Ray Farmer: I’m not concerned with receiver depth right now


The Browns added six players to their roster during the draft and none of them play wide receiver.

That struck many people as an odd way to go since they knew going into the draft that wide receiver Josh Gordon is facing a lengthy suspension and that reports indicate wide receiver Nate Burleson had surgery to repair a plate in his arm after breaking it last year. General Manager Ray Farmer said that he understood frustration with the state of the wide receiver position, but preached patience because there are “plenty of opportunities” for the team to add receivers.

“We have to build a football team that can win regardless of who is missing. I think that’s the charge that we have,” Farmer said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “That’s my job, that’s coach Pettine’s job is to prepare this football team to win games regardless of who’s missing.”

The Browns have reportedly agreed to terms with several undrafted free agent wideouts and there are going to be veterans coming available as teams set their rosters, but concern is understandable when Greg Little and Andrew Hawkins are the top players at the position. Should that concern linger into the fall, it will be harder for Farmer to deflect attention from what the Browns are missing.

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  1. After the draft he had he should get more than a little patience from those worried about wideouts.

    #1 CB, #1 QB, an extra 1st next year.. Sure, losing Gordon is huge but– Relax, Browns fans– he will figure WR out.

  2. Why should he be concerned? All he has to do is keep finding a trade partner every year that will give up a 1st Rounder to move up a few spots and he’ll be swimming in more picks than he can handle in due time. There’s a sucker born every minute, which means don’t stop after you identified only one sucker!

  3. ““We have to build a football team that can win regardless of who is missing”

    If you’re missing receivers your boy Johnny won’t have anyone to throw to. Derp

  4. I don’t think they had a very good draft. I don’t think they’re a well-run team. I don’t see them going anywhere unless the rest of their division somehow crashes and burns badly. They’re still the worst team in the division.

  5. I think they had a great draft and I’m not sure they’re the worst team in the division any longer. Gordon got a lot of his yards last year during garbage time. He’s a talent to be sure, but not changing their draft plan will pay off big down the road. They’ll have plenty of receivers to throw to come September. They ( Banner and Co. )knew Gordon was a gamble when he was drafted. Well, they lost the gamble. Move on.

  6. Should have taken Watkins. Picking up and extra first is great and all, but when losing your top target, and the #1 receiver in the draft is available. You have to pull that trigger.

  7. A strange draft for Cleveland, if in fact they knew going in that Gordon was likely out for the season, and Burleson’s status is unclear right now?
    They probably should have taken Watkins with their first pick, and certainly should have made some move(s) to strengthen the WR position, you would think? To make no effort to do so either through the draft or via a draft day trade seems to indicate a stubborness and a disconnect with the reality of their situation right now. Puzzling.
    They should have an excellent CB trio now with Holden, Gilbert, and Decir, but at at least right now they appear correspondingly weak on the other side of the passing game.

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  9. The Cleveland Browns, under the guidance of (trader) Ray Farmer, hhad a great infusion of talent that addressed needs and depth, and then ( Trader ) Ray built upon the successes, in the draft. I DON’T THINK HE IS DONE.
    Let’s be pleased at what the Man has accomplished in such little time.
    He is restoring the long lost GLEAM!!

  10. TO and Chad are on line one, Coach. Currently they can only afford one cell phone but are hopeful that will change….

  11. He’s not concerned because they’ve already written this year off. Stocked up on picks in 2015. Would be surprised if Manziel doesn’t ride the pine and learn behind hoyer for at least half the season.

  12. Watkins was popped for hooch possession two years ago… No guarantee he’ll be the best receiver in the game 3 years from now. Ray will shore it up. Stayed true to his board and didn’t panic.

  13. You folks don’t really think there won’t be a good wide receiver or so added to the roster do you? Frankly I like the fact that Farmer didn’t compromise his draft plan just because Gordon decided to do something stupid and selfish. Not much has been mentioned about CB Desir (#127 out of Linwood), but small school aside, he is considered a great pick regardless of round. RB West along with Tate have the ability to wear out some dgood defenses making it more possible to forge a respectable passing attack against that defense overloaded to stop the run. Bottom line: All is not lost on a single player. In fact I would recommend shopping him or shipping him when he has paid his dues.

  14. You can’t simply replace Gordon’s production with a rookie(or a veteran for that matter). Even a good receiver takes a year or two to develop. It is easy to think that all these draft prospects are amazing and could plug right in given the hyper-promotional coverage, but the truth is that most of these guys will be lucky to start, much less make a probowl any time soon. I am sure there will be serviceable veteran receivers available through trade or cap casualties. If Farmer is truly desperate he can always trade Buffalo’s pick, not that I would.

  15. My take is that the Browns management team just seems incompetent. They will not be able to fix this this year. Strongest draft class for WR in perhaps 30 years and they choose none of them? Their QB will not have guys who can get open or catch the ball reliably. Why did they not take even one? It just doesn’t make any sense. They really did a disservice to the team. They have made a difficult situation worse for either Hoyer or Manziel, thereby making it much harder for them to develop. Incompetence.

  16. I don’t think its that big a deal. Manziel will figure it out like he does, and if they decide to sit him this will also give him a year to develop. Anyway, great draft for Cleveland, but i do agree they should have taken a wide receiver in the second round such as the highly underrated Jarvis Landry.

  17. Just wait till 2016 Browns Fans!….Or maybe 2017….or 2018. Whatever, it’s going to happen!

  18. Incredibly people think that one draft can catapult a team into Super Bowl contention. Unless your team is stacked from the get go and requires a tweak…which means they were in contention to begin with…it takes a few drafts to get, replace and develop players. Yeah,people are hurt about this whole receiver fiasco,but so far the best WR in the league have nothing to show for their production. Fitzgerald,Johnson,Jones,even Boldin,who isn’t the primary receiver. Farmer did the rightthing by sticking to their plan and getting foundation players…heck,they even signed Conner Shaw as a free agent. I’ve waited since the ’89 AFC championship game for a taste of relevance. I’m sure I can hold out for another year for even a playoff shot.

  19. The Browns have reportedly agreed to terms with several undrafted free agent wideouts: Really, where are the wide-out? Browns currently have 5 QB on rosters and signed another one C. Shaw(S. Carolina) added to 6 QB on 53 roster when only one can play. Suggest drafting WR Kenny Bell the only left.

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