LeBron dons Johnny Manziel jersey

It’s been nearly four years since LeBron James left Cleveland.  But he’s got renewed interest in the town.

LeBron’s business partner, Maverick Carter, represents Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Both James and Manziel have deals with Nike, and they appeared in a McDonald’s commercial together.

And so LeBron was sporting Manziel’s new Browns jersey on Friday.

“After I saw he didn’t go to Dallas, I figured he’d go to Cleveland,” James said, via ESPN.com.  “He’s a smart kid and he relishes the opportunity to hopefully bring some great moments back to Cleveland as far as the football team.”

James, a Cowboys fan, hoped Jerry Jones and company would draft Manziel.  James nevertheless embraces the idea of Manziel playing in the town where LeBron used to play.

“It’s exciting, he’s going to get the opportunity to compete for the starting job, so it’s exciting for us, our family and his family,” James said. “He’s been in pressure situations for a long time, that shouldn’t change now because he’s starting his NFL [career].”

Manziel is starting his career in Cleveland, but there’s no guarantee he’ll finish it there.  Someday, Manziel could do what James did and leave Cleveland for a glitzier team.  Possibly the team James wanted to see Manziel join in the first place.

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  1. Stop trying to suck up to Cleveland, Lebron. He napalmed that bridge. It’s one thing to leave, that’s fine. But the way he did it…stringing the franchise along so they had little to no opportunity to make other arrangements while he drew it out to make his grand announcement on ESPN. They let him have his run of the place while he was there, allowing his cheeseball entourage 24/7 access to the facilities and the team. And as much heat as the team took for the players it surrounded him with, he signed off on virtually every one of them. He was practically defacto co-GM while he was there but he conveniently shirks any responsibility there.

  2. Cleveland fans and Dan Gilbert acted like LeBron owed them something, after he single-handedly made the team relevant, just because he was born in AKRON- aka not even Cleveland.

    If Johnny Football leaves after losing a Super Bowl, are Cleveland fans going to hate him too for taking him further than they’ve been since 1964?

  3. Manziel will eventually leave Cleveland also lol. He didn’t look that excited when posing for the browns photo shoot/introduction. Had to be told to smile several times hahahaha

  4. Johnny Manziel (JFF) has already made started to make a difference. If he can get LeBron back to Cleveland he can certainly improve the Browns Offense.

  5. Miami can’t feel good about a dude that went there but still can’t get over the team that he left. Not that Cleveland can get over LeBron, either. It’s like an embarrassing soap opera.

  6. Because obviously growing up in Akron, Ohio he was a Cowboys fan. That’s called being a front runner since we’re talking the 1990’s. Kind of funny now considering the local NFL team covered in Akron is the Steelers and how much better they’ve been than the Cowboys since (and I don’t care for either team).

    As for Manziel eventually going to Dallas. That would require Jerry Jones to admit that he was wrong about Romo and Jerry Jones is never wrong about anything. Plus they’re fine in Dallas. Brandon Weeden is there now.

  7. Except for Cleveland’s football team, they have this thing called the franchise tag. So if Johnny is doing good, he can get tagged, which wouldn’t allow him to leave anywhere. The Browns have a hardcore fan base, and that’s what Johnny relishes.

  8. Maybe Manziel will lead Cleveland to a championship instead of the other coward who left to team up with 2 all stars and create a fake legacy.

  9. Johnny will definitely leave Cleveland, but probably in the same fashion that guys like Tim Couch did. He’s going to get pulverized there and by the time he’s able to move on from that situation the NFL will have seen another 4-5 QB classes drafted for available slots. Johnny Football has already lost.

  10. There’s a new King in Cleveland, hopefully will will make C-town fans finally forget about the old one or just maybe he’ll come back and win a title the right way like he should have the first time,by gutting through the tough times, that make winning a title the sweetest, instead of taking the easy road, by teaming up with 2 other all stars. We’ll see Lebron can take care of unfinished business in Cleveland end up a real legend, and do the right thing or take the easy path, and try to milk out the easier titles. Only time will tell. I think the town would explode if Johnny Cleveland brings a title , and Lebron comes back to bring another in the same year. We can dream right!

  11. LB James dons Johnny Manziel jersey.

    In an attempt to make the NFL like the NBA, marketing of individual players over teams gains strength.

    If that happens, NFL popularity will sink like a stone.

  12. Dolphins fans are ecstatic! Manziel will spend a few years in Cleveland to develop, and then go to South Beach to lead the Fins to the championship.

    Gee… I really hope he has a TV special to announce his decision in a few years. That will make it extra special.

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