Jerry Jones: It’s not just optimism, it’s a fact that we’re better


Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones has no doubts that his team is better right now than it was last season.

Jones said after the NFL draft that it’s clear to him that the Cowboys’ roster is stronger than it was in 2013, when Dallas completed its third consecutive 8-8 season.

Yes, we are better,” Jones said. “There’s no question about that. Relative to where we played last year, we’ve had a very impactful draft. We actually have had an impactful offseason, relative to the way we play. We’re better. And consequentially, when I look over at the offense, we haven’t taken a step back on offense at any place and matter of fact, without being trite, we’ve gained on it in my opinion. For me, I feel better tonight than I did when we quit playing last year. To me that isn’t just optimism for me. I do, factually, can look down here and say we’re a better team than we were this time last year as reality would have it.”

The Cowboys have been mired in mediocrity, and if Jones is wrong about them being better this year, Jones may fire head coach Jason Garrett. But one thing Jones won’t do is fire himself as G.M. Jones is confident that the Cowboys’ general manager is getting the job done.

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  1. Worst D in the league last year and then you lose your best defensive player. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

  2. “Mired in mediocrity’ sums it up to a T….How many teams can put a W next to their game against the Cowpokes? Too many

  3. Keep it up Jerry, pretty soon you will be right up there with Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen!

  4. All I have to do is come to PFT for my entertainment. That, Jerry, is funny. Yea, your a better team withOUT the best DE in the game in Ware. I’m sure that rookie you overdrafted is going to have 15+ sacks this season. And your “star” 30+ yr old qb who just had his 2nd operation on his back is going to put up MVP numbers. Right Jerry…

  5. EVERY YEAR you say something like this! And EVERY YEAR you receive the same results! Except this year you lost two star players that could cost your team two wins so instead of 8-8 you will prbably be 6-10 if not worse…I’m deeply sorry cowboy fans that this man ruins your team on a constant basis.

  6. Jerry Jones boasting that the Cowboys are better than last year is like saying a pile of rhino poo smells less vile today than it did last week.

    What a trainwreck Dallas has become since this narcissistic “clean my glasses for me” nutbag bought the team.

  7. “relative to the fact we gave up 40 first downs to new orleans and we lost ware and hatcher, i’ve chosen not to address our impactful efforts on that side of the ball. needless to say, i’ve done a very good job……..”

  8. I’m no cowboys fan, but Jason Garrett might not be a bad coach. he could have been making 8-8 chicken salad out of 2-14 chicken crap the past few years. with jurrah Jones calling the shots it could be worse

  9. Lol…
    Seattle hosts the better cowboys this year. Romo might go down and the better cowboys will let Weeden tear it up

  10. Even without Jason Hatcher????

    God, I will always be in glee when this awful team loses next season and I am proud to say that … even with my shirt off.

  11. Jerry is just telling the truth. They added one of the best O lineman in the draft, and a top 3 pass rusher in Lawerence in rd 2. Along with Henry Melton and the return of Anthony Spencer and Tyeone Crawford from injury. Its not going to make them 12-4 but 10-6 is realstic. Everyones favorite to “run away” with the division(philly) got beat down in philly by dallas last year and barely beat them when Kyle Orton and the worst defense in cowboys histroy took the field in week 17.

  12. Get ready Jerrah the Niners are going to hang a 50 spot on you week one, and then your fans are going to throw this quote back in your face…… play the entire NFC west this year its going to be a long, long year in Bid D

  13. Getting Melton was pretty huge. Spencer was pretty good last year and as much as I love Ware and wanted to see him retire a cowboy he just didnt look that great on the line. Hopefully Lawrence is an impact rookie and Martin is going to be a great asset on the line. We lost Ware, but overall i do feel the Cowboys did get better.

  14. Jason hatcher had one good season. Ware was 50% when he was playing and had 6 sacks. Rebuilding around the foundation of Crawford, Spencer, Sean Lee and Bruce Carter. Take it easy hardos

  15. He’s just trying to keep those seats filled with people to buy his $75 cheese pizzas.

  16. None of these guys have played a down and Jerry, deep in his heart of hearts, just “knows” that they are better. Guess what Jerry? Neither you nor anyone else “knows” anything about how the 2014 season will roll out. Injuries, bad chemistry, and advanced years happen to every team. Did Mike Shanahan think his team would fall on its face in 2013? I think not. So, in the face of your demonstrated inability as a GM, why should we put any credence in your remarks? Show me!

  17. Jerry has dementia. He says the same thing every year. Every single year. “Were better. Were going to win it””Tony Romo is the best QB in the whole NFL”. Judging by his options, not optimism, Its clearly not the case.

  18. Don Jones in Miami really got a talking to after he expressed shock at the owner Stephen Ross in a dress and high heals. He was heard expressing himself “how horrible”.

  19. Impactful is the stupidest, most useless buzz word there is.

    All impactful means is effective. Effective is a perfectly fine word all by its lonesome.

  20. Its almost paper bag on the head time..Defense is going to laughable.Manziel would have at least been a nice distraction.

  21. I honestly think Jerry Jones is great for the NFL as an owner and leader – as well as a GM for the Cowboys. He may be a bit much at times, but he loves his Cowboys and the fans. I think the Cowboy’s draft went well, and when you look at their roster, they do have a chance to go a long way.

  22. George Halas, Paul Brown, and Al Davis were owners who made football and personnel decisions and were successful, at least for a period of time. Jones is the only one who seems to think that he belongs in that class.

  23. I didn’t read him say anything about their defense…

    He said their offense is better…

    Several points here Jerry.

    Your 2013 defense gave up the MOST yards per game and it wasn’t particularly close. Your D gave up OVER 415 yards a game and the next highest team total was 397 yards a game.

    In terms of the amount of points you gave up per game, you were a bit better as you weren’t LAST in the league in this. You were 26th out of 32 teams.

    And, the offense you specifically mentioned getting better had the 5th HIGHEST average points per game last season at 27.4 points a game.

    The Super Bowl should have told you Jerry, that even the leagues BEST offense last season and one of the best offensive seasons ever by a team in the league (most points ever scored in NFL history) was NO match for a great defensive team in the Super Bowl.

    So yeah, you say your offense is better. Is your defense any better?

  24. Ever the optimist, always Jerry and he never stops. He should have never let go of Jimmy. However, if the cowboys ever had a chance in this division it is this year. The eagles let their best receiver go, the redskins have a new coach and system and always suck, and the giants are on the decline. They could finally do it this year. But to beat the Seahags and the Niners in the playoffs, really hard to see.

    As for the Super Bowl===No Way.

    Keep dreaming Jerry, and call 911 for Jimmy J. to come back. Then you will have a chance.

  25. Go back and look at Jerruh’s comments after last year’s draft. He said the same things then that he’s saying now. The problem is that the egomaniac is never going to realize that he needs to bring football people in to run his football team. And until he does, he’s never going to be anything better than mediocre.

    I hope this clown lives forever!!


  26. It’s not hard to be better when you were so GODAWFUL on defense last year.

    What, are you only going to give up 400 points this year? Such improvement…..

  27. Not so subtle way of saying, “if we don’t make the playoffs it is the coach’s fault because I gave him the players to achieve that goal.”

  28. Did u see the war room nobody even making eye contact with jerry jones,no imput or nothing,Garrett scratching his chin looking away and jerry with the only papers in front of him,just shows no one has any say but the mummy classic.Jerry is a classic owner who will fire anybody who goes against him.

  29. Well, if he would’ve drafted Michael Sam, I’m sure everything would’ve been different.

  30. I dont even like the Cowboys and still feel sorry for those fans.

    JJ is a buffoon, and does far more bad than good. Sure he wants to win, and the spending helps. But until his ego can learn to step away, hire some football people to run the thing and then ALLOW them to do so, they will never get over the hump.

    He needs to learn to be invisible, too. Look at all the top franchises in the NFL. Do we get daily/weekly quotes and pressers from any of them?

  31. You’re 133-133 since the beginning of the 1997 season. You’re the most mediocre team in sports.

  32. Part of the article must be missing. I was reading about how they have improved and added so much to the team and then the article ended. The part where Jerry talks about the Pro Bowl additions they made in Free Agency must have been left off. The editor also left out the discussion when Jerry explains how Dallas will make up for the 17 sacks which Hatcher and Ware produced. I will keep looking but I have failed to find the rest of the article.

  33. The offense may actually be slightly better after the draft but the defense was the issue last season and huge question marks remain there.

    Jerry only drafted one impactful defensive player through 5 rounds (back up LB in 4th) and that was DE Demarcus Lawrence. What he can bring has yet to be seen but he should help.

    Jerry lives in his own little world.

  34. “We’re better relative too…” Relative to what again Jerry? Last year’s roster? (Who by the way finished 8-8 again.) And you know this team is better because none of the Draft picks have played a single down in pro ball. Seriously? That is simply a STUPID comment Jerry. No one listens any more Jerry. You are irrelevant.

  35. seanleemvp says: May 11, 2014 4:33 PM

    Everyones favorite to “run away” with the division(philly) got beat down in philly by dallas last year and barely beat them when Kyle Orton and the worst defense in cowboys histroy took the field in week 17.

    Slow down there, Tex. If you want to make excuses and say that Kyle Orton (an actual winning NFL QB) playing had something to do with that loss, then you need to admit that the Cowboys’ “beat down” of the Eagles came against Matt Barkley.

  36. As long as people keep handing Jerry their money, Jerry will keep selling them his delusion. Jerry’s never going to change so it’s on all you Cowboys fans to stop buying his line.

  37. I love the other dumb NFC East fans….keep doing what your doing Jerry. If I’m not mistaken, the Cowboys swept both the Skins and Giants, split with the Eagles with a franchise worst defense. Shut up already.

  38. This is why we are americas team….because all you losers comment on our team out of jealousy. ..when you care more about our teams news than your own teams…and we dont comment on your teams because we could care less about yours…but everyone cares about whats happening with americas team

  39. The Cowboys are hardly America’s Team anymore. It was fun when they were winning, love ’em or hate ’em…

    But now they are just irrelevant. 8 wins a season? Against who? The Giants? The Skins? Wow.

  40. Nbc….fox….cbs…espn and nfl network all had their top ratings of regular season for a cowboys game…that equals americas team…u on here commenting on our team makes us americas team

  41. It’s all about money. Why spend money to get better players. The stadium will sell out regardless of team wins. 7 and 9 still equals tons of money. Jones wins and fans still back a losing team.

  42. I loved Demarcus Ware and appreciate what he has done for the Cowboys. But they were a terrible defense with him so what did he do to make anyone else better? Say what you will about Romo but the Cowboys have always had really good offense even without running games most years. So Romo actually made the team better. Demarcus did not. Sometimes when you lose a player like that other players step up. Demarcus was also pretty terrible in big games against the Giants over the years. I wish him well in Denver, but he is gone so Next man up!

  43. Since we’ve just finished the 3-day NFL draft, followed by frenzied free agent signings, it could be said that all 32 teams have improved – at least on paper.

    After this weekend the Cowboys may indeed have improved – at least on paper … but in theory, so have the other 31 teams in the National Football League – at least on paper.

    So potentially – it’s all a moot point – when the tide rolled in – all the boats were lifted.

    Only time will tell if some were lifted more than others.

  44. Sure Jerruh –
    Snyder was the Pre-Season SB Champ for years.
    Only he did it by overspending on FAs.

    You, on the other hand, being the Master Puppeteer, err Talent Evaluator, still believe in paper victories.

    My Draft beat your Draft, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.

    Have you seen my sweet Cowboy Bus?

    Always the entertainer Jerruh.
    Keep up the great work.

    At least Manziel would have sold some jerseys for you.
    Better hope your overpaid QB has a back to rely on.

  45. Perhaps if you managed your Cap budget beyond Romo you could have entertained some additional FA talent.

    It’s called a roster Jerruh.
    All the good players stay if you pay them properly.

    Then, you have to add Draft prospects to deepen the bench when those starters succumb to injuries.

    You have a lot to learn about the ropes involved with being a qualified NFL GM.

    Keep meddling though, it gives the appearance that you have your fingers on the pulse of a team in need of life support.

  46. He’ll never learn that talk is cheap. The Cowboys will only be better when their record says they are better.

    Until then, yapping publicly will only add pressure to the team.

  47. elitesn88 says:
    May 11, 2014 9:15 PM
    Nbc….fox….cbs…espn and nfl network all had their top ratings of regular season for a cowboys game…that equals americas team…u on here commenting on our team makes us americas team


    The Cowboys certainly are still very popular, but they really stink. You are right that it is why many people comment. It’s fun that they stink after being great for so long.

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