Seahawks’ nine-man UDFA class includes son of Jim Jeffcoat

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After the 2014 draft ended, the defending Super Bowl champions signed an undrafted rookie free agent whose father won a couple of Super Bowl rings during his NFL career.

Joining the Seahawks is Jackson Jeffcoat. The former Texas defensive end is the son of former Cowboys and Bills defensive end Jim Jeffcoat, who won championships with Dallas in 1992 and 1993.

Despite speculation that Jackson Jeffcoat would be moved to linebacker at the next level, the Seahawks list him as a defensive end, at least for now.

Also joining the Seahawks via the undrafted free-agency route were USC safety Dion Bailey, Montana linebacker Brock Coyle, Central Arkansas tight end Chase Dixon, Penn State tackle Garry Gilliam, Oklahoma guard Bronson Irwin, South Carolina cornerback Jimmy LeGree, Washington quarterback Keith Price, and Eastern Washington defensive tackle Andru Pulu.

16 responses to “Seahawks’ nine-man UDFA class includes son of Jim Jeffcoat

  1. I dont get keith price… we already have a great #2 qb with tjack. Most teams would settle with pryor as a #2. Either price or pryor would make a fine #3, someone is changing positions

  2. He has the right size, speed, and he was successful in college, why change his position? He’s at his best as an edge rusher.

  3. UDFA are the best. The odds are against them with little hope but then the likes of Doug Baldwin (aka Angry Doug) and all the other great UDFA that have also had success in the NFL and it make the NFL so amazing.

    Sometimes the size of the chip on ones shoulder is greater than all others combine tangibles.

  4. I don’t see how Price makes the team with Pryor and Tjax there. Unless they’re thinking of moving on from Jackson, who is well regarded in the locker room, I don’t see the point.

  5. Wait…Jackson Jeffcoat, an All-American, Big-12 Defensive POY, Hendricks award winner, with NFL measurables, and NFL bloodlines didn’t get drafted? This guy played through significant injuries and played well at that. However, he is also a tweener, and a lesson for the media, PC crowd and non-football fans that only followed the draft this year because of the Michael Sam storyline…great college performance/production doesn’t translate to being a draft pick in the NFL

  6. I saw this guy was projected to go somewhere in the 3rd-5th round. To get him for free was a steal. I think he has a great shot to make the team; practice squad at worst.

  7. Keith Price more than likely makes our practice squad and can develop. BJ Daniels is also there so competition is going to be stiff. Even though I like T Jack as a back-up he is 31 years old.

    NFC West had a great draft in my eyes. At first I wasn’t feeling great about our Richardson pick maybe only because Cody Latimer was still sitting there but the speed dynamic he could bring to our team is huge. Jackson Jeffcoat sounds like a perfect LEO prospect to me, thanks for sharing the knowledge because I don’t watch much college ball.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but i believe Jermaine kearse was another UDFA that has turned into a major contributor & i believe he can become a star wr in the NFL. Those of us in the northwest might be the only people that are really familiar worth him being that he played his college ball at Udub & his pro ball with the hawks. Maybe I’m incorrect & he was drafted in the Kaye rounds but I’ll almost sure he was a “walk on” for Seattle.

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