Patriots sign three undrafted tight ends

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The Patriots aren’t sure if Rob Gronkowski will be ready for the start of the regular season, which could leave them thin at tight end.

They didn’t address the position during the draft, but a third of the nine undrafted signings they announced on Monday play the position. Among the group is former North Carolina State tight end Asa Watson, younger brother of former Patriots and current Saints tight end Benjamin Watson. Watson has Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, which causes the ventricles of the heart to prematurely contract, and he’s had two surgeries to deal with the issue.

The Pats also added Justin Jones of East Carolina, who is 6-7 and 274 pounds but sat out the 2013 season for academic reasons, and Tyler Beck of Bowling Green, who had 10 catches for 177 yards and two touchdowns last season.

Oklahoma running back Roy Finch, Delaware cornerback Travis Hawkins, Michigan linebacker Cameron Gordon, Mississippi State linebacker Deontae Skinner, Indiana running back Stephen Houston and Oklahoma State safety Shamiel Gary are the other six new members of the team.

25 responses to “Patriots sign three undrafted tight ends

  1. heard they wanted Amaro bad and were ticked off we took him first.

    any chance we got one on the “genius”?

  2. No chance. If the Patriots wanted Amaro so badly they would have either drafted him in the 1st rd, or traded up to get him.

    Sounds like another bitter Jet fan angry that their teams former HC is having much more sucsess 150 miles north.

  3. This sucks! Gronk would stay healthy for 8 games to remind everyone what they are missing in play offs. I guess its back to man-o-man-what-a-doozy!

  4. The Pats are on it. Asa Watson has a bunch of potential. He runs good routes and is dependable.

    Oh yeah, and though the pundits failed to say it, he shares the pedigree of a professional TE as his brother. Funny how it’s an overwhelming asset for some and not even mentioned for others.

  5. Aaron Murray’s bones are made of Cheetos and played college ball for a chronically-underperforming hick douche of a coach.

  6. Jones is 6-7 and 274lbs. I just wanna see somebody tackle him. If that guy couldn’t catch one in the red zone there’s something wrong.

  7. they did NOT want Amaro! They didn’t think much of the TE’s…i would have loved to have seen them sign lyerla…but that wasn’t gonna happen

  8. Beck will compete with Develin as FB/TE
    Asa Watson, i dont know anything about him
    Justin Jones, a tall TE like him is good in the redzone (see Joseph Fauria) but the defensive players target always the knees against tall players, will be hard for him stay healty

    The biggest problem last year for pats was the middle of the OL, they drafted a center.

  9. The 2014 Patriots is going to be the all-injury team

    It might play out that way.

    If not, look out AFC.

  10. Well I think we know who the new blocking tight end will be. Jones is apparently not a great route runner but I feel bad for almost any member of another team’s secondary or any of the smaller LBs out there that are on the receiving end of a block from this guy.

  11. TE Jones may be another Sudfeld. He caught 10 for 177 yards last season, and is not a great blocker, according to someone, I forget who. Hopefully he is a decent blocker, and maybe his QB didn’t see him at 6’8. We’ll see come training camp. Develin may end up playing TE, swapping in with one of the extra O line guys blocking at TE. They’ve done it before.

  12. “Sounds like another bitter Jet fan angry that their teams former HC is having much more success 150 miles north.”
    True, but it’s closer to 200 miles. I drove it last year to attend a Patriots training camp session. As a Patriots fan living in Jet territory, it was well worth it!

  13. Another draft goes by that clearly indicates when Brady retires the Pats will sink to the bottom of the NFL.

  14. Patriots are still better then the bills dolphins and the jets. They certainly draft better then the redskins or the vikings

  15. I love the Pats Free agent signings. at least 2 of the 3 have a real shot at making the game 1 roster. And the rest can be practice squanders if they bring the heat. If they have just good potential, Brady can make them great. If they have great potential, Brady can make them “Gronk”. They all have a huge shot on a championship caliber team.


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