Packers don’t rule out Jermichael Finley return


The Packers drafted tight end Richard Rodgers in the third round of the draft and it wasn’t surprising to see them go that route with Jermichael Finley still unsigned and still waiting for a green light to resume his playing career after last year’s neck injury.

General Manager Ted Thompson didn’t offer much about the team’s overall plans at tight end, but didn’t rule out a return to Green Bay if Finley is cleared to return to the field. He said he was hopeful all would go well with Finley on the medical side and that Rodgers’ addition was unrelated to anything other than Rodgers’ abilities.

“I don’t necessarily think the two are tied at all,” Thompson said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We were just trying to pick a good player.”

Finley was scheduled for another round of tests recently and there’s been no word on the results at this point. As a result, any discussion of signing him remains purely hypothetical and there’s not much reason for the Packers or anyone else to rule out signing him until there’s actually a reason to do so.

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  1. Would be great if he could play again for a Green Bay, but doubt he’ll be cleared to play for anyone.

  2. Go find a team with Super Bowl potential Jermichael. Even Rodgers can’t make up for the terrible drafting. The Packers at best will be one and done, if and only if Rodgers stays healthy. If not, they will be cellar dwellers..

  3. Something tells me Finley will play for someone this year when he should probably step away from the game. Much easier said than done…but last year there were a bunch of signs that point away from playing.

  4. Wasn’t Finley saying he’d be cleared months ago? Is he getting different opinions until he finally finds a doctor that will clear him?

  5. Richard Rogers is ranked as a less athletic DJ Williams. Quarless is not being paid starting TE money. It possible that a starting TE is not on the Packers roster currently. I hope the Pack knows something about backups Stoneburner and Bostick which makes Thompson feel comfortable at the position. If not, then the return of Finley to the Pack is more urgent.

  6. The Giants did not pick a TE in the draft, saying “they did not think this years group was strong”?
    Tom Coughlin says, “yes this concerns me, we need another TE just to make it though camp”.
    Ben McAdoo was the TE coach at GB, his “new offensive” is not even begun, butI suspect if he has told the front office to look into Finley, no doubt the giants will talk with his agent, if and when he’s cleared.

  7. Thompson almost never tells the media anything about inner decisions.
    Prediction: Packers will be toughest physical to pass, but if he’s cleared, Seahawks and Giants will outbid Packers.

  8. The longer it takes for him to get cleared this summer (if he ever does), the more likely he will stay with Rodgers and the Pack.

  9. If he’s healthy, he’d be a great fit for the Patriots in the Aaron Hernandez-type TE role, just minus the murder and crime. They didn’t grab a TE in the draft, but Finley could be a nice addition to the team

  10. Richard Rodgers was probably brought in to compete with Stoneburner and Taylor for that 4th or 3rd tight end spot.

    Just think of Ted Thompson as the Joker with that snapped in half pool stick.

    Ryan Taylor – Jake Stoneburner – Richard Rodgers participating in “try outs”.

  11. “It possible that a starting TE is not on the Packers roster currently.”

    Truly — that’s what training camp is for.

    As for everyone above salivating over Finley — let the guy get healthy and pass a physical first.

  12. Any team taking a chance by signing this lunatic deserves the lawsuit that will surely follow when he is tackled and killed or permanently disabled on their football field.

    Someone without dollar signs as their motive should have a talk with this young man about changing professions.

  13. Everyone wants to dump on R. Rodgers because he was viewed by draft pundits/rankings as a late round guy. But there are some legit reasons why he might be worth it at #98 and eventually turn out to be a starter.

    He has excellent hands, and despite a slow timed-40 dash, his play speed does get him open down the middle. He suffered from very inconsistent QB play at Cal >> and still produced. He averaged 15.5 yds per catch >> for a TE, that’s really good.

    Sure, Ebron has more explosive ability, but not wildly more in that area (on tape) >> considering he had more drops/worse hands. Sefarian-Jenkins is a bit of an enigma, with foot issues, character questions, and some other good qualities. To me, Niklas just lumbers around …

    Also, reportedly, Rodgers is very football smart and a real good guy. You can’t be a total dummy and attend Cal … The Pac-12 is a lot more competitive than East Coast based journalists want to admit. There has been a bunch of talent lately on Stanford, Oregon, USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon State, etc. The programs and the coaching are very high level …

    Anyway: my $0.02

  14. I don’t think you can read anything into the Rodgers pick. The Packers have carried up to 5 TE’s on their active roster in recent years, usually a mix of mid-round pics and UDFA’s.

    The #1 and #2 are usually in the mix on offense, and the rest play both ways on ST. Additionally, the reserves might see time on offense in an H-back type roll where they act as an extra blocker in the backfield.

  15. Wow! It’s hard to know when to hold’em or fold’em for these pro athletes. JerMichael; it’s time to fold’em. Football isn’t worth dying over or paralysis. Take that hand off the electric 3rd rail and move on with your life. Finish school. And become a coach or whatever else your heart desires. Football is a predator to you now.

  16. Why anyone with an injury history would go to the Packers, where injuries occur with the frequency of Wisconsin fish fries, is beyond me.

  17. If cleared, Finley will sign a one year deal with the Pack for low money, ($4-5 million) just as B.J. Raji did. Prove his worth, then make the big $$ next year.

  18. Finley will die if he continues football, concussions and all. and the packers dr will never clear him anyway . If so Nick Collins would be still here.

  19. If Finley is cleared, he’ll play. Medical clearance by top notch doctors assumes that the docs don’t consider an overwhelming risk to his health.
    But it’s not to Finley’s advantage to do just a one year deal. I’m sure his agent doesn’t think so. His contract will have a team protection clause in case of another neck injury.
    He’s too much talent to be left of the table so some team will get him.
    All this, of course, if he gets cleared.

  20. Let him go. He dropped the ball too many times. I don’t care how athletic he is if you can’t count on him to the catch easy ones. With the 7th most cap space in the league why not go sign a veteran that has sure hands and been there before? Dallas Clark, perhaps?

  21. The human side of me hopes Finley does recover to the point where he can return to football and goes on to have a productive career in the NFL. The fan side of me hopes he recovers but chooses not to return to Green Bay. He always seems to pop up when the Pack needs hi against the Vikes.
    Wishing you the best, JF, from MN.

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