Patriots, league not talking about leaked Manziel scouting report

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If, as some believe, someone forged the supposedly leaked Patriots scouting report for Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, neither the Patriots nor the NFL are saying so.

The league has no comment about the situation, and the Patriots for now have nothing to say.

Pats coach Bill Belichick said nothing when addressing the situation with reporters, expressing ignorance about the existence of the leaked scouting report and referring sardonically to “MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace.”

It’s fair to infer that, in the absence of a statement from Belichick or the team indicating that the scouting report is fake, the scouting report is legitimate.  If so, the question become whether the team or the league will investigate how a team’s entire scouting report on a player the team didn’t select managed to make its way to the hands of the media.

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  1. Even if the team says nothing, a few of the Pats beat reporters for Boston publications have said it’s fake and does not match the form/terminology of how Pats review players. The lack of a denial could mean that the Pats stubbornly don’t think it’s a newsworthy story.

  2. 1. Another Packer Bust in the first round.
    Let’s take a look at their brilliance over the years.
    2013 – Dantone Jones -BUST
    2012 – Nick Perry – BUST
    2011 – Derek Sherrod -BUST
    2010 – Brian Bulaga – BUST
    2009 – BJ Raji – BUST
    2008 – NO Pick
    2007 – Justin Harrell – BUST
    2006 – AJ HAWK – BUST
    2005 – Ahmad Carroll – BUST
    2001 – Jamal Reynolds – BUST
    2000 – Bubba Franks – BUST
    1999 – Antuan Edwards -BUST
    1997 – Ross Verba – BUST
    1996 – John Michels – EPIC BUST
    1995 – Aaron Taylor – BUST
    1992 – Terrell Buckley – EPIC BUST
    1991 – Vinnie Clark – BUST
    1990 – Tony Bennett – BUST
    1989 – Tony Mandarich – BIGGEST BUST IN NFL HISTORY!

  3. Yet another coverup for the Pats by the league?
    What’s with this double standard for Mr kraft?
    Good move drafting a QB though. Brady close to done.

  4. If you read Michael Holley’s book “Patriot Reign”, the team’s system for grading players is briefly outlined and doesn’t match the Manziel scouting report. The logo’s font also doesn’t match the team’s new logo.

  5. r8rsfan says:May 12, 2014 10:31 AM

    Manziel vs Garopollo. Isn’t that the comparison we should be making here?


    The key point is Manziel will see the field and Garapollo won’t. That’s the only comparision that matters. I still believe Manziel will succeed in the NFL. Despite being a Patriots fan, Manziel is a winner and I hope he does well.

  6. Who cares who leaked it. I think its information that should be available to the fans so you can see who and what is being thought about the draft/players.

    This isn’t national security.

  7. I think Belichick enjoys watching the media make fools of themselves over an obvious fake. The longer and louder they do so, the easier it becomes to stone wall them over real issues.

  8. I really hope its fake. As a life long miserable Browns fan, we really aren’t allowed to feel good or have optimism about our team. What looked like an incredibly great first round, very good corner, possible franchise changing QB, extra first round next year, we get slapped in the face the next day. Scouting report comes out saying our QB is a brat and immature, our league leading receiver can’t stop smoking the herb and we’re getting blasted for this stupid homeless guy remark that Sal Pal made. You would think I would learn by now to make the switch to a more stable franchise but I just can’t tear myself from this darn team. Oh well, there’s always next year. GO BROWNS!!!!

  9. First of all it was fake. Second of all, it might’ve had a few accurate points since Manziel came out of the green room rubbing his fingers together.

  10. “If so, the question become whether the team or the league will investigate how a team’s entire scouting report on a player the team didn’t select managed to make its way to the hands of the media.”

    Nah, it’s the Patriots. Goodell owes his job to Kraft. The league wouldn’t dare do anything to them.

  11. it’s fake. even if real, it’s a single scouting report and doesn’t represent the overall disposition of the team/coaching staff towards the player

  12. This reeks of Lombardi. Why he is even in the league is a mystery. He has been known as a backstabber for years and he did it again in Cleveland. Good riddance. He is a terrible evaluator of talent and I am glad he is no longer on my team.

  13. Scouting reports should be released after the draft. I would enjoy reading all the teams scouting reports of the guys my team drafted.

  14. Wait, how is this a ‘cover up’???

    Some folks need to stop trolling and worry about their own team.

  15. Not sure why it even matters to anyone except the Patriots. If they have an employee who is leaking stuff, it is their problem, not anyone else’s.

  16. Yup, it’s a real scouting report, from an area scout. Not sure what the big deal is. It was leaked. Bad on the employee/ex-employee, but otherwise no chicanery and not much different from most other scouting reports that give positives and negatives of a player. Is there anything in there that the general public didn’t know already? Not sure what the controversy is here, though I’m sure fans of teams that never win anything will come up with something.

  17. You just cant trust a guy that cheats on his wife with another mans wife, cheats at sports, his profession and likes to do things like cut players the day before the Super Bowl just to show how tough he is. If anything unseemly happened you can bet BB was pulling the strings

  18. The rest of the east can’t wait for you to keep up your winning wats with a different qb. You can come back to earth with the rest of

  19. Dumbturdi. Fired six times. Obviously working real hard on number seven!

  20. Why is it anytime there’s a story about something shady going on, the Patriots* just happen to be involved.

  21. Didn’t anyone notice the report mentions BRIAN HOYER as one of their QBs?

    Yes, the one that hasn’t been a Patriot since 2011. So, either it’s fake or they wrote while he was still redshirting at aTm.

    Reading really is a lost art.

  22. How could a scouting report that got both Manziel’s school and coach wrong be real? Other than the obvious stupidity of drafting a QB in the second round when your future Hall Of Famer will be your starter for the next 3-4 years, this isn’t a stupid franchise.

  23. 1. 99.99% chance the report is fake. The homer press who have seen some of that stuff all say it does not fit the Pats format.

    2. It is not illegal under league rules to release scouting reports. Why should this be investigated other than you just don’t like it ?

    3. Even were it real the only people who should be concerned are the Pats for someone releasing proprietary and confidential business information.

  24. If a lot of the Packers first rounders don’t pan out, part of it is because they’re usually drafted within a few picks of the second round. And do you know why that is?

  25. Now this may be far-fetched, but the reason no one is talking about that ‘report’ might possibly be because there is no story to talk about?

    Just because some guy with a blog spends 5K for what he thinks is a big-time smoking gun, doesn’t mean it’s either real or spectacular.

  26. sure there was not alot on that paper,the guy is not that good..basically move on!!!!!

  27. “and likes to do things like cut players the day before the Super Bowl just to show how tough he is”

    You do know that Tiquan Underwood was cut and re-signed by the Pats something like 13 or 15 times that year don’t you ? And that the last time they re-signed him to told him ahead of time that he would be cut before the Super Bow ?

    No guess not. Easier to hate the Pats in ignorance and get all self righteously bent out of shape.

  28. Anyone who reads it will know that it’s not a fake even down to specific football terminology. Definitely genuine and who could argue about the description of Johnny being arrogant and a spoiled brat. My hunch is that he doesn’t listen if yelled at.

  29. It is NOT fair to infer in the absence of a denial to conclude the Pats are involved.

    But its fair to infer that the writer who made this giant leap of illogical conclusion to be an IDIOT who is trying to make a story out of nothing.

    A responsible journalist makes conclusions based on facts. To admit that the absence of any statement or denial allows the writer to make any conclusion is an admission of diminished mental capacity.

  30. The hypocrisy here is palpable. In one news “item” you slam the Browns for denying that Haslem had anything to do with drafting Manziel. A few “items” later you slam the Patriots for NOT making a denial about a “leaked” report. All I ask for is consistency and a single standard. If the Patriots had denied, it this site would lambaste them for it. They don’t say anything and they get lambasted. Makes perfect sense…… the brain dead.

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