Jason Garrett: We weren’t interested in developing a quarterback for someone else


Before the draft, Bears General Manager Phil Emery said he is not a fan of taking a quarterback in the late rounds because they rarely develop into players that help their teams.

The Bears then wound up taking David Fales in the sixth round last weekend, which addressed a need for depth behind Jay Cutler even if it was a bit curious based on what Emery had to say about late-round quarterbacks. With Kyle Orton’s future uncertain, the Cowboys also had a need for some depth but they didn’t waver from what coach Jason Garrett described as the organization’s own aversion to picking up quarterbacks late in the draft.

“The thing you’re concerned about is developing them for somebody else. You develop them for two, three, four years and he goes and plays for another football team,” Garrett said, via ESPN.com. “We don’t think that’s a worthwhile thing. There’s been a theory around the league, teams like Green Bay for years always took a guy late and if that player develops into something that was a good thing for their team or to trade to somebody else. There were some examples of them doing that. It’s a philosophy a lot of teams, they agree with that. But when you have other issues on your team I think it becomes a little bit of a luxury to do that. When you feel good about your starter and you feel good about your backups, we feel it’s better to take a position player, a guy we know can contribute on special teams, instead of trying to develop that guy.”

The philosophy predates Garrett, who made it to the NFL after going undrafted as did Cowboys starter Tony Romo. The Cowboys have drafted just five quarterbacks in the regular or supplemental draft since 1989 with Troy Aikman, Steve Walsh and Quincy Carter all costing the teams picks in the first two rounds. That leaves Brandon Weeden as the team’s closest thing to a developmental quarterback and will keep the door open for Romo’s possible successor through at least the 2015 draft.

28 responses to “Jason Garrett: We weren’t interested in developing a quarterback for someone else

  1. 1. Another Packer Bust in the first round.
    Let’s take a look at their brilliance over the years.
    2013 – Dantone Jones -BUST
    2012 – Nick Perry – BUST
    2011 – Derek Sherrod -BUST
    2010 – Brian Bulaga – BUST
    2009 – BJ Raji – BUST
    2008 – NO Pick
    2007 – Justin Harrell – BUST
    2006 – AJ HAWK – BUST
    2005 – Ahmad Carroll – BUST
    2001 – Jamal Reynolds – BUST
    2000 – Bubba Franks – BUST
    1999 – Antuan Edwards -BUST
    1997 – Ross Verba – BUST
    1996 – John Michels – EPIC BUST
    1995 – Aaron Taylor – BUST
    1992 – Terrell Buckley – EPIC BUST
    1991 – Vinnie Clark – BUST
    1990 – Tony Bennett – BUST
    1989 – Tony Mandarich – BIGGEST BUST IN NFL HISTORY!

  2. Drafting a late round QB to build and trade them only works for Green Bay and New England because they have Brady and Rogers to “groom” them. Any QB that plays under Tony Romo will learn bad things like choking in critical moments and how to not be a winner.

  3. Because the Cowboys are known for developing great QBs for other teams. And because Romo is the greatest of all time, will never get hurt, and will never retire. When you think about it like that, what he’s saying makes sense.

  4. Weeden did not play well in Cleveland but I wouldn’t write him off completely on a new team. If Romo gets hurt, I would like to see Weeden get a shot before Orton.

  5. What a mis match week 1 Niners vs Cowboys. The biggest mismatch of the game is Harbaugh vs Garrett. How can any cowboy fan feel confident about that. A great HC vs a glorified QB coach. Ouch! The score is going to be something like 38-13. Take it to the bank. THE BLOOD BANK!!

  6. Can Garrett give one example of a QB he developed that has gone on to have success with another team?

    The last QB Dallas drafted was Stephen McGee in 2009 and they cut him in 2012. He now plays in the CFL. Maybe the problem is with the guy doing the developing (Garrett)?

    QBs have proven to be good investments in the past if you play it right. Johnson drafted Walsh in the supplemental draft when he already had Aikman. Seem foolish at the time I guess. But then he traded Walsh for draft picks that helped build a dynasty.

  7. The Giants all but admitted Nassib could be trade bait in 2-3 years if they don’t need him. Baseball teams do this all the time – develop and stockpile talent at a position that can be used for trades down the road. It’s called having depth with value… teams that think ahead use it, teams that only worry about “winning now” don’t. And Jerry is always in “win now” mode.

  8. I agree with the Garrett/Cowboy stance. I’d have a clear cut starter and the most able back-up I could find. A 6th round rookie isn’t likely to fill either of those roles.

  9. Romo has had two back surgeries. His spine is therefore more susceptible to re-injury with less trauma than before. Anatomically, he’s more delicate. He’s not getting younger.

    Plus, Weeden and Orton are not long term answers.

    It seems JJ and JG should be developing a young QB for themselves, not someone else.

  10. Thats how you got Romo… Developed for 4 years… look at Aaron Rogers too.. developed. Dallas doesnt understand that old players dont get new contracts for what they have done, you pay them for what they are going to do.

  11. Weeden yikes, ask Browns fans they will tell ya.. If he is the guy run for the hills, besides he will be 40 soon anyway.

  12. The Bears drafting Fales in the 6th round isn’t “curious” in light of his comment if you understand the context in which he made it- he was referring to the chances of finding a FRANCHISE qb in later rounds.

    That’s not what he was doing with Fales. He saw value in picking up a guy in a very late round who could develop either into a backup or a trade piece in a few years.

  13. Want your franchise to be successful? Do the exact opposite of anything Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett says.

  14. is it just me or do you laugh every time you hear Jason Garrett and HC in same sentence… or JJ as GM

    Cowboys obviously not interested in developing a HC either

    just pathetic…. but they are popular

  15. @ vikesr4reel

    “Try developing one QB!!!”

    Seriously? A Viking fan talking about another needing to develop a QB? This is like George Bush criticizing an English teacher – it is both very ironic and extremely hilarious.

    Let’s take a look at the last 6 QB’s the Vikes have had, since it is obvious you have conveniently forgotten this information

    Daunte Culpepper – BUST
    Brad Johnson – washed up by the time he got to the Vikes but a good QB overall with a SB ring
    Tavaris Jackson – Uhhhhhhhhh, hmmmm. Need I say more?
    Gus Frerotte – See: Tavaris Jackson
    Brett Favre – HOF QB who didn’t want to hang them up, and should have. Best QB the Vikes had in a while, but still didn’t lead the Vikes to the promised land.
    Christian Ponder – See: Tavaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte

    And you think you have a platform to criticize any other team? Wake up and stop drinking that purple drank.

  16. If Brandon Weedon plays one snap in a regular season game other than because of an injury I will no longer watch the cowboys play football.

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