Browns release Vince Young, four others


The Vince Young era in Cleveland has turned out to be a short one.

The Browns announced Monday that Young is one of five players they have cut loose from the roster. Young signed with the team less than two weeks ago along with Tyler Thigpen, who remains on the roster.

Young was always a long shot to remain with the Browns all the way through offseason work and training camp, but the arrival of Johnny Manziel in the first round likely accelerated the timetable. Ranking below Thigpen is not a great sign for Young’s chances of continuing his NFL career and we may have seen the last of the third overall pick of the 2006 draft as he turns 31 in six days and hasn’t played a regular season down since 2011.

The Browns also released quarterback Alex Tanney, whose trick shot passing videos haven’t been enough for him to earn long-term employment at the NFL level. Defensive back Brandon Hughes, running back Fozzy Whittaker and defensive lineman Brian Sanford.


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  1. Still not enough $ to get VY out of hock. Sad story for a talented guy.

    Better for the locker room too. Imagine VY and JFF in the same room. Ouch.

  2. I’m sure there’s a Dream Team still out there that he’ll sign with.

  3. Zero surprise – they kept the FA QB who actually has recent NFL game experience…

    Sanford has been cut/added too many times to count. The rest is business as usual.

    Looking forward to what WR’s Farmer picks up from the spring OTA cuts and later this summer during camp.

    I believe the WR issue has been so ridiculously overblown. Farmer will work it out.

  4. Great, Great college QB. Had some highlight reel moments in a short time in the NFL. Call it a career and enjoy what money you have left.

  5. The point was they had OTAs before the draft and Hoyer is still coming back from ACL. Somebody had to take reps at QB besides Alex Tanney.

  6. They didn’t want the VY curse.

    Eagles made the playoffs before and after he was on the team.

    Packers signed him for a month, team gets wiped out with injuries and barely makes the playoffs.

    The titans … idk, they’re the titans.

  7. The Rams drafted a janitor at the Ed Jones Dome in the 4th round (Mo Alexander). So there is a job available there if he acts quickly.

  8. Too bad what happened with VY. I always thought he’d find an opportunity to be a solid back-up or maybe even a starter again as he matured. But he’s a head case.

  9. Vince Young – the poster child for any star college athlete that Googles himself and believes everything he reads.

  10. This is cruel and inhumane treatment of this guy. I feel sorry for him. I don’t think he is being shunned in the NFL. Because teams continue o peek under the hood with him. But I just think he needs to completely break away. Go up to Canada for less money. And just start playing uptempo and hard again. I suspect he would enjoy it. Canadian Football fans would love his game. And he may have a late career renaissance in the NFL like Kurt Warner did.

  11. Insteadof releasing VY, they issued a report that they were never considered him in the first place.

  12. With the draft over, VY’s role as a smokescreen has concluded.

    We will all cherish our memories of VY in a Browns uniform. I’ve seen two or three pictures from that practice, including the one above.

  13. When the NFL meets with the rookies to help with adjusting to the League, they should use Vince Young as their poster boy for managing money.

  14. Does that mean Vince’s party is canceled? I already bought a gift and all.

  15. This man is like a human ping pong ball…… Ba ding, ba ding, ba ding. Is there anybody else out there willing to take a chance on this guy?

  16. Meanwhile on the phone to his agent, VY is asking to borrow a 200 grand so he can throw an “end of my NFL career” party.

  17. Once again, Vince Young is not given a fair chance to compete…. Tyler Thigpen is only on the Browns team because he has close ties with the OWNER and the HEAD COACH….
    I wish the Browns had never signed Vince Young… They did him more harm than good… Thigpen is not a better quarterback than Vince Young…. Well, it’s in GOD’s hands now….

  18. not surprised, the Browns have QBs they like at 1 and 2, so i am not surprised that he was cut. hopefully he finds an NFL team soon. i actually kinda want to see him in Houston as they could use another QB, but i dont see it happening. if i were him, i would go to the CFL

  19. It still amazes me that someone brings up dream team. This came out of the mouth of a third string qb. Yet idiots still bring it up because the media played it over and over. It’s almost as bad as Santa clause ?

  20. I’m a browns fan bur year in and year out this organization is like a circus. They do some of the off the wall stuff .

  21. I’m thinking if the Browns had drafted Bortles or Bridgewater, VY would still be on the roster and given a shot in training camp. Both of those rookies are solid students of the game. Manziel, however, the last thing he needs is Vince Young being his veteran role model. That’d be a disaster show waiting to happen.

  22. I guess Uncle Rico is going to pack up the van and work on his next homemade highlight tape to mail out to clubs on VHS via DHL. He might have to try his luck in Canada because once the Factory of Sadness doesn’t want you anymore there are no more options for you in the NFL.

  23. Why trample on VY’s career grave? He gave it his best shot in the NFL and he just didn’t work out. No need to add insult to injury by hurling insults and derision his way. I hope he has a shot at Canadian football. Good luck to him I say.

  24. This poor slob is in hock up to his nose, and the Brownstains don’t even want him. Canada is his only option, or did he get his degree? Lol.

  25. Lots of sad, hate-filled folks commenting on this post.

    Remember, how you treat/speak about other is really just an indication of how you feel about yourself.

    I hope y’all have some better days ahead of you, so you don’t feel so unhappy about yourselves.

  26. Tyler Thigpen and Alex Tanney? Browns had the market cornered on ex-Chiefs QBs there for a minute. Not that it was a good thing…

  27. I watched VY beat the Giants two seasons ago. Come from behind win and Vince threw the winning TD pass.

    Well, it was only the Eli lead Giants!

  28. I still remember the report of him scoring a 6 on the Wonderlic at the draft like it was yesterday and then in the uproar he got a retake and scored a 16.

  29. why didnt dey cut that bum thigpen???
    ugh there regret cutting vince young,firing chud and drafting manziel 🙁 as long suffering browns fan there dumb moves after dumb moves

  30. Young and Whittaker cut.
    No players drafted at the weekend.

    Watch out Colt.

    3 Aggies drafted in round one.

    Tough time to be a t-sip.

  31. Next year the Dallas Cowboys will take the league by storm! We have the best QB, the the WRs, the best defense, and the best owner in the entire league, and possibly even NFL history! I can taste the Cowboys 2014 Super Bowl Trophy already!


  32. Vince Young just didn’t get it. Never did and never will. He never wanted to put in the WORK to be a pro. His God given ability and a simple offence got him through at Texas.
    He still should be awarded the Heisman trophy though because Bush and his family were lying cheaters and to just let it go vacant make the trophy look cheapened. If Bush ends up NOT deserving it, then it also means that someone else did.

  33. Appropriate Fozzie Bear Quote for Fozzy: Fozzie: [about run-down hotel] If that’s the Happiness Hotel, I’d hate to see what the sad one looks like.

  34. I find it surprising that my Raiders have not signed this guy at some point in the past few seasons, with our crap QB play.

    I guess after trading for Schaub and drafting Little Carr, that won’t happen.

  35. We know that Manziel knows how to pose for photos, but we have yet to find out what he’ll be like on an NFL field. We also know that if Young truly had an adequate skill set, he’d still be an active player. The larger question shrouding the FOS this year will be, if all of their offseason moves will prove to be the solution to the Browns finally turning the corner and heading uptown.

  36. This seems a harsh thing to do even by NFL standards. It was literally a story of here today, gone tomorrow. Browns MUST have known they were going to take a qb, however they got VY in, giving him a false sense of hope anyway…harsh and unnecessary.

  37. I was excited when they signed him and hoped that he’d stay on as third quarterback. I’ve never understood why people love trashing the guy, and I wish him luck.

  38. Vince Young has been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, by the Cleveland Browns… A team I thought wood give him a fair chance to compete….
    Tyler Thigpen is not a better quarterback than Vince Young….He’s only on the team because he has close ties with the OWNER and the HEAD COACH….
    I wish the Browns had never signed Vince Young… All they did was “disrespect” him….

  39. I was against signing Young & Thigpen. That said, I think I would have kept the has-been rather than the never- was. Now if they would just not waste time and cut Manziel before they have to pay him to be a wasted draft pick.

  40. Wow! Big lesson here about humility but no one will notice. Hope he gets another shot, Dallas is probably his best bet unless Jeff Fisher is in a forgiving mood.

    Vince Young and Matt Leinart would be an interesting 30 for 30 segment.

  41. When you are cut by the Bills AND the Browns before the regular season even starts…it’s time to put that Longhorns degree to work!

    Remind me again, what was his major?

  42. He’s not going to the CFL because he probably knows he would be backing up Troy Smith, and maybe even Colin Klein, too. Same thing with Tebow- they can’t even start in the CFL.

  43. At least he was more successful than Matt Leinart. It seemed like those two and Reggie Bush would be the Great Triumverate in the NFL. Bush’s career has been decent, but still a disappointment.

  44. LOL. I get it now. The Browns signed these 2 stiffs to throw off the other 31 teams into thinking they may not take a QB in the draft.

    When are these morons gonna realize none of the other 31 teams care what you do because you will screw it up on your own anyway?

    Yeah like the other teams care what you do when you have lost double digit games the last 6 years and 10 out of the last 11

    They have the most drama and head scratching decisions of any team in the NFL. I think the league should step in and run this clown show of a franchise

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