Only Johnny Football’s selling more jerseys than Michael Sam

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Even though he nearly went undrafted, new Rams defensive end Michael Sam is moving merchandise.

According to Cyd Zeigler of, Sam had the second-highest-selling jersey among this weekend’s picks, trailing only Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles rounded out the top five.

“This is unprecedented for a Day 3 pick, let alone a seventh round pick, to crack the top five rookies sold following Draft weekend,” league spokesperson Joanna Hunter said.

Considering the other four players in the top five had a 48-hour head start on jersey sales made it that much more impressive, and indicative of the support he has.

37 responses to “Only Johnny Football’s selling more jerseys than Michael Sam

  1. He only went nearly undrafted because he came out. Bridgewater had a bad pro day and workouts and still went 32 overall. Not saying he should’ve been a first rounder but the 3rd-4th was not out if the question. He will add depth and his slide to almost not being drafted should make him the hardest working DE rookie.

  2. And unfortunately, since the NFL is the NFL, he’s reaping no benefits from the sales of his jersey. That’s the downfall of being a 7th round pick at the bottom of the payscale who, regardless of whether he’s a pro bowler or he gets cut in the preseason, has and will make the NFL a ton of money.

  3. a49erfan77 says:
    May 12, 2014 10:39 AM
    Collector’s item. You won’t be able to get them after he is cut and out of football in 3 months.

    I agree… everyone should hurry up and get their Manziel jersey’s now…. lol

  4. A couple year ago… I heard that players/NFLPA get about 18% of each sale.

  5. I’m surprised there aren’t more Browns people that still have Tim Couch jerseys — They could have saved themselves about $100 in order to show allegiance to another bust.

  6. Who cares? Anyone that buys ANY jersey in this day and age is a complete tool. They’re the same people that complain that the players/owners/Goodell are making too much money yet keep buying $200 shirts.

  7. I’ve never purchased nor have I ever worn a jersey with another man’s name emblazoned on the back of it. Guess I’m politically incorrect. Oh, well.

  8. So you are cheering the purchase of a bunch of fabric by people that are not fans but merely politards?

  9. I paid $12 for a Tatupu Seahawks jersey from the Salvation Army a couple of years ago. Still doing me proud.

    Why anyone would pay ten times that – whoever’s name is ironed onto it – is beyond me.

  10. Sam is every bit as good as Tim Tebow, and will enjoy almost as lengthy a career, with probably fewer games played and less playoff appearances.

    He’ll probably be around as long as Tebow was on the Patriots roster.

  11. hmmm……a lot of peeps on here just aren’t very comfy with their manhood!!!

  12. Sam’s jersey represents a lot of people who probably feel a part of history being made, even if it’s obsolete in 3 months.

    As for the other two Jerseys, it’s fan mania and who doesn’t want fans supporting their team. Every team wishes for that kind of support.

  13. The Rams are smart. Sign him to league minimum and make yourself a ton of money in jersey sales. All the whole earning new “fans” by signing the gay guy when no one else would. All the people buying up the jerseys are pawns in the grand scheme of things. Rams win…

  14. The standards for the words ‘stupid’ and ‘gullible’ have been lowered.

    No wait – they have been raised.

    I’m so confused.

    Guess I’ll save some money.

    I have a Johnny Unitas #19 shirt. That’ll do.

  15. Blake Bortles is in the top 5 in rookie jersey sales? It must be a typo because according to the national media Jacksonville Jaguars don’t have any fans so I guess everyone is dead wrong. Bottom line is we support our team and players even if the national perception saids otherwise.

  16. Kind of surprised, since the Packers fans have been buying the Sam jerseys for years, except theirs say # 12 and Rodgers on the back. Maybe they aren’t counting those.

  17. I have 2 jerseys. A black Cris Carter jersey and I got a Mark Brunell Jersey when he first went to Jax. Other than that, my family has picked up garage sale jerseys and my kids got a few as gifts.

    I don’t buy jerseys anymore because no one stays long enough on one team. Or at least most don’t.

    I would rather buy a t shirt of hoody with the team name vs. a player’s name.

  18. bluenose1965 says:
    May 12, 2014 5:26 PM

    How are cupcake sales doing?

    Good thing you’re not a Miami Dolphins Player…. You could get a big “talking to” for that comment !

  19. There was a reason he was sec co-defensive player of the year he might not be that physically talented as the combine showed but if you ever saw him play he’s got a lot of heart, endless motor and will never give up on a play will play special teams and nickel/dime rusher for rams.

  20. I got #’s 63 (Fuzzy Thurston). 4 (Brett Favre) and 52 (Clay Mathews). All have played for the Packers more than 3 yrs and all have Super Bowl rings!

  21. a couple Jerry Rice…one white and the other red and 1 steve young…

    used to have a ton that i bought on sale/clearance over the years: ravens’ testaverde, chargers’ seau, raiders woodson, etc…but at age 40…its toolish to wear them anywear now.

  22. Who cares? Anyone that buys ANY jersey in this day and age is a complete tool. They’re the same people that complain that the players/owners/Goodell are making too much money yet keep buying $200 shirts.

    WOW, where can you get them for $200, sold.

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