Greg Robinson is the final piece of the Robert Griffin III trade


The Rams sent the pick that became Robert Griffin III to Washington and received a first-round pick in 2012, a second-round pick in 2012, a first-round pick in 2013 and a first-round pick in 2014. Now that the 2014 NFL draft is over, we can examine what the Rams got.

That first-round pick this year was No. 2 overall, and the Rams spent it on Greg Robinson, an offensive tackle from Auburn. He’s the final piece of the Griffin trade.

In the 2013 draft, the Rams traded Washington’s first-round pick to Atlanta and received Atlanta’s 2013 first-, third-, and sixth-round picks. With the Falcons’ first-round pick, the Rams took linebacker Alec Ogletree. With the Falcons’ third-round pick, the Rams took receiver Stedman Bailey. The Rams later packaged their own sixth-round pick and the Falcons’ sixth-round pick to move up and take running back Zac Stacy.

In the 2012 draft, the Rams used Washington’s second-round pick on cornerback Janoris Jenkins. The Rams sent Washington’s first-round pick to Dallas for the Cowboys’ first- and second-round picks. With the Cowboys’ first-round pick, the Rams drafted defensive tackle Michael Brockers. With the Cowboys’ second-round pick, the Rams made another trade with the Bears, getting Chicago’s second- and fifth-round picks. With the Bears’ second-round pick, the Rams drafted running back Isaiah Pead. With the Bears’ fifth-round pick, the Rams drafted guard Rokevious Watkins.

So in the end, Washington got Robert Griffin III while St. Louis got Greg Robinson, Alec Ogletree, Stedman Bailey, Zac Stacy, Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Pead and Rokevious Watkins. That looks like quite a haul for the Rams, but if Griffin can stay healthy and look like the franchise quarterback he seemed on his way to being as a rookie, it’s entirely possible that in the future, Rams fans will wish their team had just stayed put and drafted RG3. PFT Planet, tell us who you think won this trade.

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  1. Such an easy decision. I’d rather have the best QB in the NFL, RGIII. So glad the Rams were stupid enough to trade with the Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM! #HTTR #RedskinsWonTheTrade #RamsAreStupid

  2. Even now, its probably still too early to judge. If the skins somehow win a championship under rg3 then I think the skins made an excellent trade. Honestly feel that the skins have a better shot at a championship than the rams do.. that nfc west is brutal. On top of that Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach of our time.. cannot even fathom why people hold this guy in high regard

  3. At the end of the day, the guys on the RG3 side of this trade lost their jobs and the guys on the other side haven’t (at least not yet). For the respective teams and their fans the jury is still out. For the men who made these decisions it’s clearly been decided in the Rams’ favor.

  4. I’d rather have a starting qb with an incredibly high ceiling… You can’t tell fans that on one hand “this is a qb driven league” then on the other hand, bash what Washington did. How many people’s opinions would be different if 330 lb Haloti hadn’t slammed into the side of RGIII’s knee? I’m still very happy with the trade.

  5. When you add Sam Bradford to the list, it makes the RG3 side look a lot better.

  6. h3min1230 says:
    May 12, 2014 9:16 AM
    I’ll take the Rams end of the deal 10 times out of 10.

    How many times have the Rams made the playoffs since the RG3 trade? Zero times. The Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM, have made it once. Obvious who won the RGIII trade.

  7. Still too early. First year goes to the skins, last year goes to the rams, it’s gonna be a few years before anyone can accurately judge this.

  8. Armchair GMs. Wins and Losses will be bottom line moving forward. Since the trade:

    1. Washington won their division once and went to the playoffs. The second year, with Griffin recovering from an injury, the Redskins struggled and missed the playoffs.

    2. The Rams have been building up their talent and improving; however, have not made the playoffs since making the trade. (Admittedly, they are in a very tough division).

    Let’s see what each team does in year three. Simply looking at the volume of talent the Rams got makes most think they are better off. But a truly transformative QB is worth multiple other players (e.g. you’d rather have Tom Brady probably then all those Rams…NOT saying RGIII is Tom Brady though. Simply that the jury is out.

    “Who made out better” won’t be decided by airmchair GMs or smarmy message board remarks. Let’s see what happens in the coming years and which team performs better.

  9. The rams got 8 players to the skins 1 and are quietly building a team that will be a force to reckon with very soon. Their biggest problem is playing in a tough division like the NFC West. Remember when that 1 player gets injured, it cripples the whole team. There’s safety in numbers and it appears the Rams got quality players.

  10. If Sam Bradford is your QB, doesn’t matter what the rams got. I’d rather have Griffin

  11. it amazes me how quickly everyone has given up on RGIII. He is one year removed from being ROY and clearly was still recovering from injury/dealing with issues with his coach last year. Maybe everyone sees something I dont but one year removed frome everyone thinking he was the truth seems a little early to tell in my opinion but then again, I’m a titans fan. lol

  12. Rams have an overall combined better record than the redskins since the trade. Take that trade any day

  13. RGIII is still young and learning. Suppose that trade had been made ten or so years ago with the patriots: Rams got ten players and the patriots got Tom Brady; who won the trade then?
    Wait ten years and see who got the better end is my suggestion.

  14. The Rams may get more production, but the RG3 hype machine will ensure that the Redskins make more money – and that not winning is what a guy who makes every worst owner in sports list, Dan Snyder, is all about – ask again in 3 years

  15. Both teams won. Redskins didn’t have a quarterback, they got their quarterback. Rams are comfortable with Bradford, they got a ton of depth and 4 plus starters.

  16. Let’s get this clear once and for all…2012 1st picks were a wash as all they did was switch positions in the 1st round, so Washington moved up from 6th to 2nd and gave a 2nd in 2012, so technically in 2012 they only gave up their 2nd round pick.

    They gave up their 1st in 2013 & 2014, so this is all the Rams get from Washington…now what the Rams do with those picks has nothing to do with Washington unless you can prove that Washington would have done the same thing with said picks, which you can’t, so anything extra the Rams got out of this is not what Washington gave the Rams.

    It also amazes me how so many who during his rookie year who praised his performance and talked of how bright a future RGIII had in front of him have seemed to have forgotten that so quickly and judge him solely on last year, and say he’s the reason for the 3-13 season. Now he wasn’t in his rookie form as far as health, however, a majority of those 13 losses weren’t because of RGIII but the defense and especially specia teams. And let’s not forget in his rookie year he led a team with less to do more unlike some QB’s who had more talent around them tow work with.

  17. I’ll take just Robinson over RG 3-n-out. In two years RG 3 will be a back up on another team.

  18. It’s not the Rams fault that they are in the NFC West, a division that only a handful of years ago was an absolute joke, but is now the best division in the entire NFL.

    Put the Rams in the NFC East and they would lock that division down.

  19. daburgher says:May 12, 2014 9:15 AM

    Even now, its probably still too early to judge. If the skins somehow win a championship under rg3 then I think the skins made an excellent trade. Honestly feel that the skins have a better shot at a championship than the rams do.. that nfc west is brutal. On top of that Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach of our time.. cannot even fathom why people hold this guy in high regard


    RGIII’s story is all about injury so far. It doesn’t matter how brutal the NFC West is, the Rams are shaping up to be better than the Redskins for a long time. People hold Fisher in high regard because of what he did in Tennessee… 142 wins. He had some great teams there.

  20. willycents says:May 12, 2014 9:36 AM

    RGIII is still young and learning. Suppose that trade had been made ten or so years ago with the patriots: Rams got ten players and the patriots got Tom Brady; who won the trade then?
    Wait ten years and see who got the better end is my suggestion.


    You are right… You can’t say who won yet. You have to see how it plays out. Right at this moment it’s hard to call, and the Skins did make the playoffs, but I don’t like RGIII’s durability and the Rams are definitely getting better. Bradford is not the answer though.

  21. A simpler and more useful way to look at this trade is to look at picks traded regardless of what the respective GM’s did with the picks. The Rams traded a #2 overall pick for a #2 overall pick plus two more high first rounders and a high second rounder. The skins got killed in this trade. This was the worst trade since the Rickey Williams & the Herschell Walker trades.

  22. Washington got a very average player in RGFragileEgo.

    He’ll fall apart again this season if they lose the first few games.

  23. With all due respect to the talent of Robert Griffin 3rd. If they don’t win at least 1 Super Bowl, then the trade was a huge looser for the Redskin’s.

    Now if the Ram’s win a Super Bowl in the next, say 4-5 years. Then the Redskin’s look like they were playing checkers while the Rams were playing chess.

    It doesn’t matter if the Redskins win a Division title, a Conference title with Rob. The whole reason to play this game is to WIN the Super Bowl, anything less than that and it was a failed season.

  24. Shanahan did RG3 no favors, his knee is toast. One hit away from lifetime backup duty.

  25. In jersey sales alone, RG3 has made his franchise more successful. The Rams obviously have a stronger team via the trade, but RG3 has the rockstar appeal. No one is buying season tickets because Rokevious Watkins is playing on the OL.

  26. It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you can’t stay on the field; RGIII’s style of play means he’s never going to play 16 games in a season. It’s hard to be exciting when you’re recovering from injuries all the time.

    Yeah, you need a QB to win in today’s NFL, but you don’t need just a QB. How is Griffin going to stay upright behind that offensive line? How does that defense stop anybody with that secondary? Regardless of how good RGIII turns out to be, that’s a roster with massive holes, and you can’t fill those holes without draft picks. Washington’s going to be an exciting team for years whenever RGIII is capable of playing, but they’re not winning with that roster.

  27. This deal was a steal for the Rams even if they only got THREE starters out of the package.

    That the Rams got FIVE starters plus quality depth in Bailey is highway robbery of the highest degree.

  28. boredfootball says:
    May 12, 2014 9:54 AM

    80% vote for the rams players
    20% are redskins fans

    im a die hard skins fan and I voted for the rams.

  29. If the Rams played in ANY other division than the NFC West they would have been at least a wildcard playoff team last year with Kellen Clemens as their QB. St Louis’ roster was already loaded before this draft and when San Francisco and Seattle actually have to pay their QBs this division is going to look a lot different.

  30. I’m sure Seahawks, Niners and Cardinals fans now know what it felt like to the Giants, Eagles and Redskins when the Cowboys traded away Herschel Walker to build their team of the ’90s….

    Well done, Rams (doggone it).

  31. The fact that they traded all of these picks does not correlate to comparing the amount of players with RG3.

    The question really should be:

    Brockers, Jenkins, Ogletree, Robinson or RG3?

    Because those are the picks (essentially) that were given to them by the Redskins. The Redskins didn’t send them all of those extra picks they acquired via trading down.

  32. This trade isn’t about who came out on top, they were both in different situations and it was a win-win trade for both teams. Rams already had a 1st pick overall QB who has had zero help around him his entire career besides an older steven jackson. RG3 is a freakish athlete and I’d take him over bradford any day of the week. Rams have a much tougher division right now though, they need all the help they can get

  33. The Rams are in their third season of a three year process. This was Jeff Fisher and Les Snead’s plan when they took over the regime in 2012. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the teams that try to do so are foolish and wash away quickly. Anyone with a football mind can see that the Rams organization is ready to show this league a thing or two over the next several years.
    Also, Bradford has a terrible reputation in this league. There are many reasons for the reputation he has built, (injuries, 3 offensive coordinators, poor offensive lines and skill players) but it is not deserved.
    I look forward to this season, because if healthy Bradford won’t need an excuse, he’ll just dominate.

  34. You forgot to mention that the R-words owner is still Daniel Snyder… that automatically puts the Ram’s in the winners circle of this trade.

  35. Redskin fans always try point to what have the Rams done with the picks? As a fan of a division rival, they have built the one team in the NFL that scares me the most.

    They have struggle at times because they are so young and playing in the toughest division in football. I honestly see it all coming together this year. December 7th we can see which team came out on top.

  36. St Louis’ side of the deal was a gift that kept on giving via trades, and picks that kept getting higher in each round.

    Washington’s side of the deal on the other hand, declined with RGIII’s health and durability. If Washington were to trade RGIII now, they wouldn’t get half what they paid for him in draft picks.

    A big part of RGIII’s appeal was his mobility and running ability, which will be sharply curtailed now to preserve his health.

    There really hasn’t been a trade this one-sided since the Herschal Walker trade.

  37. The NFC West for years was always a one playoff team division, with that being said because most of the teams sucked they were all picking early in the draft and you do that often enough you’re bound to build a team with plenty of talent and become competitive. And let’s not forget not to long ago the winner of that division finished at 7-9. So the cycle will continue as it usually does…

  38. With very few exceptions, the NFL draft is a game of odds, the more choices you have, the better the odds you’ll find a good player.

    RG3 one real question mark is durability. The Rams didn’t feel as if they needed a new QB, and did very well. The Redskins were desperate for a QB, and paid the price.

    It’s certainly a win for the Rams, if RG3 can return to form, it’ll be a win/win trade, even if the Redskins won’t have an elite line to protect their investment

  39. So let’s see – the Rams got 7 guys, are still looking for a franchise QB, and have not won squat. The Redskins have one guy who happens to be their franchise QB, and won have already won one division title in two years.

    If quantity is the yard stick rather than quality, then I guess Minnesota won the Herschel Walker trade because they got five players and eight draft picks in exchange for Herschel Walker and four draft picks.

  40. Too early to tell. In the past 2 seasons their records are almost identical. Rams are 14-17-1 while the redskins are 13-19. Take in consideration that when the rams made that trade they had already invested A LOT of money in Sam Bradford (before rookie salary cap). Im the end the redskins will get the better deal only because the rams play in the NFC west. If the two teams switch conferences the rams would have just as many playoff births as the redskins have over the last 2 seasons

  41. Draft picks are all about the future. The Skins got an immediate boost from that trade, but that team will inevitably sag as they lose out of all those picks they traded. A couple of years without those high draft picks is too high a price to pay.

  42. gmen5280 says:
    May 12, 2014 10:05 AM
    With all due respect to the talent of Robert Griffin 3rd. If they don’t win at least 1 Super Bowl, then the trade was a huge looser for the Redskin’s.

    Now if the Ram’s win a Super Bowl in the next, say 4-5 years. Then the Redskin’s look like they were playing checkers while the Rams were playing chess.

    It doesn’t matter if the Redskins win a Division title, a Conference title with Rob. The whole reason to play this game is to WIN the Super Bowl, anything less than that and it was a failed season.


    So by your own definition, the Rams have failed in this trade so far, since they haven’t won a Super Bowl?

  43. When does it ever work out for a team that trades a boatload of picks for one player?

    Look at the Herschel Walker trade where Dallas received Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson among others en route to winning a couple Super Bowls. New Orleans traded their whole draft for Ricky Williams. Even the inept Dan Synder somehow avoided the temptation to trade his picks for veterans and snagged Champ Baily and LaVar Harrington in that one.

  44. Reasonable and fun to assess this trade at multiple time points and Rams are way ahead right now despite RGIII’s outstanding rookie season. The key element is the Skinz first rounder this year turning out to be the #2 overall pick. Shanny never imagined they’d go 3-13 last year and thus never considered they’d be giving up such a high pick.

    I don’t buy the “RGIII needs to win a superbowl or the Skinz lose the trade” garbage. If he is a top 10 qb for the next 6-8 years both the fans and the management will be very happy with the trade. Of course, that’s a big “if”.

  45. The trade with go down being as bad as the Hershall Walker to the Vikings, and the OJ Simpson trade to the 49ers you all forget about.

  46. Rams can’t even make it to playoffs. I’m a die hard raider fan who like the rams because of the Holt,Bruce,faulk era and I like RGIII the player, it’s easy to sit here and say obviously the rams won that trade, but the rams havnt done anything since the trade, and don’t give me the Bradfords been hurt excuse, injuries are a part of the game. I personally think it’s pretty even, rgIII is a franchise qb, logicalvoice or w.e his name is has just made us dislike him a little more than we should. There’s no denying that Robinson,ogletree,brockers,Stacy and Jenkins can play though. Time will tell.

  47. The last time I checked, the Rams don’t have a division title and playoff appearance since the trade? Or any of those players listed with a remotely close to as good a season as Griffin had in 2012. You can say what you want, but the Redskins are ahead so far on this trade.

  48. The Rams will finish 3rd or 4th in their division again because they still don’t have a QB. Out of all those picks, they didn’t find the most important piece, a QB. The Rams are everyone’s favorite sleeper pick. They were my sleeper pick last season. Then I finally realized, you don’t overrate teams with no quality QB.

    The last paragraph of this article is basically valuing quantity over quality. I’d rather have one $50 dollar bill than nine $1 bills.

  49. In addition to the people fired for the trade, the records of both teams prior & post trade can be look at as well…Right now the Rams got the better of the deal because their record has improved dramatically w these addons..

  50. If you want some nice depth then the Rams are ahead, but if you want a game changing, pro bowl (people forget he made the pro bowl), impact player, then the Redskins are ahead. I think I’ll take the pro bowl quarterback.

  51. This shouldn’t even be a discussion. Griffin isn’t even a top 10 QB. This is about winning football, not about jersey sales, and the Redskins are horrible.

    The Rams have an uphill battle for the playoffs and a championship due to the division they play in but if I have both the Rams and the Redskins on my schedule, I’m far more worried about the Rams in 2014.

  52. “So in the end, Washington got Robert Griffin III while St. Louis got Greg Robinson, Alec Ogletree, Stedman Bailey, Zac Stacy, Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Pead and Rokevious Watkins.”

    Four of those (Robinson, Bailey, Stacy and Jenkins) could end up being All-Pros. Bob Griffin had a great rookie year, but when adversity came in year 2, he melted. What kind of a leader tells the coach to not show film where he made a bad play, just because he doesn’t want to look bad? Bob Griffin is certainly taented, but he lacks the mental toughness that elite QBs have. I say the Rams made out a little better.

  53. I am biased when I say this(Skins fan here) and I will probably got thumbs down for it but one aspect which never gets mentioned in all this is that back in March 2012, when the Skins made the trade to draft RG3, they had also planned to use free agency to add skill players but then Mara and the Giants screwed the Skins with a $36million salary cap penalty (and the idiot Snyder did nothing about it). The whole point of the exercise was to utilize the salary cap to surround RG3 with good talent.
    I might be wrong with the dates but I think the salary cap penalty was announced couple of days after the Redskins announced the trade with the Rams!

  54. If the redskins were in the nfc west this wouldnt even be a worth talking about because they would have had back to back 3-13 seasons. They rams play good ball considering they have to play the seahawks and 9ers twice a year. And when they do play them, there close and well fought ball games

  55. Greg Robinson-Will be a beast.
    Alec Ogletree-Beast
    Stedman Bailey-Work in progress
    Zac Stacy-Beast
    Michael Brockers-Beast
    Janoris Jenkins-Beast
    Isaiah Pead-Bust
    Rokevious Watkins-Never heard of ya

    So 4-5 beasts for 1) QB that has already had a knee injury and one poor year. Definitely has a lot of work to do because those other 4 guys I listed as beasts are contributing a lot NOW

  56. Hmm well Watkins isn’t with St. Louis anymore, Pead is just a special teamer that gets a couple tackles a game and will probably get cut with the arrival of Tre Mason. The #45 pick they got from Wash. in 2012 was traded to Chicago and it turned out to be Alshon Jeffrey, we don’t know what Bailey will turn into yet, uh ohh the truth is starting to come out isn’t it? Even with all those players the Rams won 7 games in 2012 and 2013 and Nevada odds makers have them winning 6.5 games this season as mentioned by an article here on PFT, I’m not making it up either. Its easy to trash Washington but if the Rams don’t show improvement in their overall record they should be questioning when is this trade going to pay off for them.

    When Dallas made the Herschel Walker trade it took them 3 seasons to win a super bowl, and this was at a time where the East was still winning SB’s with NY and Wash and Philly had those insane defenses so the Rams can’t use the tough division excuse, nor can they use the Bradford being hurt last season, any NFL fan on the street with partial knowledge can name a couple of teams that not only made it to the playoffs with a backup QB but won it all. Now the 6.5 prediction was made before this draft but I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to climb to 11 wins over night. Maybe we should look into the overall win/loss records in the next few seasons instead of the list of players they got.

    New Orleans traded their entire ’99 draft to us for Ricky Williams, while I could list all the players we eventually got in the deal, we only won two playoff games with players acquired in that deal . While NO looked stupid for making the trade, we didn’t exactly do much with what we got yet somehow we avoid the criticism Ditka gets all these years later. So lets hold off on naming a twice 7-9 since the trade Rams the winner here.

  57. The Redskins could have not traded up and waited and took Brandon Weeden (the next ranked qb) instead. Oh wait nevermind…

  58. I guess I’m alone in my thinking that rams botched their draft by not drafting Watkins i don’t see greg robinson scoring any touchdowns against the 49ners and seahawks.

  59. This is a ridiculous way to analyze the trade. Those players came from a variety of deals that the Rams made. If we are going to use that criteria, then we need to include things like Desean Jackson signing with the Skins. He certainly wouldn’t of signed if Rex Grossman or Kirk Cousins was their starting QB.

    The closest to a fair comparison of what the two teams received is Michael Brockers, Janorris Jenkins, Alec Ogletree, and Greg Robinson vs RG3. In that comparison, the winner is definitely still undetermined.

  60. Start from this premise, I’m a redskin fan. I give RG3 50/50 odds that he returns to rookie form and 50/50 odds he spends his career playing like last year. I think that’s a pretty fair way to look at it. That said, Zac Stacy shined last year. I’d put RG3 vs. Zac Stacy alone at near even. Probably favoring RG3 a little. But against that whole group, the rams clearly won. Though I’d still make the trade if I’m the redskins. I don’t think any of the QBs in the last 2 years have RG3’s promise. They needed a QB badly and they got one.

  61. Definitely still too early to make the call on who won this trade. Let RGIII get healthy and see what he can do in Washington, and let all these young players develop for the Rams. Personally, I’d take the Rams end because there’s a lot of talent in that group, and I think Robinson is gonna be a franchise cornerstone at the left tackle spot. Brockers and Ogletree should do well in that defense too, and Jenkins has a lot of talent if he can stay out of trouble

  62. How many games did Washington win last year with RGME starting the majority of them? Robert is a flash in the pan, one year wonder.

  63. If RG3 has another down year then you can say the Rams won. RG3 has led the Skins to a division title, the Rams have won absolutely nothing. And still have a hole at QB that could have been filled if they drafted Griffin. Out of all the players in this trade only one has a division title, ROY, and has actually played in a playoff game.

  64. all the RG3 haters (people who attack his character) will say “oh the Rams won because RG3 has an ego” which i think is false. i think both won this trade though. the Rams did NOT want a QB and like Bradford and i am with them. however, the Redskins QB at the time was Grossman, should they have stood pat and watch GROSSman stink it up, no, they made a risky move to get a QB and got him and i think eventually he will be great like Bradford likely will when his weapons develop. as for the final piece of the trade, i have some issues with Robinson. Gruden (Jon, not Jay) showed some good points about him at tackle and i think he needs developing, but at guard for a few years could/should help out that, but in the end, i think BOTH won. the Redskins got their QB and the Rams built around their QB. win/win.

  65. The impact of all those high draft picks comes over a period of years. It’s like a delayed impact, as the Redskins roster slowly declines because they don’t have those high draft picks to replenish the roster.

  66. This is a QB league, and RG3 had that it factor than can turn a franchise around for the next decade or so. While the Rams wheel and deal for solid starters, eventually you gonna have to pay these guys. this reminds me of what the Chargers deal with Eli, SD had the talent but never won while Eli won multiply Super Bowls.

  67. The NFC East is a joke. The Rams may have made the playoffs if they switched divisions and Bob Griffin probably would not have.

  68. Bailey is now sitting for four games and will be tested for substance quite often. Griffin is a PITA but he may turn out to be a gifted QB. The jury is out and will not return until careers have been spoken for.

  69. Hello! We had a first rd pick his year. His name is Desean Jackson. I’ll take a proven all pro over any pick in the draft. Go ahead think RGIII injured and having no offseason showed his best stuff last year. Also, the Rams can’t use the NFC West as an excuse for not making the playoffs. They dominated the NFC West last year, it’s the other divisions they lost to. Also our offense and special teams will be much better this year. If you count it by playoff appearances, the Skins are up. We’ll see what happens this year.

  70. Rams record:
    2013 7-8-1
    2012 7-9
    2011 2-14 etc.
    have not had a winning season since 2005. So what do you expect. This is a winwin for the both teams cuz the Rams can go nowhere but up and Skins have their franchise QB.
    For those of you who still knock RG3, he will be fine. This I know b/c he is a gamer. How quickly Skins fans forget what he did to Dallas his rookie year in Dallas. He was well…all-world. Any QB with that injury would have had the same production last year. The point is he was not ready, but Shanny could not overcome the hype. He is the coach. You go with your head and not your heart. He screwed up and he’s gone.
    This is a new era. How quickly Skins fans forget Seattle was on their way out of town at the end of the 1st qtr until RG3’s leg just gave way up 14-0. I don’t know if KC could have pulled it out but that was the way to go. Shanny blew it. A new era begins this year in what I consider to be RG3’s REAL second year.

  71. The Redskins options were go into another season with Beck/Grossman draft Tannehill or Weedon or trade for RG3. The GMs who drafted those 2 have been fired.

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