Packers sign 12 undrafted free agents


The Packers have signed 12 rookie free agents, including Alabama outside linebacker Adrian Hubbard, the club said Monday.

Hubbard (6-6, 257) recorded 33 tackles and three sacks for the Crimson Tide as a junior in 2013. In a story published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sunday, Hubbard indicated he believed a heart condition detected at the NFL Scouting Combine was the reason he slid in the draft.

“My heart’s big because I’m big,” Hubbard told the Journal Sentinel‘s Bob McGinn. “There’s nothing wrong with it at all.”

Hubbard told the Journal Sentinel he had been medically cleared by a doctor who is the Falcons’ cardiologist.

In addition to signing Hubbard, the Packers added Utah State linebacker Jake Doughty, Toledo linebacker Jayrone Elliott, North Carolina State defensive end Carlos Gray, UCF offensive guard Jordan McCray, Tennessee running back Rajion Neal, Colorado State-Pueblo defensive tackle Mike Pennel, Maine tight end Justin Perillo, Mississippi State running back LaDarius Perkins, Boston College quarterback Chase Rettig, South Carolina State linebacker Joe Thomas and Auburn cornerback Ryan White.

The Packers also announced Monday they had waived linebacker Chase Thomas, a first-year pro from Stanford.

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  1. SC State’s Joe Thomas was a beast in college, I’m curious to see if he can carry it over to the pros and grab a roster spot.

  2. In Ted we Trust…….

    I believe the trust in Thompson from Packer fans I know is “just try to get one pick right Ted”

  3. During Thompson’s time in GB, FA’s have consistently made the final 53 proving that Ted knows talent and talent alone will get you a spot on the final 53, not where you are drafted.

    Meanwhile, the search for a Qb continues, and continues, and continues over in the Trash Cities.

  4. Here’s my best bet to make the team as a UFA:
    Look up Jayrone Elliott OLB/DE of Toledo >> (on DraftBreakdown. com).
    6’3″ 255 lbs, a pretty fluid athlete with good instincts and closing speed. How he was not drafted is a mystery?? But I ‘m glad the GBP got him.
    I’m guessing Chase Thomas, a good but injured OLB from Stanford, was released directly because of this guy. And by the end of training camp, I’m guessing he will pass Nate Palmer (who showed little last year) …

  5. Joe Thomas might make the team due to lack of any decent ILB outside of Hawk on the team. But I see the rest just as camp bodies.

  6. Whether either of these guys make it is anybody’s guess … Thomas is interesting, but just 6’1″ 227.

    Nate Dreiling of Pittsburg State is the other UFA ILB they brought in. He is more like 6’3″236, but I can’t find tape on him off the bat. If someone is going to make a difference at ILB this year, it is probably going to have to be Barrington, or perhaps Lattimer.

    Also, I’m thinking that Bradford will eventually be an ILB. He played FB and LB in high school, and at AZ St. he did have plays where he was not on the edge >> looked like a 3-4 RILB shaded slightly outside.

  7. There’s always at least 2 to 4 undrafted guys that make contributions for our team.

    Hopefully we find a Middle Linebacker with speed here.

  8. Vereen and Fuller have already watched 72 hours of Rodger’s tape. Peppers is eating a bucket of KFC and reading Reader’s Digest with his feet on ice and it’s May…….September can’t get here fast enough.

  9. Joe Thomas could be a sneaky play. Dude was a beast in college racking up tackles left and right. Big size can handle the game. Lets see it Joe!

  10. AJ Hawk is one of the best defensive play-callers in the NFL. He spots formations and studies other teams thoroughly. He knows where everyone should be and calls it out accurately, which is very difficult when you have so much youth rotating through. He never complains and he’s rarely injured. He recognizes his limitations and took a salary reduction to stay. He’s been a solid contributor. He only deserves praise. He is a damn good Green Bay Packer.

  11. prediction: Rajion Neal gains more yards in 2014 than the hobbled 2013 first round draft pick bust.

  12. Who are you referring to? Lacy was a 2nd rd pick and definitely not a bust considering he had 11 rush TDs and broke GB’s record streak of 46 (?) games without 100-yd rusher.

  13. Interesting draft guys, good rookie safety, but three WR’s? really? makes ya wonder if thompson will only sign jordy or cobb and not both as been expected.

  14. Datone Jones was the 2013 #1 pick genius. Their #2 pick Eddie Lacy, whom I think you are referring to, was offensive rookie of the year…..

  15. Sportswriters and NFL scouts from all over the league are giving the Packers a top-five rank for their 2014 draft. Nobody can predict the future, but the odds of success are higher with top rankings than bottom rankings. You’re welcome.

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