Final results of Alex Smith trade a windfall for 49ers

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With this year’s NFL Draft in the books, the 49ers are finally able to close the book on the Alex Smith trade.

And at the end of the weekend, they had parlayed an expensive former starter they didn’t need into five things, several of which they will need this year.

As explained by Peter King of The, the two second-rounders the 49ers got from the Chiefs were moved around in a total of five deals and resulted in the 49ers obtaining defensive lineman Tank Carradine, outside linebacker Corey Lemonier, inside linebacker Chris Borland, running back Carlos Hyde and wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

Johnson’s the guy who will make the immediate impact, filling in a receiving corps that needed some speed.

“Mixed emotions,’’ 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said of the Smith trade. “I have so much respect for Alex Smith and his family, and great regard for him as a player. He’s the epitome of a good man and teammate and a good player. I know the Kansas City Chiefs staff, and they are thrilled to have him. We’ll see how it works out for us. It’s still early.”

It would be bad form to gloat, and they’ll have to pay for a quarterback soon enough. But they turned their last one into a slew of parts, which should help them stay solvent for years to come.


48 responses to “Final results of Alex Smith trade a windfall for 49ers

  1. Yes, the 49ers may have gotten a recent windfall for Smith. However, it is hardly a reason to gloat. When you compare what they eventually got for Smith compared to what they paid to acquire him and carry him this far, this deal is more comparable to making lemonade out of a lemon. They used the first pick of the draft on him and paid him tens of millions of dollars, but he never became the franchise quarterback that they needed him to be. I’m sure the 49ers would trade all five of those players and more for a quarterback as good as Smith had the promise (but failed) to become.

  2. 49ers fans hope these extra picks lead to a championship to make up for the 1 or 2 Super Bowl wins that benching Alex Smith cost them just the past two years alone.

  3. Don’t forget to weigh the $ flushed down the toilet by making Alex the top pick. As much as I like Alex the guy, he had several unproductive years under center (which were not entirely his fault). I guess the point is, it’s not like they turned nothing into something…

  4. They should have flipped Kap too, and got whatever they could for him. Let someone else overpay for his mediocre QB ability.

  5. As a Seahawk fan I was happy to see Smith go. The 49ers would have won at least one superbowl the last three years if they hadn’t traded him. Kaepernick runs like a deer but the guy cares more about looking cool than hoisting Lombardi’s.

  6. Wow. That’s absolutely amazing the kings ransom they turned Alex into. Sevie Johnson for Alex Smith would have been good enough. But all those players are either already impact players or have a great chance to be. Trent Baalke is a draft wizard, seriously great job by the organization.

  7. It’s largely forgotten, but the debate prior to their draft was whether Smith or Aaron Rogers ; who is from Northern California, was the top quarterback prospect – proof that you can’t judge a draft for several years .

  8. Bottom line is Alex Smith has as many super bowl wins as Kapernick…so besides paying him all that money and then 49ers striking out on most of there draft picks the edge goes to the hated chiefs…thanks alot our neighbors from across the bay

  9. I don’t understand why people keep bringing up speed when they mention the Stevie Johnson trade, as he isn’t fast. That’s not knocking the trade for SF, because Johnson should excel in the slot, but Crabtree and Vernon Davis are faster players.

    Even before Buffalo traded for and drafted Sammy Watkins, they had a bit of a log jam at wideout with Johnson, Robert Woods and Mike Williams. All three of those guys are very similar; six feet tall, not really burners and can make some great catches. With Watkins drafted, Johnson and his salary became expendable.

  10. it’s a decent haul but hardly a windfall, and they’re still stuck with a quarterback who is an elite athlete but below average between the ears. have you ever seen kaep throw a touch pass or throw a guy open? i haven’t. he waits to see receivers open and then throws darts at them.

  11. as a hawks fan I know for a fact nobody who works for the niners regrets taking kap over smith that’s a fact only people who say they do are armchair fans who just don’t like kap !!! as a hawk fan kap scares me bc of his legs neither kap or smith are scary passers !!!

    second no way the niners have a sb ring with smith no chance !!! they don’t even make the superbowl with smith last year !! foolish people think the niners d carried kap that year in the playoffs but look at the stats niners gave up 28 pts per game and over 400 yds each game!
    no way alex smith outduels aaron Rodgers or leads the greatest comeback in nfc title game history and for all the blame kap gets for the last drive in the superbowl they where down 28-6 no way they even have a goaline chance with smith !!!

  12. as for this trade it helps both teams out !!! niners get some great potential or at the least good depth while the kc chiefs get a decent starting qb !!

    both teams would make the same trade again though I bet murray is the kc starting qb within two years !!!

  13. It’s easy to malign Alex Smith for the 49ers woes, but truthfully, if Coach Harbaugh was there when Smith was initially drafted, the 49ers would have been perennial playoff contenders. Smith spent six years in a broken and inconsistent system. Then again, if Harbaugh was there, would Smith have even been drafted?

  14. archer454 says:
    May 12, 2014 10:16 AM

    It’s easy to malign Alex Smith for the 49ers woes, but truthfully, if Coach Harbaugh was there when Smith was initially drafted, the 49ers would have been perennial playoff contenders. Smith spent six years in a broken and inconsistent system. Then again, if Harbaugh was there, would Smith have even been drafted?

    if there wasn’t a lockout they probably roll with kap like the bengals did with Dalton or pursue hasselbeck harder but the lookout and smiths fimilarity with the wrs and tes harbs decided it was best to go status quo !!!

  15. This training camp is going to be the most vicious competition in the NFL to make the final 53. The other 31 teams will be foaming at the mouth waiting for us to make cuts. Our 2nd stringers could beat at least 5 teams starters. Harbaalke have created a monster.

  16. Not sure the 49ers should be gloating too much about personnel issues anyhow, since so many players are facing PR or legal issues.

  17. as a hawks fan I keep up with the niners and I gotta mention this farce that is people foolishly saying the d carrys kaepernick to wins while alex smith had to carry the d when he was qb that’s a joke !!

    fact is 2011 smiths last full year as a starter that was the highest ranked d of the last 3 years !! in 2011 the d has the last year of Justin smith and patrik willis in their primes it had career years from dashon goldson and issac soapoga and the only pro bowl season of carlos rogers career !!

    2011 was the only year the niners d was truly elite the last two years its only be a good to decent d that plays a lot of soft zones !!! so smith didn’t carry the d ever not even in the saints playoff game !! the d forced fiver turnovers and six 3& outs and the niners still barely won !!!

  18. No ‘Niner fan here (my team is AFC-based), but you gotta really like the roster management and player developments going on with that team. It’s been remarkable, steady, exceptional and relentless. So many of their young monsters have still yet to blow up – by reason of injury and studs in front of them. (e.g., Carradine, Lemonier and Lattimore).

    That team is SO close to be going for their 4th consecutive Lombardi — so close … and figure to be competitive for a *very* long time, given their constant infusions of talented young studs that are being groomed for when the Justin Smiths and Anquan Boldins of the team eventually hang ’em up.

  19. Still trying to wrap my head around the fools who are trying to say with a straight face that is was Smith’s departure that prevented us from winning a Super Bowl. As if he didn’t contribute to our loss in the NFCCG in 2011 or that mysteriously would have helped a defense that gave up 34 points to Baltimore in the Super Bowl.

    Alex is a stand up guy and someone who I’ll always root for but if you honestly believe that he would have made the difference the last two seasons then you’re just a shameless troll.

  20. Smith under Mike Nolan and Singletary were lost years, which has nothing to do with Harbaugh and Baalke. McGloughan and Nolan were the guys who pulled the triggers on AS, instead off drafting Aaron Rogers. In the end, we got two 2nd round draft picks at a time and for a guy who many said would just walk away in free agency with no compensation in return to SF. Two 2nd rd picks are gold. Anybody who still thinks AS is better than Kap is self-delusional. Niners don’t beat the Pack two years in a row in the playoffs without Kap. AS would never have won those games. As a lifelong Niners fan, my final memory of AS was the bitter playoff loss to the Giants, which I watched in a roomful of fans who go back to the Montana-Steve Young dynasty years. I think we know what a championship QB looks like. Smith needed to step up in the 4th quarter and in OT, but sucked and was a huge reason why we lost, not just little Kyle Williams.
    In the end, Kap will just keep getting better and that trade will payoff for years to come. I can’t believe we were able to get two really high picks for AS. Baalke did good. Carradine, Borland and that bruising RB from Ohio State are going to be studs. Johnson is a nice piece to add to the WR corps – all for a QB who we benched and no longer had a future with us.

  21. This trade can’t be judged until at least 2 or 3 years down the road. Alex Smith paid immediate dividends for the Chiefs and just for $8 million, if the defense played a little better down the stretch, they would’ve won that game against the Colts. Tank red shirted but if he can get a couple of sacks and 25-30 tackles, if Aldon gets suspended, Lemonier gets around 50+ tackles, Borland gets at least 40-50 tackles at middle linebacker and special teams, Carlos Hyde becomes at least that goal line threat that we needed down the stretch, and Stevie Johnson busting out and being that slot receiver we lacked for so long, it would be in our favor but so far, its in their favor but we can’t judge it until each of those 49ers involved in the trade plays at least 1 full season.

  22. When Stevie Johnson comes into the game, Boldin is going to slide inside where he is absolutely devastating. People say we don’t have someone that can take the top off a defense, that’s wrong. Vernon Davis does it and does it well. Anyone remember that absolute BOMB Kap threw to Vernon against Tampa Bay? I think that was the best throw of the year.

  23. That’s fine everyone hate on Kap all you want. Who’s won more games then Colin since he took over? Nobody. All he does is win. Continuously won last year and took his team to NFC championship with a depleted WR corp. We’ll see what happens this year with the most fire power in the NFL around him….SB Championship, that’s what.

  24. alex doesnt stand a chance against elite def. 2011 giants shut him down. 2012 raven would shut him down. 2013 seahawks would make him look worse than manning. no way 49ers win a superbowl with alex in 2012 or 2013.

  25. agreed my fellow seahawks fans are just trolls or kidding themselves if they say they find alex smith a bigger threat then colin kaepernick !!! as eratic as kap can be at times he has that quick dangerous strike potential while against alex smith is rather harmless against sea !! smith will only throw if a rec gets wide open and that wont happen against my hawks !!! Wilson is better then both kap and smith put together but kap is better then smith bar none

  26. Seriously, Smith over Kap everyday and twice on Sunday. As long as Hardbottom is the coach the 9ers are losers on this deal.
    Smith got out, niners got Krapernick and a bunch of “gee these guys will be great” in your dreams.

    Can’t wait for Hardbottom to start throwing tantrums again.

    All Krapernick has done is win, Ha. No trophies for runner-ups boys.
    He’s like Peyton, No Super Bowl for you!

  27. Smith’s best pass (and he used it often) was to roll out right, look for a receiver, and then throw it out of bounds to the right.

  28. I might be mistaken but aren’t joetoronto and Jspicoli Raider fans? If so I need to catch my breath from laughing. Your team is pathetic and your GM and coach are the worst tandem in the league. With free agents and draft you might get lucky to improve to 5 and 11.

  29. uberniner says: May 12, 2014 6:44 PM

    Smith’s best pass (and he used it often) was to roll out right, look for a receiver, and then throw it out of bounds to the right.

    Maybe but Kap’s best pass was to look left, see a safety, then throw it to him.

  30. It was a super great deal by Baalke, considering that most knowledgeable fans of the NFL and of the Forty Niners would probably have traded Alex away for a stick of gum and would have been happy to be rid of him. Addition by subtraction.
    I see the Chiefs have drafted a QB, so maybe after seeing Alex try to run their offense for a year they have realized they traded away two 2nd round picks for a backup quality QB ?
    But Alex is a great guy and a hard worker and a good influence in the locker room,etc …lol

  31. Sad that we have 3 possession receivers. Would make more sense to give a 1st and 2nd of next years draft for Watkins or evans. We can’t sign all these rookies anyway. Where’s the speed?

  32. I see the Chiefs have drafted a QB, so maybe after seeing Alex try to run their offense for a year they have realized they traded away two 2nd round picks for a backup quality QB ?

    If they got a back-up that passed for 33oo yards/23 TDs/7INTs, then it was two 2nd round draft picks well spent!

  33. Most niner fans aren’t arguing they fleeced the chiefs they are just saying the niners have zero zero regret going forward with kap over Smith even more so when you throw in those assets! Kc came out all right too they got a decent qb who won’t lose games and every once in a while has a huge game ! Kc can do a lot worse then Smith while they search and find their long term franchise qb be that Murray or more likely a highly drafted qb within the next two years

  34. Man oh man everyone loves to hate. The truth is both kc and 9ers made out! If your not a fan of those 2 teams then keep talking trash it’ll make you feel better I guess. If you are a fan of those teams then you already know it worked out. Nothing else to be said

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