Michael Sam: I should have gone in the first three rounds


Rams defensive end Michael Sam believes he should have been drafted much, much earlier than he was.

Sam, selected late in the seventh round, said NFL teams chickened out from drafting him, although he stopped short of saying that his draft stock dropped because he was the first openly gay prospect in NFL history.

“From last season alone, I should’ve been in the first three rounds. SEC Defensive Player of the Year, All-American,” Sam said, via the Associated Press. “I knew I was going to get picked somewhere. Every team that passed me, I was thinking how I’m going to sack their quarterback.”

Many of the great players in NFL history who were selected in the late rounds of the draft have used that fact as motivation. Former sixth-round pick Tom Brady can still name all of the quarterbacks who were drafted ahead of him. The Rams should be glad that Sam is fired up by a perceived slight.

But Sam is wrong if he thinks being SEC Defensive Player of the Year or an All-American should make him a high draft pick. Those are media awards, and NFL teams couldn’t care less what sportswriters think. For proof of that, Sam needs to look no further than his fellow Associated Press All-American defensive end, Jackson Jeffcoat: Despite a great college career and a Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year award, Jeffcoat went undrafted. NFL teams weren’t discriminating against Jeffcoat when they passed on him, they were simply calculating that he lacks the size and strength to be a great defensive lineman, while simultaneously lacking the speed and burst to be a great linebacker. In that respect, Jeffcoat and Sam are similar players and similar NFL prospects.

Maybe Jeffcoat, who signed as an undrafted free agent with the Seahawks, will prove the teams that passed on him wrong and play like a guy who should have gone in the first three rounds. And maybe Sam will prove everyone wrong, too. But I believe Sam was a seventh-round pick because he’s a seventh-round talent.

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  1. Sorry to pop your bubble, but while one of the best on your team, you didn’t really hold a candle to the guys picked in the first 3 rounds…well 6 rounds evidently. Not to turn this into a bash fest, but you’re going to have to work really hard to make the roster, just like every other 7th rounder. The Rams LBs are pretty good. Look to special teams to make your mark.

  2. Sam, you just had a great moment. Now it’s time to step back from the media coverage and get to work to PROVE you should have been selected in the top three rounds..

  3. Yeah well, no team wants a media circus in their locker room. Not for any reason. His entire draft day was a spectacle and it backfired on him.

    When pro athlete makes it about anything but the sport, it usually doesn’t end favorably.

  4. Probably a bit of both as to why he was drafted in the 7th round. Good thing is the big payday doesn’t come till contract #2, so he’ll have plenty of time to prove he can play.

  5. No, he was drafted where he should have been. His combine numbers were beyond awful. Too weak, too slow, for his position.

    Has there ever been such an unimportant draft pick that has dominated the news after the draft like this?

  6. NFLN played a few clips of this guy doing LB drills, and it was ugly. Teams that run a 3-4 would have to convert him to LB, and the guy can’t turn hips and run. That elminates half the teams in the league from considering the guy at all.

    As a pure rush DE he’s undersized but others have made it there with a similar skillset. 6th, 7th round is where you take a flyer on a guy like that.

    Sam went right where he should have, now it’s up to him.

  7. Be happy you got drafted at all. Not because you are gay, but the fact you didn’t put on a good display at the combine.

    Good thing you play with a lot of heart. Also note you haven’t even made the team yet there is a chance you could be cut so prove your self before you speak.

  8. Obviously, the scouts, coaches, GMs, etc., felt otherwise.

    If you look at his combine numbers, he was a 7th rounder, or undrafted…….

  9. The only cause a football team wants in the locker room is a Championship…

    It’s not that teams are necessarily for or against an issue…

    It’s just that the issue or cause is Winning Football…

    And he was looking to be a Martyr…

    Rams will get some love from the league for the selection…

  10. I agree with the last paragraph. Had it not been for the “coming out” news conference, I think he would have been drafted right after Jeffcoat

  11. The Rams linebackers are good and have a lot of depth… When did this happen?

    I’ll agree that he needs to be a special teams beast and I’ll agree that he should have been a 3rd day pick, but I don’t agree that Sam should have went in the 7th nor Jeffcoat should have went undrafted.

    I think Sams accomplishments speak for themselves and he played in the best conference in the nation and I think he and Jeffcoat are going to be good football player and steals after a year or so of development and focus on hitting the gym and getting stronger and faster.

  12. THANK YOU! Finally, someone brings up Jackson Jeffcoat in this Michael Sam draft position argument… Tweeners, but Jeffcoat’s combine numbers were far superior to Sam’s. I would guess if you asked to pick between Jeffcoat and Sam on numbers alone, at least 8 out of 10 would choose Jeffcoat.

  13. If history means anything then yes he probably should have been drafted before the seventh round. He wasn’t the Big 12 defensive player of the year, he was the SEC defensive player of the year, aka the junior nfl. You have to go back all the way until 2005 with Demeco Ryans (still a second round pick) and 2003 with Chad Lavalais (5th round), where the SEC defensive player of the year wasn’t selected in the first round.

  14. I’m happy Michael Sam got drafted and I’m rooting big time for him to succeed, but he needs to let his play on the field do the talking.

  15. The vid of him running his 40 alone, should have made him undraftable lol.

  16. Football is PLAYED on the field……not talked in the media. It’s as simple as hit or be hit. Time for All drafted players to show they can play @ the big boy level of the NFL……just sayin walk it.

  17. You got drafted. Now is not the time for you to be running your mouth if you wanted to be judged SOLELY as a football player. Shut up and prove it on the field.

  18. If this doesn’t motivate him to be a top pass rusher…

    That being said, did he and his agent think the move to come out would pressure teams to take him higher and it didn’t pan out?

  19. Coming from a die hard MIZZOU fan…Gimme a break, Michael. You ran a 4.9 at the combine and you are one of if not the least atheletic players in the draft and you couldn’t cover an o-lineman if he declared himself an eligible pass catcher. 9 of your 11.5 sacks came against small schools like Arkansas State. To those saying he would have gone in the 2nd or 3rd…my guess is you aren’t real football fans. Get a clue.

  20. He probably won’t even make the Rams with their depth at DE. Seriously, that’s a dumb thing to say and I also don’t understand how he broke down like that after being drafte with the 253rd pick. Great acting.

  21. In other news, Sam, AJ McCarron, and Tajh Boyd are starting a support group for players who had their feelings hurt on draft weekend.

  22. So much for just being happy your drafted, a lot of other better players are going to have to make it as free agents. At least he got drafted

  23. Lets see… he ran a 4.9, long jumped 8 inches less and was a 25 on verticals when other DE were over 36.

    With a log jam in DE on the Rams. He will not make the team…

  24. Three DPR’s in the draft, and Sam is a foot less in the measureable jumps and over 2 tenths slower in the 40 and yet thinks he should be a 3rd rounder or better? If he has this view of where he should be drafted, it doesn’t bode well for him to have a realistic view of how hard he now has to work to make a real good defensive team. This has all the earmarks to not end well for anyone.

  25. .

    Patriots 7th round selection, Jeremy Gallon (#244), was given a draft grade of 5.2 by nfl.com.

    Sam was chosen at #249 and had a grade of 5.1.

    Conspiracy? I think not. That dog don’t hunt.


  26. I did not follow him in college but it is a good question to ask for someone as productive as he was in college. I mean co-SEC defensive player of the year and get picked in the 7th round is hard to swallow. I thought the Pats were going to take him but obviously not. I think it was honorable of Sam to come out. He got poor advice by coming out before being drafted. Not sure why he had to tell anyone at all.

  27. I’m beginning to think that Michael Sam is far from a humble individual. His words and actions of late are those of an arrogant, in your face, type. Might translate on the field. Or, more than likely, he might be a big flop who is quickly forgotten.

  28. So it sounds like he is upset with every team that didn’t take him in rounds 3-6. How upset is he with the Rams. They passed over him several times in those rounds too. You better sack their QB hard as well.

  29. If he wants to know why he dropped look back at one if the worse combine performances ever for a player. The combine counts for a lot when your performance is that bad.

    Buck up and prove people wrong!

  30. Prove it. Pleanty of other players would have been happy just to be drafted. Shut up and Play. IMO if you hadn’t come out, you would have never been drafted in the first place.

    But it was good to see him and Sam Bradford share the moment after he got drafted live on ESPN….

  31. I bet he regrets that mockery of a press conference he threw for his coming out charade. Good luck Michael Sam. You set yourself up for where you are now. Pretty hard to feel bad for you.

  32. Lucky you got drafted at all, no team wants the media circus your bringing with you…

  33. Lets see if he is even around next year to prove whether or not he is right.

  34. I think all this guy cares about now is more and more stories about himself. He surely doesn’t look like he’s been in the weight room.

  35. Who told you that you should have been a 3rd rounder? Some agent? Your friends?

    Chris Kluwe probably thought you were a first rounder and that he’s an all-pro punter.

    Never trust the opinons of anyone who has an agenda.

  36. The NFL owes the Rams big time for drafting this mofo, because you KNOW they asked/told the Rams to draft him.

    Time to pay up already.

  37. I’m sure this was mentioned previously, but Deadspin made the excellent point that no reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Year had been taken lower than 17th overall. To say that it’s insignificant or a non-factor is short-sighted

  38. “Every team that passed me, I was thinking how I’m going to sack their quarterback”

    It’s a good thing Michael David Smith didn’t have a typo with the word sack!

  39. I support Michael Sam and hope he has a long NFL career, but his comment that he should have been drafted in the first three rounds was about as stupid and self defeating as it gets — designed to alienate people who would otherwise support him. He dropped because he had a horrible combine, and his pro day wasn’t much better. That no doubt caused scouts to go back and take a closer look at his college tape, and it’s clear that there were even more doubts when the tape was more closely scrutinized.

  40. Look, I want to root for this guy, but he’s the one who decided to go public with the announcement about his private life.

    I sincerely hope he’s not going to cry foul about this and start blaming others for being picked so late.

    Heck, Charlie Ward won the Heisman Trophy and went undrafted.

  41. Too many distractions. Sam should have kept his mouth shut and he would be a third round selection and the media would not be gushing over him on the morning shows. As it turns out the media just can’t help themselves and doomed this player’s draft status.

  42. therealtrenches says:
    May 12, 2014 11:29 AM

    Suddenly, combine numbers are SO IMPORTANT!!


    Yeah no one pays attention to combine numbers that’s why Clowney was first over all because his combine numbers didn’t matter! HAHAHA

    It’s not about gay or straight, it’s about athleticism in one of, if not the most physically punishing sports in the world. Clowney has it over all the others in the draft, including Sam, no special treatment, just a fair shake for the first openly gay guy, right?

    What the people pushing the agenda haven’t figured into the equation is the fact that Sam might not be good enough and that won’t push the agenda. Not saying right or wrong either way, just that it is a political agenda and sometimes those don’t go as planned.

    Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball because he was so good they couldn’t keep him off the field, if Sam is not that good, the agenda suffers and they can’t have that.

    That is now the issue whether anyone wants to go there or not. It is now all on what Sam does or doesn’t do.

  43. Why didn’t Jackson Jeffcoat get drafted? He had 13 sacks last year which was third in the country. He played in the Big XII. He has NFL bloodlines (father is Jim Jeffcoat). And Sam had Kony Ealy on the other side of him who did Jeffcoat have? Texas had no players at all picked.

  44. I am a huge Mizzou fan.

    You are in the league and got drafted, unlike some of your other talented teammates.

    So, shut up and go out there and prove you should of been taken higher like everyone else has to.

  45. Michael just play football. you are not a pioneer of anything. There are lots of people who sacrifice their life to create change. STOP Talking.

  46. Look Sam, you got drafted in spite of your measurable stats at the combine… Your vertical leap looked like a guy chasing a butterfly with a net! I checked my messages during your 40 time, and your cone drill was more like a DQ Cone drill.

  47. Ehh, he isn’t saying anything that a thousand other players haven’t said before. He thinks he should have been drafted sooner. He’s got a team. He’ll get a chance to prove himself right. He just better remember that results have more impact than 1000 excuses.

  48. Yeah, pretty much what most everyone else says, poor combine numbers, light and short for his projected position. I was trying to decide what his position would be if based only on size – maybe middle linebacker? Not de or dt though. However, he seems to have all the intangibles, he was a great player and leader in college. That just doesn’t always translate into production on the field in the pros.

  49. rams are in a jam. they cut him and the roof falls in on them. omg horrible. they keep him and he turns out a poor player the rest of the teams will beat hell out of them. tough spot. thats why he came out. it’s just starting folks. you wanna blame somebody blame him.

  50. He will be cut in the second wave of cuts, only becuase they don’t want the bad pub of cutting him first.

  51. Wow, it sure didn’t take long for all that humility we saw on Saturday to wear off.

    If he really feels that way, I’d love for him to say out loud that the Panthers made a major mistake drafting a Mizzou DE instead of him. I won’t hold my breath.

  52. Michael,

    I think we all applaud your courage for coming out like you did. Good for you. I’m sure it was tough.

    But that shouldn’t earn you a better scouting grade than your game tape. You don’t get brownie points or special treatment because you’re openly gay.


  53. “Says every player in the draft..yawn”

    That is the exact response that should be had to this story. The kid shouldn’t be overly criticized for saying that. Basically inferring he should keep his mouth shut because he’s gay and shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    At the same time he doesn’t need to be coddled by overly protective supporters.

    I’m as happy as anyone this kid had the guts to come out and be himself, but yeah every player says that and most of the time they’re wrong. We all have overly inflated sense of self so it’s not surprising. You want players to be confident but don’t make a thing out of it, just do your job.

  54. If you should have been drafted in the first three rounds, then you would have been.

    You GOT drafted! Who cares what round?

    Go out, work hard, make plays and get to your second contract and prove everyone.

    Don’t be a Diva! Be the hardest working guy in the room.

  55. St Louis has a definite future issue on their hands. What if he doesn’t perform up to par? Do they cut him and have the media rip them apart or do they retain him and let him play despite the fact he isn’t performing well? This is gonna be a media show either way.

  56. 9 of his 11.5 sacks happened in the first 3 games… think about that…

  57. He went third person a few times in the
    interview after the draft so that’s automatic sign of delusional ego

  58. OMG – The Rams are so screwed in the PR department. What is going to happen if this player doesn’t make the 53 man roster? Is he going to file a discrimination lawsuit?
    Dude, get over it. Use what ever motivation you can muster an shut your trap.
    Work hard and enjoy being a draft pick in the NFL.
    Remember NFL stand for Not For Long.

  59. I remember Elvis Dumervil was another tweener. Strahan was also too small. To go to other positions, I am old enough to have watched Joe Montana in college and remember teams passing on him because he was too small. Truth is that if you have enough ability, what is inside your head and your heart can take you the rest of the way. Flip side is the guys who have crazy talent but are idiots and/or have no motor. Give me the smart, effort guys every time.

  60. And quietly the St. Louis Rams now have compensatory picks in the next 5 drafts…

  61. When can the media get past this story already??? This story is truly a disservice to the other players who also worked their entire lives to get to the NFL. Right now Michael Sam is just another 7th round pick fighting for a roster spot. It doesn’t matter to me if he’s openly gay or not. The fact that people are making such a big deal about an athlete being openly gay is actually sad. He came out & said he wants to be treated like a football player not a gay football player. That’s FAR from what has happened.

    Maybe it matters to Roger Goodell b/c he’s such a great & compassionate man or MAYBE it’s b/c he has a brother who is gay. He just came out & said that the Redskins name is not offensive to him. He continues to say that the franchise name has been around for 80 years as if that makes it okay??? However racial slurs between black players have now been deemed ‘offensive’ to him. I guess if it’s not offensive to Goodell it’s not REALLY offensive. I think he needs to write a book about what we can say, feel, & think.

  62. There were Heisman Trophy winners who were never drafted. The media awards are a joke. Every single Heisman winning QB since the early 90s has been an outright bust or have been just average.

  63. Every day this becomes more & more of a story the more the Rams organization are going to feel more pressure to keep Sam on the team. And then that bears the question–what if he makes the team over someone who is a better player & not openly gay???

    I hope this kid can actually play b/c I don’t see how a 7th round pick who lacks speed & strength is a football story. It’s not like we’re talking about a incredible talent like Jadaveon Clowney or even like his former teammate Kony Ealy.

  64. Sam will fail just like most of the 7th rounders. He will make some money like no other 7th rounder has ever done because of the hype. Everybody wins it’s just not on the football field .

  65. I want Michael Sam to work out in the NFL, because I feel like it’s a great story for the game and for the country in general.

    But I also would advise him, if I were in such a role, to keep these kinds of thoughts to himself.

    They aren’t going to help him on the field, and in fact they may serve to validate some of the (unwarranted in my opinion) criticisms about him and his personal life.

    Use it as motivation, sure, but I wouldn’t go around claiming the rest of the league “chickened out” on him because, of, well, you know why…

  66. Although too early to say I told you so, it’s not too early to say that the Rams are going to rue the day they decided to take one for the commissioner. Two days after the draft and Sam is ALREADY whining. What happened to the “I am just so thankful and happy to be part of…?”

  67. The best thing you can do Michael Sam is stay away from the media and just go play football, everyone will forget all about the drama, signed Mante Teo

  68. He should sue the NFL for the guaranteed compensation that comes with the 17th overall draft pick, because no one that ever won the award he won was drafted lower than 17th. Instead, he was drafted by a team that he had no chance of making so the league could rid itself of him early on. I hope he becomes a civil rights activist and speaks out against the atrocities that gays suffer every day in professional sports.

  69. Charlie Ward, Heisman winner, undrafted.

    Some players just aren’t cut out for the NFL. Be happy you got drafted at all and go make the most of your opportunity.

  70. First, every player feels that way. Second, you created the media circus when you chose to tell the world that you are gay. Now you get to live with whatever that choice brings you.

  71. History has a way of repeating, like a spicy chili dog. Last year we heard from Geno Smith early,….and often. Get ready for the Sam circus. Coming to sports pages near you.

  72. OMG… of course he tries to use being Gay as a crutch already. Just think what’s going to happen when this guy gets cut because he doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL linebacker. It’s going to be a media frenzy. He will scream and holler discrimination, and will likely try to sue the NFL. I’m so sick of political correctness, it has no place in professional sports.

  73. One and only one article I read said that he had a poor showing at both the “Pro day” and “Combine”. If this is true that and NOTHING else is why he dropped so far in the draft. This guy tries to come across as such a great guy but I feel he has major “I” trouble.

  74. This is what happens…he stinks, Rams can’t cut him, phantom injury gets him on IR, a quiet injury settlement, he makes a career on ESPN as the ex-NFL gay player. Bank it.

  75. He is not good enough to have been picked anyplace other than the place he was picked at in the draft. he may make the team as a pass rusher for certain plays,but that is a long shot.

  76. If you didn’t “come out” you would not have been drafted.
    The Rams will cut you since you aren’t all that good.
    The media thinks you are a can’t miss
    Football evaluators did you a favor

  77. This reminds me so much of Myron Rolle and how “the NFL hates smart people!”

  78. What a disaster it’s going to be for the Rams when they cut him. He’s going to file suit claiming sexual discrimination. The boycotts, demonstrations and media attacks against the Rams that follow will only confirm what teams on the fence about bringing in a gay player were fearful of…. i’ts not about the player but more about their sexuality.

    Really sad the guy doesn’t just shut his mouth and prove that he’s a good football player and not a malcontent.

  79. Setting himself up as a victim the day after he was drafted in the NFL? Wow!

    I guess the words AMAZING OPPORTUNITY were never in his spelling tests.

  80. Just go out and show them with your play then. So tired of everyone feeling like they are owed something because of their skin color, religion, sexuality etc. Don’t anyone dare say anything that is not 100 % ok in the public court of political correctness. The great ones are the ones that don’t need to bring attention to themselves and make excuses, they just go out there , work hard and let their actions speak or themselves. Hope he’s successful, and the world is more accepting, but the self promotion, and media sensationalism is over the top. You’re a pro football player now so go play football, 90% of the population would love to have the opportunity you have in front of you, no matter what round you were drafted in.

  81. Kind of the same as Manziel and McCarron: likely got really bad advice from agents and marketing people. Winder who will be first to do a Geno Smith and fire em?

  82. Michele Sam sucks!

    is there anything more needing to be said?

    Rams are in a bad situation here but they did it to themselves

    this is like charlie finley signing a midget in baseball…. but this is worse… here you have a kid that knows he can’t play attempting to use the gullible libs to extend his 15 min of fame


  83. “Yeah and when he’s cut he’ll be the first to cry about why he was cut.”
    Hopefully he doesn’t consult Kluwe on how to proceed with a lawsuit against the team. How’d that work out for you Kluwe?

  84. The real question is…..will Sam take out an opponents knee if Coach Fisher tells him to? like Bo Scaife did to Merriman in 2006.

  85. Just stop kissing other men on national TV…this will not be good for the NFL, let alone the Rams.

  86. That is sick but to televised where a whole lot of young children including my young ones,were watching is horrible and reprehensible. My last draft watch, I don’t care how people lives and what their sexual preference are , but to Stuff it to other folks that is watching, is inexcusable. I am not even going to renew my DirecTv Sunday ticket

  87. Maybe when the Rams cut him he can go to Dallas to help Jerry find the glory hole.

  88. When he gets cut , “I was cut because I’m gay.” I’m sure being cut from the team won’t have anything to do with the fact he is weak and slow. I really wish espn and all these other sports sites and networks would start treating him like a regular player instead of holding him to a higher standard because the dude likes men. Last time I checked, it’s his job to tackle, intercept and cover… If he can’t do those things, he will be cut. End of story

  89. ‘I should have gone in the first three rounds’.

    Dude (?) please!

    Now maybe we are all wrong and you’ll prove that but here in MO people who are Mizzou fans think you NEVER should have been drafted in the first place.

    That said, I believe to you it’s not about your play, but entitlement because you’re gay.

    Grow up.

  90. Only the Rams were dumb enough to jump into this circus where they will vilified if they cut him and they will be vilified by their players if they keep him as Sam has yet to show in any way that he belongs in the NFL. His combine performances were awful. His Pro Day was so-so. When the Rams feel obligated to keep him instead of a number of better players, the Locker Room will begin to rumble and crumble.
    This will be fun as the Seahawks, 49ers, and Cards all stomp on the Rams this season.

    When you are willing to pay the price to be PC, and the others pay the price to win, guess where the Rams will end up? At the cellar again.

  91. Sam will have to greatly improve to make the Rams roster. Not very strong or quick. Average NFL lineman can handle him right now. He will have to get much stronger..

  92. By coming out as gay before the draft, Sam and his agent kind of shot themselves in the foot. Should the Rams cut him, Sam won’t be able to claim his sexual preference as a reason, simply because the whole world knew that identity before he got hired. If the Rams knew (and they did) before he was hired and did it anyway, it would make no sense whatsoever for them to fire him on that basis.

    I believe it to be rather interesting that Fisher, who is seemingly rather tight with Park Avenue, would be the one to fulfill Roger’s wishes.

  93. Michael Sam should thank his lucky stars for the fact that he was even drafted. His game film did little to flatter him. NFL scouts aren’t impressed by guys who get tons of sacks against poor teams.

    His combine was terrible. Among DEs he had the worst cone time, worst vertical, second to worst bench, and sixth worst forty. That performance alone could have rendered him undraftable.

  94. He was projected to be a 3rd rounder before he came out and made a big deal of his sexual preference. I don’t see any reason why his stock should rise after the announcement. Besides, lots of projected high picks fell to lower rounds. E.g. Alabama QB A. J. Mc Carron and Morgan Breslin of USC. He shouldn’t be complaining.

  95. I’m sick and tired of this story. I can’t wait until he sues the NFL after he gets cut. He’s not a good football player. Who does this clown think he is, he should have been selected in the first three rounds. Maybe he will get drafted in the first three rounds of the cfl draft. Great point by the writer naming jeffcoat not being drafted. Good job.

  96. Mr. Irrelevant, been a fan for over 30 years and never seen a football player getting such attention. Maybe because he is gay, I am going to start watching Pro Golf at least its still a game.

  97. He is lucky he was drafted at all. The fact that he was drafted in the last round by one of the 2 Missouri teams leads me to think that the rams were “asked” by the NFL to make the pick

  98. Missouri was ranked 58th in total defense, basically average.

    Sam was not among the top 100 tacklers in the NCAA last year.

    His 40 times were 4.79 and 4.84, slower than some of the tackles he will attempt to beat around the end. He bench pressed 200 pounds only 17 times, less than several running backs.

    He runs straight up, bad technique when chasing h-backs, tight ends and running backs. He’s projected to be either a stand-up pass rusher or outside linebacker. He doesn’t have the explosive speed to beat left tackles. He can get “skinny” on inside rushes but with limited upper body strength he’s liable to get taken out by blocking h-backs.

    He may have a great NFL career and I wish him luck. But if anyone knows anything about the draft, you know he was selected exactly where it combine scores put him.

  99. Dear Mr. Sam – You were a college stud. So were Tim Tebow, Vince Young, and Brady Quinn. I’m not a Rams fan but I hope you do well in the NFL. Get out of the media and play football. Good luck.

  100. A 7th round compensatory pick? So 32 teams passed on Sam 7 times…and they were all misinformed about the skillset he brings to the field?

    I am happy the Seahawks grabbed Jeffcoat as an URFA (and spent their 7th rnd pick on Terrelle Pryor trade). It will be interesting to watch how Jeffcoat and Sam both pan out on two NFC West teams. Of course, I think the Hawks have the upper hand in player development…but will either guy even get on the field for the Seahawks or Rams?

    Sure, a number of teams might have been nervous about Sam’s impact on the locker room as a potential distraction. And, he is currently proving they were all justified in their concerns (press conferences & reality show for 7th rnd comp). At this rate, the entire team will be sick & tired of the Sam drama before camp starts. Players won’t care that he is gay, they won’t like him because he is a media darling that has yet to play a single snap in the NFL.

    He just wants to be known as a “football player”?

  101. Can you imagine the ‘outcry’ when he gets cut.Cue the camera’s Oprah!

  102. A lot of players think they should have been drafted sooner. In the case of someone like Aaron Rodgers, he was right. You’re going to have to prove that you’re right too.

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