Jeff Fisher thinks he beat his old team to draft Lamarcus Joyner

The Rams traded up in the second round to draft former Florida State cornerback Lamarcus Joyner in part because coach Jeff Fisher believed his former team, the Titans, was in hot pursuit.

Fisher said immediately afterward that he was worried that Tennessee would take Joyner, and the Titans trading down after the Rams traded up for Joyner seems to suggest that there’s a good chance Fisher is right.

But Michael Silver of NFL Media, who was in the Rams’ draft room, suggests that Fisher had more than just a hunch that the Titans wanted Joyner.

“I don’t know how we did it,” Fisher said afterward. “I just had a feeling.”

Silver writes that Fisher was “concealing a twinkle in his eye” when he said that. So did Fisher have a Titans employee feeding him information? Did Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams know that the Titans liked Joyner because Williams was privy to the Titans’ scouting before he left Tennessee for St. Louis in January? Or does Fisher just figure the Titans were probably high on Joyner because Fisher knows the types of players the Titans like?

The Titans may have been upset when they lost out on Joyner. If they lost out on Joyner because someone in their own facility had loose lips, the Titans should be furious.