Obama congratulates the Rams and Michael Sam


On Saturday, former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam became the first openly-gay NFL player, when he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama congratulated both the team and the player on the situation.

“The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward in our Nation’s journey,” a White House official told NBCNews.com. “From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.”

He’s right. We are who we are. And people need to feel comfortable being who they are. The rest of us need to find a way to be comfortable with it.

Michael Sam is comfortable being who he is, the Rams were comfortable with it, and the rest of us need to realize that and accept it.

Acceptance, not tolerance. The term “tolerance” implies that we don’t accept it but that we deal with it. The term “acceptance” means that there’s no issue or hesitation or temptation to resist.

Acceptance is a lot easier than it seems. It’s far simpler to not care about how someone else lives their life than it is to get all twisted in knots over something you can’t change.

93 responses to “Obama congratulates the Rams and Michael Sam

  1. Next step in tolerance…. Obama and co allowing the world to be sovereign and not occupy other nations.

  2. If we all lived by your words, Florio, this country and world would be much better place to live.

  3. I hope Sam has enough talent to make the team, because all heck will break loose if the Rams cut him. We saw what happened to Mozilla CEO.

  4. How many seventh rounders are on a roster after a couple of years? I don’t know the exact answer, but it’s probably not real high. If Sam turns out to be a good player, great. But what if he simply isn’t good enough to play in the NFL? How will the Rams ever be able to cut him at that point?

  5. What about acceptance and tolerance for people who don’t believe in this lifestyle choice?

  6. You want me to be comfortable? Then stop politicizing sports. I don’t care if he likes MEN! I want sports to be sports. I watch football and other sports to escape the real world. I go to work to provide for my family, then when I come home I have fun with my family. Then when I get a chance, I like to turn on a game. I don’t CARE about what the athlete does in his personal life. If he/she is good, I will cheer. If they suck, I will boo. So let’s move on please.

  7. Boy, never seen so many articles for a 7th round pick.

    He must be a amazing athlete!

  8. Why didn’t he congratulate the other 255 players that were drafted and their teams. Myabe he shoudl focus on finding jobs for the unemployeed and balancing the budget.

  9. He is nowhere near good enough to even dream about competing for a place on that DL. Hope he makes the cut and gets a few snaps on special teams but in reality thats all he can hope for. He’s now a historic figure and just like all the talk surrounding him has been about his off-field happenings, that’s what his future holds as well. Promotions, public appearances etc…

    Happy for him nonetheless.

  10. Yes yes, getting selected at the bottom of the seventh round, after goodell sent out a letter urging teams to take him, is quite the accomplishment.

    Remind me again how often 7th rounders make the league as anything but special teamers?

  11. Who cares if he’s gay or not. Let’s first see if he’s a good player. He should not be treated different than any other player…

  12. Seeing the words “Lifestyle choice” used over & over again. Just when did most of you CHOOSE to be straight?

    Also, I agree this is overkill coverage & sports media will likely ruin this kid by not allowing him to concentrate solely on football. But my original point still stands.

  13. I would like to read a story about a person getting drafted that was raised in a bad area and fought his way through a tough life to make it. That stuff does not get recognized enough.

  14. Glad he doesn’t have anything worse to worry about- like Russia making a power play in a Europe and annexing the Crimea, an organization that his administration refused to designate a terrorist organization kidnapping hundreds of teenage girls, or a fluttering economy. Way to distract attention away, Barack.

  15. A lot of people didn’t want to tolerate Tim Tebow…Michael Sam might be as good as he was…

  16. A bunch of stupid statements here, everyone has there opinion and ideas on this story, the guy will get a chance to make the team, and if not the media will be there with there circus show. Time to move on. Bill

  17. I hope Obama comes out as the first gay president this way some people can be part of history again and vote him in for a 3rd term. He has been such an amazing president. My healthcare is better my taxes are lower. The world is a safer place thanks to this Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama. Ok I have to go throw up now.

  18. Yeah I’ll bet the Ram’s players are fighting to be able to get a locker next to his.

  19. I’m sorry but I’m a rams fan and don’t care if he’s gay but with this stack of defensive ends I don’t see how he makes the team.

  20. I am not rooting for or against Sam; he is just another 7th round draft pick. When will libs realize that you cannot create equality by treating some in society preferentially over others.

    EQUALITY occurs when you treat all people EQUALLY.

  21. 1. St Louis doesn’t recognize same sex marriage.

    2. Will they create a husband section next to the
    Wives section?

    Go away Obama, you already destroyed America,
    don’t do the same to the NFL.

  22. I see that Right wing nut job haters even infest sports stories. They’re like an incurable virus that just goes on and on and on.

  23. Just wondering what the media’s reactions will be if and when Sam doesn’t make the team and gets cut?

  24. I don’t think he is a very good football player so his career will end not long after it begins, but his career of sport commentator will begin as soon as ESPN can get him signed.

  25. Really? you needed this pick to make the Rams relevant for a day? Remember you also have to live with the fallout of cutting the first openly gay black man in the NFL if he doesn’t work out. His running buddy at Mizzo Kony Ealy didn’t fair well in this draft!

  26. Another great accomplishment from our pres. Couldn’t find him when our ambassador was being dragged bloody through the streets but he’s front and center on nfl draft day or if you need the sweet 16 college b-ball opinion.

  27. Agree, the vast majority of people accept things as they are and don’t really care………..until, it’s continually rammed down our throats by a media that will not relent in forcing the promotion of the issue.

    Accept that.

  28. “Acceptance, not tolerance. The term “tolerance” implies that we don’t accept it but that we deal with it. The term “acceptance” means that there’s no issue or hesitation or temptation to resist.”

    I disagree. You cannot force people to accept something they are inherently against. It’s no more right than trying to force religion onto others.

    I’m a Christian. How would everyone like it if I said you guys shouldn’t just tolerate me, you have to accept me?

    There are just too many examples that contradict your claim.

  29. “Acceptance, not tolerance. The term “tolerance” implies that we don’t accept it but that we deal with it. The term “acceptance” means that there’s no issue or hesitation or temptation to resist.”

    So you think I should just abandon my deeply held religious beliefs, which are based on centuries of understanding of human sexuality, sorry not going to happen. I tolerate the position society has taken on this issue but will never accept it and in a free society that should be OK.

  30. The supposed “tolerant party” does not care about others views. BO is just helping out the liberals lose this fall.

  31. No one is entitled to acceptance, people have the right to their own opinions.

  32. I remember years ago emailing Florio a question about the Vikings , his response to me was. “are you gay”?”
    Not really sure how to take that

  33. I KNEW that this article would bring all of you HATERS out!! It gives you a chance to bash the
    PRESIDENT!! And you still don’t like the FACT
    that he is your PRESIDENT!! Like it or Not!!!

  34. Every player had to work incredibly hard, and sacrifice, to make it to the NFL.To single one player out, who is merely an afterthought based on his athletic ability,just because of his aberrant sexuality is wrong.Obama’s comments are par for him. Either Sam will make it, or he won’t.Please, could we just not see him kissing other men. I think that is disgusting.

  35. I’m getting a little tired of being subjected to all this blatant social engineering and grandstanding. Human beings aren’t meant to be this politically correct.

  36. It’s only been 6 years and I don’t recognize this country anymore. I can’t even begin to recount all that has happened. I wanted Obama to succeed. He’s been more than a disappointment, as has been just about every other politician out there. Much harder times are coming, and when they get here, you won’t even think to comment on something like gay football players. It will be all about survival.

    I can’t wait for the first transgender football player. That’s going to be OK isn’t it?

    What about transvestite cheerleaders? They’re people too you know.

    What a freak show this is going to be.

  37. How about the economy stupid! China is kicking our butts, stealing our technology and all you care about is the NBA, NFL and your Hollywood friends. Watch the real news. It’s the Jobs baby, the economy, gas prices…….

    Were you not the one to bash Kim Kardashian, and not to let your daughters watch them. Hey, acceptance not tolerance? Kim and Kayne are who they are, why bash them? The president who plays
    the media like no other in history. Bill Clinton is a blow up doll comparison.

    Anyway, a great draft and coverage, except for all the drama queen reaction over Michael Sam.

  38. This blowhard can never keep his big mouth shut. Figures he would admire Sam because he can’t admit he Jd a relationship ship with Reggie love

  39. In my humble opinion, who cares that Sam is gay….who cares that the Rams picked him. These people wish to be treated equally, yet they & many others make a big production out of it when they declare, or get chosen or what ever they do.
    Also I have never seen a Chief Executive who spends more time commenting on sports….OK great your a sports fan….but you have a job to do and it needs your attention far more than we need to hear your opinion on the NCAA final four, or what you think of Michael Sam getting drafted. The economy is in the toilet, and most nations hate us….FIX IT Mr. President!

  40. I don’t think ESPN expected this, but they should have seen it coming. Michael Sam set up the whole country for his coming out party, and the liberal media was all over it. Shocking news makes ratings, and this is what we have become as a society in the media age. Reality series junkies. I actually laughed when I saw his draft video. I think his future team mates were laughing too. However, they will be fined if they express their opinions in public, and the rest of us who don’t agree are forced to watch with no rights at all.

  41. The tea party takeover of the PFT comment section shows why no one in here has a sense of humor anymore. One step from youtube commenters, all of you.

  42. Path to the Draft today. first story is Sam. that is what bothers people like myself. I don’t care about his sexual preference. over 230 players drafted, and in the recap of this draft, they spent 50 percent of the time talking about Michael Sam. that is absolutely ridiculous.

  43. I could care less what Michael Sam does in his private life as long as he doesn’t do it in front of me. But the left-wing politicization of this whole thing is wearing most of us out. The part of football that Roger Goodell hasn’t destroyed yet is being ruined by the liberal left.

  44. Above and beyon the typical look at me look at me politician .

    To be expected so just consider the source.

  45. Yeah Congress was doing just a fantastic job when the Dems were controlling both house right? Good thing the American people voted and put a stop to that. Pelosi makes me wanna puke and Reid should be put in an institution with all his nonsense.

  46. the difference between acceptance and tolerance is simple:
    Tolerance = having your own beliefs and believing in others rights to have their own as well

    Acceptance (Blind) = Letting others dictate your beliefs to you and all the following generations.

    Those that make being tolerant sound wrong are merely intolerant of your beliefs and feel they are superior to you.

  47. jwil444 says: May 11, 2014 2:28 PM

    Agree, the vast majority of people accept things as they are and don’t really care………..until, it’s continually rammed down our throats by a media that will not relent in forcing the promotion of the issue.

    Accept that.

    bridgeh2o says:

    Probably one of the most accurate statements of how MANY of PFTs readers feel, jwil.

    Well said, well said!!!!!

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