiss his boyfriend hurts the team effort to not look crazy and discriminatory.
    Who has heard of this guy before this tweet? Most of America hasn’t, so the press release essentially reads, “Miami Dolphin doesn’t like gays.” The organization has every right to attempt to preserve the perception of themselves as a non-discriminatory organization. If you’re going to wrap yourself in the constitution to protect your biases, at least learn what it means.

  49. And that’s why Sam nearly went undrafted. Everybody has to watch every word they say. I didn’t want to a See then kissing either.

  50. He has the right to speak his mind. If gay’s can express themselves the reverse is also true.

  51. I love how the Dolphin coaches and/GM or owner get the blame when one of these mental midgets send a stupid tweet. I’m sure Coach Philbin was sitting next to him on the couch and said “yeah, that sounds good, go ahead and send it” – give me a break.

  52. I get a little tired of you first amendment right posters. He can say anything he wants, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences for it. I can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theatre and not go to jail for it.

  53. Whaaa, first amendment rights. Whaa, I can’t say what I want without someone else saying anything. Whaaa. Whaaa, whaaa.

  54. It was a little weird to say the least watching them kissing one another. Please enough is enough showing it on every channel. Get on with playing football, and see if he’s any good, but a lot of us don’t want to keep seeing it.
    Thank god for the golf channel today.

  55. First off whoever agrees n thinks what he said is ok, r horrible people. I am not gay but there is no excuse to right things like that. Especially from a nobody player. And when Sam will probably be better then. Ur in the nfl act freaking accordingly u fool. Focus on football n bringing us dolphin fans a Super Bowl.

  56. I’m a Dolphin fan, so I support the team and players, but some of these players are just stupid, there really is no other way to put it.

    Don Jones is permitted to have negative feelings about the situation. Don Jones is permitted to say negative things about the situation on Twitter.

    Don Jones is also permitted to shut up and take the negative fallout from what he says. I get sick of people saying “he has a right to say that”, yea…he does, and that’s why he did. So don’t get upset at the backlash that comes afterward because guess what….that’s permitted also.

    Your opinions are your own, but the right thing to do is to keep your opinions to yourself. Weren’t we all taught around the age of 5 and up that if we have nothing nice to say…say nothing at all

  57. Don Jones should be allowed to express his opinion on this matter regardless of what the Dolphins organization likes to lead the public into believing “what they stand for”….

  58. I don’t think you should have to apologize or be talked to for what you say on social media. It’s your thoughts and words. You should have to feels sorry for your words.

  59. “I hope Don Jones defends his comments. He has the right to express himself too”


    Do you NOT comprehend that Don Jones having an issue with Michael Sam and speaking out is really not all that different from someone else having an issue with Don Jones and speaking out because of his skin color?

    I suppose you’ll defend Donald Sterling also?

    No of course you won’t, and the reason is because you pick and choose who to support based on your own personal beliefs.

  60. The most incredible thing I’ve learned from all this is how many people have no clue about what the first amendment is, or about freedom of speech. Neither apply to this story.

  61. Thank you. U said it perfectly. U have the right to do a lot of things. Doesn’t mean u freaking should. Like what Sam does has anything to do with his life. It’s a shame that people still act so foolish. N in Miami of all places. Lmao there r so many gay guys and girls. You would think the dolphin players would get it

  62. I agree -HORRIBLE!!!

    Whatever happened to to a person’s Constitutional Right to Free Speech and Freedom of Expression by those who disagree with the PC Police? We all should have the right to express ourselves and that includes players in the NFL.

    If the NFL keeps being the PC Police, it will be very interesting to see if the ACLU will actually have the resolve to stop thinking about and actually sue the NFL to protect players’ Constitutional Rights of Free Speech and Freedom of Expression

  63. Lots of 1st Ammendment talk here – and yes, by law you can speak your mind as you please. That doesn’t mean your boss cannot fire you over statements made. Differentiating whether your words are on the clock so to speak is the key..
    When you say something racist eyc on the clock you in fact put the burden of action on your employer.
    How about instead just don’t say somethibg stupid.
    It’s not hard, unless if you’re stupid.

  64. If Sam had an ounce of intelligence, he would’ve marched ESPN out of the building and told the most liberal network on TV that he wanted a moment of privacy with his family, friends and partner.
    Instead, Sam embraced the attention, which was just as disturbing as ESPN’s eagerness to broadcast such a spectacle.

  65. No one seemed to have a problem with any of the straight players kissing their girlfriends/wives. In fact ESPN and NFL Network both hit us over and over with Eric Ebron proposing to his fiance the day of the draft.

    As for the guys who said things to the effect of “my kids were watching and I don’t know what to tell them about men kissing”, I am so sad for your kids.

  66. I just watched the video.. and I agree with Jones OMG! not just the full on huggy kiss but the arm caresses as the sensitive man weeps

  67. The ignorance on this board is mind boggling.

    FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL First Amendment does not protect your speech against anyone but the government.

    If they had arrested Jones for theses tweets then you’d all have a point.

    If you work for me, I will fire you if you say things that I think hurt my business. First Amendment has zero impact. None.

    Nor should it.

    As a business owner and the one signing the checks am I supposed to be forced to pay you while you ruin me? Seriously?

    Talk about freedom; where would mine be?

  68. Not sure what the big deal is. Two dudes kissing happens millions of times a day, every day, all over the world. And it has yet to do anyone any harm at all.

  69. “Do you NOT comprehend that Don Jones having an issue with Michael Sam and speaking out is really not all that different from someone else having an issue with Don Jones and speaking out because of his skin color?”

    In principal you may be right but legally you’re wrong.

    There are discrimination laws if it is due to race, gender, religion, and and nationality.

    There are none-at least nationally-for sexual orientation.

  70. Terrence fede became the first ever player to be drafted from Marist college to the nfl, where is all the media coverage for that?

  71. i’d like to see how much free speach the rams will get if they cut him. which they won’t be able to because of the backlash of the p.c. crowd will heap on them. their stuck with this guy , good or bad.

  72. I’m perfectly okay with Sam kissing his boyfriend on national tv . This is what OPENLY gay means.
    As for the tweet,Jones is certainly entitled to his opinion,but before he tweeted it,he should have asked himself one question…could this possibly get me into trouble? If the answer is “yes”,then it’s probably best not to do it.

  73. I am amazed how so many people don’t understand how freedom of speech works.

    You have the freedom to say whatever you like but you are NOT free from criticism or repercussions as a result of such speech. This is especially true when it comes to your job.

    If you go up to your boss and tell him how ugly he is and then claim “Hey, I have freedom of speech” do you really think he would have no right to fire you?

    You have the right to your opinion and I have the right to say your opinion sucks.

  74. Why is anyone mad because this player doesn’t like what he sees. He isn’t allowed to express his own opinion ?

    Oh wait, it’s only ok to express your opinion if you support the progressive agenda. Anyone else who expresses a dissenting opinion is just a racist, sexist, or a just a horrible person.

    Good for these guys expressing their opinions. And if Sam really wants to get all those marketing dollars from the gay community then so be it. That’s his choice. Guess he would be happiest had the 9ers drafted him.

  75. It’s easy to see a man,and women together because that is the way it should be! Life comes from Man and Women coming together, thats how you were produced and Michale Sams himself came from Man and Women coming together. Life doesn’t come from Man on Man, nor Women on Women! I’m tired of this sodom and Gomore crap. And people trying to validated it! People have urges and feelings towards alot of things in life, but that doesn’t make them alright and acceptable! People love the feeling of murder, but that isn’t acceptable so why is this behavior???

  76. Oh wait, it’s only ok to express your opinion if you support the progressive agenda. Anyone else who expresses a dissenting opinion is just a racist, sexist, or a just a horrible person.
    If you don’t want to be considered racist, sexist, or a horrible person, it might help to not say racist, sexist, or horrible things.

    Tip of the day.

  77. Political correctness has robbed us of free speech.

    I have a right to my opinion and I will exercise that right and the liberals can go to hell!.

  78. It was bad enough seeing “the kiss” live but then ESPN had to keep showing it, slow motion, reverse angle etc. I’m surprised that they didn’t have somebody with a telestrator giving a play by play description. If Michael Sam and his boyfriend want to kiss or anything else behind closed doors that’s fine (I guess) but on National TV, on a Sports Channel, during the NFL Draft? It was horrible, imo.

  79. It’s funny how many people don’t understand that free speech is a protection from the government and not your employer or the rest of us for that matter. OMG!

  80. The moment Sam was selected by the Rams he was representing the Rams and the NFL. These are not government agencies. Hopefully he won’t be behaving like this in the workplace or the Rams may eventually think omg.

  81. I can’t believe that in this day and age someone is offended by an interracial relationship. Just no place for that in the NFL.

  82. Note that no one is talking about a Donald Sterling Lifetime Ban. Now everyone wants to defend first amendment rights. Its interesting to see what we are outraged about and what we condone or agree with…

  83. I’m baffled by the ignorance on this board. Jones and people alike can say whatever they feel. Doesn’t mean his employer or brand has to put up with it. You guys can’t have it both ways.

  84. was the grossest thing i’ve seen in a long while. could of just showed expressions of joy and happiness like everyone else. did we really have to see two men rubbing on each other and kissing? bit of a buzz kill tbh

  85. In today’s world it’s not enough to just tolerate things you don’t agree with. You must lead the parade and jump the bandwagon or you’re in trouble. God forbid you use that thing called the first amendment to voice your opinion. If it’s contrary to mainstream political correctness you might as well kiss your life goodbye. Nice “free” country we live in.

  86. When Sam got the call he had gay people saying pull yourself together dude. I lost all respect for big muscle bound dudes the way Sam fell apart. They should have cut to the jail scene in Trading Places. “When they brought you in last night you was crying like a B…” Yeah!!!

  87. Funny how no one is commenting about all the straight players drafted who were crying or overcome with emotion.

  88. No one complains when a straight player kisses their significant other on TV. That people whine like idiots about this kiss is hypocritical, bigoted, ignorant and incredibly old. It’s 2014 for crying out loud. Why should you care? Y’all weren’t damaged by this. You’re just being sniveling little weasels about it. You certainly deserve criticism for that. I preach equality through apathy. If it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care.

  89. Lol everyone saying he can be punished by his team for saying something are correct. But saying “omg” and “horrible”. They can’t do anything about that because they can’t depict his thoughts and punish him based on a word.

    Glad Sam got drafted. Don’t care about his sexual preference. but I do think it was strange for espn to show that make out session for so long. Nobody would want to sit there and watch someone crying and kissing their wife/gf for that long either.

  90. If you don’t like Michael Sam because he is gay you should move to Russia.

    That is the country you may feel more at home in.

  91. If it had been 2 women kissing Don Jones probably would had tweeted “cool” that let’s be honest most of us guys love that. A lot of guys are just very uncomfortable seeing 2 men kiss.

  92. Sam kisses a guy on tv….whether its good or bad..its celebrated. Tebow prays after he scores a TD and its dismissed. Sam coming out doesnt bother me..but lets be real. Why were teams shying from Tebow? Why couldnt they celebrate Tebow who goes to prisons to talk to prisoners about changing thier lives around?

  93. all for his right to do what and who he wants.

    but I also hate the kiss cam. I don’t want to watch people kiss. Its fine on a show or a movie, but in real life, sitting at a game or watching the draft? I’d rather not watch that. man-woman, man-man, and yes even woman-woman

  94. Minorities want to be treated equally.
    Or so I’ve been told.
    However, Sam was given uncommon attention as a mere 7th-round draft pick. The entire episode — the weeping and the kissing — looked completely contrived to me. He only had three days to prepare for a made-for-TV reaction. He should’ve tried “acting like a man.”

  95. The First Amendment doesn’t say anything about whether an employer can limit speech. Just Congress.

  96. If that tweet had come from any other team it probably would have been no big deal. But because of the Dolphins recent history of bullying and bigotry (and by bigotry I’m referring to the assistant trainer) it just feels like they’re in a morass of intolerance that they’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to dig themselves out of. I feel sorry for Dolphins fans. That organization can’t get out of its own way.

  97. Less than 5% of Americans think watching two men playing tonsil hockey is good tv and yet Don Jones is being crucified. Just goes to show how far America has fallen thanks to the liberal “politically correct” crowd. I applaud you Don Jones for having the marbles to stand up for your views in the face of all the liberal backlash.

  98. If I’m an NFL GM, first thing I put into new contracts is no contact order with social media. Social media is a place for players’ wives, girlfriends, and or boyfriends… Not people that directly represent the teams.

  99. Where’s the outrage for showing all those other draftees kissing their loved ones on the BIGGEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES!!!
    Oh, but wait, Michael Sam! NOT YOU! Because some asshats are offended because you are not exactly like them, YOU cannot celebrate like EVERYONE ELSE!!
    “Act like a MAN!”
    “Keep it behind closed doors!”
    “I’m offended!!”

    To you posters who commented like this, I feel sorry for your families, they must suffer the embarrassment foisted upon them by YOU!

  100. Lol, what does he think of the kiss the Pouncey brothers shared when one of them got drafted?

  101. For what reason does he need to post it to twitter especially after last year he should have known better. If not for football these 95% of these guy would be begging for change on the street corner

  102. I think as much as anything, by that time, he was just happy to get drafted at all. It’s not like they exchanged tongues. He looked relieved more than anything else.

  103. The 1st Amendment has NOTHING to do with this. No one stopped him from saying it and he has not been arrested for saying it. OTOH he speaks as a representative of the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Dolphins have EVERY right to discipline him as they see fit for how he represents his employer.

    I love this idea that people think the 1st Amendment gives people a right to say anything they want with no repercussions. The whole point of “freedom of speech” is that you have a right to say what you want and people have a right to react any way they want within the boundaries of the law. The Bill of Rights applies to the government and its treatment of the citizens who live under it. It has NOTHING to do with a person being called out, or even disciplined by his employer, for his idiocy.

  104. I personally want bigots to put their name to their opinions.
    Then I know exactly where each person is coming from.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean unfettered insults and slurs – but at least if I know what you really think about black/white/asian/gay/women, then I know exactly what kind of person you are.

    And now, thanks to Twitter and NBC Sports, I know exactly what kind of person Don Jones is.

  105. Why can’t people think it’s gross?

    If he was kissing a 450 lb girl it would be gross and no one would need to force an apology.

  106. To all those claiming First Amendment Rights do you have any idea what the first amendment protects your from? Here is a hint, its not your employer.

  107. I believe that gays or lesbian are due their freedom of speech so do I with people who oppose expression of affection between two men. Every time someone express they’re disapproval of gay lifestyle it’s like they being prosecuted on their beliefs and have to retract how they feel

  108. Hey all you Constitution loving patriots, “freedom of speech” applies to protections from government interference in your life. “Freedom of speech” never has protected you from discipline by your employer. You look uneducated when you shout “freedom of speech” in this issue.

  109. The great thing is the guy was drafted for his football ability.

    The next great thing is he’ll have to make it or be washed out based on that ability.

    If he gets a visit from the Turk, it’ll be for one reason and one reason along.

    That’s equal opportunity.

  110. What did he say that was wrong? Can’t disagree or have an opinion? Exactly why don’t ask don’t tell is such a great idea.

  111. As entitled as you think Sam is to choose his partner you should understand that Don Jones and the rest of society is entitled to have an opinion as well. Had my 8year old son been watchi g with me I would have been livid. Shame on Sam and the NFL for not keeping it family friendly, shame on the dolphins for their comments, shame on the media for treating Sam different from any other player and shame on jones for not standing his ground.

  112. paulnoga says:
    May 11, 2014 12:00 PM
    First Amendment rights mean nothing anymore in the NFL


    Hundreds of comments like this. When you are on an NFL team and send tweets and build a following that uses your NFL fame, then you rep the team when you tweet. You can say anything you want about Sam, but the team can also tell you not to or cut you if they feel like it. Just like a company can tell you what to say when you greet people on the phone, they can control what you tweet to support their image. If players don’t like it they can quit.

  113. Welcome to the new minority. If you are not a democrat, gay, a member of green peace, you get censored for what you say or fined if you continue.

    Freedom of speech? Isn’t that what Sam I Am got from the liberal media circus that (he) made. Jones will get a fine, if he does it again. Is that fair?


    Welcome to the new minority.

  114. If a gay guy saw me kissing my girlfriend and said “horrible”. Who gives a crap, that is his gay opinion of my heterosexual relationship. When I see a man kissing a man as a heterosexual, it is horrible. And my children should not be forced and tricked to watch it while it is on prime time television, waiting to see who their favorite NFL team drafts.

    A ban on discrimination based on sexual preference is not a part of the Constitution and based on the 14th Amendment by the courts. The subject is far from being law, and I am sure that the word “horrible” does not constitute discrimination of race, color, creed, or sexual preference if it was law.

    Don Jones should pursue his rights too.

  115. They did far worse to Jackie Robinson

    Some of this is natural and part of the learning process.

    I’ll be rooting for Sam but lets not coddle him, Sam doesn’t want that either.

    Defensive player of the year? Hello? Sam will be able to bring the wood unlike Jackie Robinson could.

  116. The Dolphins spoke to Don Jones saying

    Stephen Ross should never own a football team at any level.

  117. The good news is that one out of ten of the knuckleheads who got indignant about their sons watching the kiss already have gay sons and just don’t know it yet.

  118. I’m sorry but does the NFL really need to turn into
    a national media spectacle every Sunday to see how the first openly gay player did during the game?
    Or will the team and theNFL be sued by Gay
    Activists for Gay discrimination should Michael Sam be cut by the Rams and not be picked up by another team

  119. Okay…

    1.) This has nothing to do with freedom of speech
    2.) I’m glad Sam got drafted
    3.) I didn’t mind the first kiss. so what?
    4.) The cake stuff was waaaaaayyyy over the top. It was far more than any hetero display I’ve ever seen on ESPN.

  120. C’Mon folks….before whining about someone’s first ammendment rights being violated, you should probably READ the ammendment. It protects us from the GOVERNMENT retaliating against us for what we say. It offers no such protection anywhere else. Yes, we are all free to say what we want, but none of us are free from the possible consequences of those words. An employer has the right to decide if their employees’ speech casts the company in a bad light. Because of what happened in the dolphins locker room last season, the organization is sensitive to public perception. That’s why they had a talk with
    Pouncey after his tweet about rookies buying gifts for the veterans. The tweet about Sam could be construed as negative towards a gay player. The dolphins want to show that last year’s problems are over. These two draft day tweets are not what the organization stands for and they wanted to make that clear. So, stop with the free speech complaints.

  121. If his reaction was to the way they shared the cake, it was perfectly acceptable. No need to market what is supposed to stay behind closed doors.

  122. While people have the right to express their opinion without a backlash from the government, that right does not extent to freedom of expression without consequences from their private employer. Particularly if that private employer has a high community profile. There is a long and established court history on this topic. 30 seconds on Google, assuming you knuckle draggers knew how to use a search engine, would resolve this.

    Your discomfort with Michael Sam’s actions speaks volumes about your own bigotry, regardless of it’s source. Take a good, long look in the mirror. If it were his girlfriend, you wouldn’t have given it a second thought. You aren’t any different than the people who used to look down their noses at interracial couples (and there’s no shortage of people that still do).

    Beyond that, yeah, the cake was a bit much. And he’s a tweener whose best fit is on Special Teams.

  123. I can’t believe I’m going to feed the trolls here…

    Here goes. I’ll tell you the same things that I tell my high schoolers when they pull something similar.

    Yes, you have freedom of speech. You’ll notice how Jones isn’t getting any flack from the government about this? There you go, freedom of speech protected.

    What the First Amendment doesn’t guarantee is freedom from the consequences of your speech. Just like Sterling won’t face any criminal repercussions for being a racist tool, Jones won’t for being a backwater bigot. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t face consequences from his employer for creating an unfriendly work environment for other employees, nor does it mean he is free of consequences from the media.

  124. For the idiots calling for freedom of speech… No one is saying he can’t have these ideas or even say them, but when you are employed by an NFL franchise you have certain responsibilities and rules to follow. They can’t stop you from saying these things, but they can fine you and even get rid of you.

    Think of it this way: when you’re at work and serving a customer you might think they’re ugly and that’s fine but do you really think your boss would be okay with you callin them ugly? You’d probably be fired on the spot. The dolphins are giving him a chance to not sound as ignorant.

  125. Don Jones had the right to say what he wanted and not receive any repercussions from the government, however his employer (who he’s representing) is another story. Pretty stupid move.

    Michael Sam has the right to kiss, embrace, and celebrate with his companion just like any straight man would. If you don’t want to watch it, turn off your television, that is your right.

    And to those saying that he should have behaved “like a man” in front of cameras: every single draft pick bawled like a baby in Radio City Music Hall. What is the difference between them and Sam?

    Actually, the difference is Sam’s moment was bigger than just him, it was a moment for millions of others who are discriminated against and a step forward for equality and getting past the bigotry in the comments displayed here. How can you not be rooting for this guy?

  126. What’s up is down, what’s right is wrong. Welcome to the progressive agenda.

  127. Good gravy. The Dolphins just cannot stop shooting themselves in the foot off the field. Amazing. Stunning. Is no one on the team realizing that theirs is a franchise under HEAVY social and media scrutiny at this time? They should learn from the Patriots who school their players on making few public comments on hot topics and very bland ones if they do, following the lead of their coach.

  128. That is sick but to televised where a whole lot of young children were watching is horrible. including mine that say “daddy why are two boys kissing” My last draft watch, I don’t care how people lives and what their sexual preference are , but to Stuff it to other folks that is watching, is inexcusable and simply distasteful. I might not even renew my DirecTv NFL Sunday ticket

  129. People, stop talking about “freedom of speech.” The first amendment protects you from the GOVERNMENT, not the Dolphins. The Dolphins/NFL can react to their players’ speech however they’d like. The first amendment doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for your speech; it just means you can’t be imprisoned for it. No one is imprisoning these people.

  130. And to the subject at hand: it’s discriminatory because how many people kiss their girlfriends when being drafted and no one says a word? Michael Sam deserves the same equal treatment. As Stuart Scott said, don’t like it? That’s your problem.

  131. We have to keep in mind that what we say in the privacy of our own homes or with friends or associates is fine. But when you go on twitter, you are talking to the world basically. And when you are known worldwide to be associated with a particular organization or corporation, your views (fair or not) reflects on them as well. That is where Donald made the mistake.

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