Cowboys wanted Barr, Donald or Shazier but settled for Martin


When the Cowboys were on the clock on Thursday night, the talk among fans was whether Dallas would select Johnny Manziel. But the talk in the Cowboys’ draft room was about the disappointment of losing out on the players they were really hoping to grab.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys wanted to improve their defense in the first round, and they were hoping that pass rusher Anthony Barr, defensive tackle Aaron Donald or linebacker Ryan Shazier would be available. Barr went No. 9 to Minnesota and Donald went No. 13 to St. Louis. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Shazier’s agent was on the phone with the Cowboys and Shazier’s dad was preparing to tell people that he was going to Dallas, right up until the point that the Steelers took Shazier one spot before the Cowboys could grab him.

Once Shazier was off the board, the Cowboys reportedly tried to trade down, but they didn’t find any takers while they were on the clock, and they ended up with Zack Martin, a versatile offensive lineman who will likely start at guard as a rookie.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Martin, Barr, Donald and Shazier all had the same grade, but it appears that Martin was a consolation prize for the Cowboys.

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  1. Jerry had a front row view of the worst safety play last season Yet doesn’t address that position at all

  2. The Cowboys assumed Pittsburgh was going CB, and had Shazier’s name on the draft card already. Boom, they got a little surprise – and seemed very much caught off balance.

    This reminds me of the 1974 draft, where the Steelers personnel people and Chuck Noll had a major dispute on the Steelers first round pick at the 01.22.

    Noll wanted to grab John Stallworth with the 01.22, but Steelers scouts and player personnel people really had to grind on Noll – pleading that Stall would be available for selection later. This dispute between Noll and scouting/player personnel continued – and Pittsburgh’s pick was set to expire. Dallas, picking next, had already submitted their card to Commissioner Rozelle’s staff.

    With just seconds remaining before Pittsburgh’s pick expired, the Steelers just got their pick in under the wire. The Steelers selected Lynn Swann of USC.

    The name written on Dallas’ card? Lynn Swann of USC.

    Swine went on to absolutely torture Dallas in the 70’s Super Bowls, and played an essential role in ensuring Pittsburgh was the team of the 70’s — not Dallas.

    About Stall, the Steelers landed him in Round 4, as predicted – and both Stall and Swannie were enshrined in Canton.

  3. Talk among fans was whether Dallas would select Johnny Manziel? Wow, that talk seemed almost entirely media driven, yet here we have an article contradicting those reports (finally).

    The article also suggests that drafting Martin was some kind of consolation prize, which is pretty much the entire nature of the draft. Almost every pick, bar the first few potentially, are consolation prizes if you agree with this logic.

    It feels like the media are bending over themselves to somehow show the Cowboys pick in a negative light, but just can’t quite figure out how to do it. Martin was a solid selection, good value at the pick and will likely outlast many of the players selected above him.

  4. Martin is a good player, but that’s a high pick to spend on a guard (which he will 100% be for the Cowboys), plain and simple.

  5. Interesting. I wonder why the Dolphins did not want to do business as they were after a guard and everybody had Martin higher than James. Would Dallas have told Miami that if you don’t trade with us we will take him. It probably tells us that Miami had other ideas about who in there eyes was the better prospect or Jerry wanted to much from Miami to jump a couple of places. Will be interesting to see how all this pans out over the next couple of years.

  6. There is no guarantee that Martin will be 100% a guard. Certainly he will most likely be a guard this season, but, with Free in his last year of his contract and being 30, it is more likely that Dallas lets him walk and kicks Mrtin out to RT.

    In any case, you hadn’t noticed 2 Guards went in the top 11 picks last year, so, the old paradigm that teams don’t draft Guards high appears to be changing. The reason is that teams have finally recognized that QBs have more trouble dealing with pressure up the middle than from the edges – which is why defensive teams have been concentrating on a better interior pass rush – which sparks the need for better interior OL. It’s a cycle.

    I won a good bit of beer betting my non-Cowboy fan friends, who were absolutely certain that Dallas would take Manziel if he was available at 16, that Dallas would not take Manziel unless he fell to the 3rd rd or lower. I knew Dallas would not take Manziel in the first.

  7. If Dallas hadn’t grabbed Martin, the Rams would have traded up and gotten him with the next pick, according to various news sources.

  8. i was impressed by the lack of idiocricy in the Dallas draft process..

    almost worried they have a chance this year.. .almost.

  9. Dallas having the 16th selection proves how average they are. Drafting right in the middle of the pack. Zack Martin could be a great player for many years and they should be glad he was there to pick.

  10. ravenswhat says:May 12, 2014 7:32 AM

    If they wanted shazier, why would they not draft Mosely??


    Because Mosley has reached his potential and Shazier’s celing is as high as the sky. I don’t think the talent gap between the two is really that close.

  11. Now I have to wonder why so many national media guys had Anthony Barr sliding so much in their late mocks— Some projecting him to go in Seattle at #32?….

    Could it be that Jerry has some of those guys doing his smokescreen?…

    I’m glad to see the Vikings didn’t buy into it and took him at #9…. I think he’s going to have a great role in his first season, with plans of easing him into a starting spot for year #2… Solid pick by the Vikings! Skol!!

  12. The Cowboys were trying to trade down from #16?

    The Rams were trying to trade back into the first round to take Zack Martin and were talking to the Ravens @ #17.

    Ships passing in the night.

  13. I love the reactions by some people. “Reached for a guard”, says the trolls! Umm, no.

    Meanwhile, a few fools were calling this “pick justification”. Also no. Some people wondered why Dallas didn’t address the defense, and the answer is now clear: the team had four equally rated players it felt it had a shot at, and used defense as the tiebreaker in listing them. With the three defenders gone, the team went with the other quality player available.

    This whole thing went against everything people wrongly assume about Jones. No “splashy” Manziel pick (Jones has shown no inclination to draft for a splash, don’t know where that myth comes from). No “stupid reach”, as Martin was the consensus BPA. Given the team needs, it made sense to take a shot at trading down, so Jones worked the phone, but he didn’t force an offer that wasn’t good enough. So tell me, little trolls…what seems to continue to be the problem? You know you wouldn’t be criticizing this (in fact, you’d be praising it) if the name of the speaker weren’t Jerry Jones and the team weren’t the Cowboys.

  14. “Jerry had a front row view of the worst safety play last season Yet doesn’t address that position at all.”

    I didn’t realize Jerry was sneaking into Soldier Field to watch the Bears.

  15. That isn’t a fair assessment Steeley, both players would have been fantastic pick ups, Shazier is just considered more durable and faster, but I think Mosley is slighty more refined at that position.

  16. In other words, theCowboys only had the video feed in the “wa room” in order to dupe the fans into thinking they got who they wanted. So after settling for 4th on their list of desired players, the video feed of Jones and his minions fist pumping and everything was nothing but a show for the fans, lol… Classic Cowboys

  17. So the Cowboys wanted Barr? No problem for Jerry. After June 1, he’ll get his edge rusher when he sends Zack Martin to Miami for Dion Jordan.

  18. Hate the Cowboys and their loudmouthed owner, but I have to laugh at Jerry’s complete manipulation of Todd McShay who was 100% convinced that Dallas would take Manziel. McShay is so desperate for “inside info” that he was a willing stool pigeon for a gigantic smokescreen. Dallas may not have picked their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice in the first round, but they sure got the publicity they sought and made a fool of McShay. Well played.

  19. Um yeah that’s usually how the draft works. You usually don’t end up with your first choice unless you have the top pick. Thanks for doing your best to degrade the Cowboys even more though it was definitely necessary.

  20. The cow-pokes are dam lucky the giants SHOULD have picked Martin, he can play anywhere, no issues, would probably go to the right side but a sure fire O-lineman, they will have to play.
    Jones just needs to shut up, you got a good player!

  21. I kind of figured it went that way but sometimes things work out for a reason.

    Jimmy Johnson was trying to draft a LB named James Francis but couldn’t move up to get him so Jimmy had to settle for a RB named Emmitt Smith. True.

  22. Funny…The Cowboys were also on the wrong end of the #1 draft day trade that could have gotten them a real HOF’er.

    The 49ers made a trade with the Patriots in the 1985 draft at position 16 to take none other than Jerry Rice. The Cowboys were at pick 17 and poised to take Mr. Rice at that pick.

    Man, just wondering how his career would have been different had he been picked by Dal vs. SF.

  23. Best part about the whole thing is how the Steelers managed to snatch Shazier right from under Jerry’s nose.

  24. Remember when you guys were busting on him for taking Frederick first last year? Yea, All Rookie team center, outplayed most of those Olinemen at the top of the draft. Hate on.

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