Fisher says Rams made no calls, took no calls about Bradford

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The Rams created an impressive smokescreen regarding potential interest in Johnny Manziel.  He was on the board when the Rams picked at No. 2 and at No. 13 — and the Rams didn’t take him.

After that, the Rams were trying to trade back into the round, but not to get Manziel.  The Rams wanted tackle Zack Martin.

The Manziel smokescreen led to rumors that the Rams were exploring the possibility of trading quarterback Sam Bradford.  We’d heard rumors to that effect last month, but didn’t post them after hearing unequivocally that the Rams would not trade Bradford under any circumstances.

Appearing on Monday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said that the team made no calls — and received no calls — about a possible Bradford trade.

It’s not surprising, for several reasons.  Two-plus years ago, Fisher took the job in St. Louis in part because of the presence of Bradford.  In 2013, Bradford had 14 touchdown passes against four interceptions before tearing an ACL.  That torn ACL also makes Bradford less desirable for another team, along with a $14 million salary for 2014.

So the Rams don’t want to trade him.  And the Rams couldn’t trade him if they wanted to.  He’ll remain the quarterback of the Rams for at least the next year, if not longer.  Possibly a lot longer.

8 responses to “Fisher says Rams made no calls, took no calls about Bradford

  1. Between the Super Bowl and the end of the draft, I absolutely believe every item I read about trades and player trade availability, or, maybe it is I believe NONE of them.

  2. its funny they profess undying love for this guy but they continually dumb the offense down for him. 17m a year but they took nohuddle from him 2 years ago and last year they decided to run more taking pass attempts away.

    The most overpaid game manager ever.

  3. you better not sleep on the rams this year they went all in finishing off the rg3 trade and not getting caught up in trying to secure future draft picks, instead choosing to take their picks when it was their turn (with the exception of the joyner pick). the story behind that is he was on the titans board because of williams being there last year and the rams knew he would be gone at 45 when they picked so moving up and giving up a 5th rounder made more sense in that light and the maurice alexander pick which was a round early was made because they figured he wouldn’t make it to the 6th round. bradford has a load of weapons a stronger run game with robinson and mason and will see more open field as the defenses stack the box to try and stop the run watch for cook and bailey to get alot more yards this year due to the safety in the box more often!! its time for shotty to loosen the reins on bradford

  4. Sam Bradford is a master thief. He has very quietly stolen more than $70M from the Rams without anyone noticing.

    Oh, and he’s about to steal another $18M this year!!!

  5. Sam Bradford has his shot, this season, to show if he’s an average QB, or a Next Level QB that can lead his team into and through the playoffs.

    Let’s Go RAMS!

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