Rams are leaning toward Robinson playing guard in 2014

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The Rams selected tackle Greg Robinson with the second overall pick in the draft. But Robinson may not be playing tackle in St. Louis, at least not initially.

Appearing on Monday’s edition of PFT Live, Rams G.M. Les Snead said that Robinson could begin his career in a different location on the offensive line, with starting left tackle Jake Long returning from a torn ACL.

“We really like Jake Long and we think he’s one of our best five offensive lineman,” Snead said. “His rehab is going as planned, so if it still continues to move down the path of being on schedule, he’ll be in the lineup Week One and right now Greg will be somewhere else on the line and right now it’s leaning towards a guard position.

“All through the process we talked about that and we’re actually jacked that he is there because, hey, Arizona, San Fran, Seattle, they’ve got really good [defensive tackles], [defensive] ends, linebackers. [Their] front sevens are really, really strong in our division and having good guards in Greg, whether it’s Greg, Roger Saffold getting out of those linebackers and being able to handle their defensive line, that’s going to really help us along the way.”

Snead explained that Saffold also will be playing guard, which would give the Rams one of the most potent tandems in the league on the interior offensive line.

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  1. So now not trading down for a haul looks even more curious now that they might have a Guard instead of a Tackle for one of these years. Yet he’s still worth the 2 pick and not a trade-down to maybe still even get him at a lower spot plus some material? You know there were high prices available based on what the Bills gave up, heck the Rams could have dealt with the Bills if they couldn’t find somebody with a better deal than that.

  2. Wow, maybe he really will be the next Larry Allen. Or…..they are petrified what will happen when Aldon Smith or Ahmad Brooks gets their hands on him….I think it’s scenario 2.

  3. So they drafted a guard with the second pick in the draft. Hard to believe they couldn’t have gotten someone who would make a more immediate impact at that spot.

  4. Agreed, they should’ve taken Jake Matthews. He’s a project at tackle. Kinda like Jason Smith.

  5. I always thought the connection between Jeff Fisher, and the Matthews family, made Jake Matthews a lock for the Rams to take at #2. But taking the more athletic/versatile Robinson makes more sense now.

  6. that’s a good move. let him work on his game and improve at guard. when he got picked Jon Gruden showed some plays that if he did in the NFL would likely draw flags. he has potential to be a stud tackle, but i think he needs developing and starting him off at guard will only help in his developing. good move Rams, plus they have great tackles starting anyway

  7. Jonathan Ogden went a similar route. Didn’t hurt his career any. What this does though is give us a pretty fair idea of high highly the Rams think of Joe Barksdale, the RT who really came on last year. Now if Scott Wells can stay healthy for once, the line could be pretty good this year.

  8. Jonathan Ogden (any of you old enough to remember him?) played his first season at guard. Same situation. The Ravens had guys to play tackle, so they played Ogden at guard.

    I remember it well, because they came into Jacksonville and just pounded us with that offensive line. It was brutal.

  9. Nothing wrong with him playing guard as long as Long is healthy. Heck 3 of their O-line men have all played LT at a high level in their careers. I think that is a plus.

  10. This is why the Fish as you jock sniffers call him has 141 career losses.. He really has no clue what he is doing… Don’t give me the toughest division crap, he struck gold with the rg3 deal, and still they are nothing more than mediocre.. Hard to believe he still has a job, and don’t think for a second the drafting of Sams wasn’t a political move to further his already lame ass resume…

  11. .
    The NFC West will be a war of attrition The team who has the fewest, or survives the most injuries will be at a huge advantage.

    As talented as the Seahawks are, if they get hit by the injury bug you’ve got Arizona, St Louis and the 49ers waiting to pounce like hungry jackals.

    This may be the strongest division from top to bottom in many years.


  12. Some comments on here are nuts. This guy should play on the OL for 10 years or more. Stick him inside at OG for one year and he’s going to beat the snot out of anyone across from him. That’s not a bad thing.

  13. They knew Greg was going to play LG the whole time.. That’s why Greg was picked.
    Moving Greg to LG will be easier than it would have been moving Jake..

    Jake Long getting all that money. He will NOT move. And NO ONE will start over him IF he can play.

  14. Anyone who thinks this is dumb is a fool. Ogden did the same thing his first year. This O-line will be brutal if they can stay healthy. As a Broncos fan I am now a bit more concerned about how difficult the Rams game could be for us.

  15. “We think Jake Long is one of our five best offensive linemen.”
    Well , I would certainly hope so , since you made him one of the highest paid players in the league.

  16. On one hand I really like what they are doing on the other hand STOP HOARDING LTs! You may have 3 better than SDs starting LT.

  17. Lmao, a guard with that high of a pick. You media hypes want to keep their grade as an A? Oh wait, it’s that high because they drafted the 1st gay.

    Wow, horrible!

  18. Its the right move for the personnel they have and the offensive scheme they’re going to run. He’s a great run blocker and Stacy should have 100+ every game. You give Bradford a solid running game and protection and he’ll be a top 5 QB.

  19. No way. He’ll be all pro left tackle this year. Even Fisher can see that.

  20. The armchair GMs on this site who in reality probably don’t even watch the Rams are pretty clueless. Long is probably gone after this season so Robinson can get his feet wet for a year learning to be a pass protector before he replaces Long and has to deal with the faster DEs.

  21. Long should be the one to play guard. No reason to select this guy #2 overall if you’re gonna play him at guard. Unless they plan on cutting Long if his rehab doesn’t go well, or he just becomes too expensive after this season.

  22. Maybe because the guy hardly ever passed blocked in college.

    It’s likely he’ll get ate up by that division when it comes to pass blocking. Let him learn a bit and then kick him out there next year.

  23. They should’ve drafted Watkins this is a passing league. Robinson is not an impact player Rams are chasing seahawaks , 49ners and cards your not going to it drafting a T/LG .

  24. Is Russell Wilson better than Sam Bradford?

    Yes and they won a SB in his second year. Rams will be going no where without a decent QB, not to mention one who is injured as often as RG3.

  25. People are overreacting. Just because he may start at guard doesn’t mean he is permanently a guard. Left tackles start at right tackle all the time before transitioning to RT to develop and gain experience before being thrust into protecting the qbs blindside. This isn’t much different.

  26. St Louis, where OLinemen slide into mediocrity? Have you even heard of Orlando Pace or are you just another bandwagon Seahags fan who only started following football since they got good?

  27. Actually Greg Robinson might be there most dominate O-Linemen. Auburn rushed for 325+ yards per game for a reason. Mostly behind this dude. If y’all don’t see this is a money move. Guards are cheaper than Left Tackles . And Jake just got paid. Gotta play em. And I doubt he last with those knees. And I Doubt very Seriously his upside is higher than Robinson. But we shall see.

  28. That’s really gonna help the back up Qb this year once Sam gets hurt or benched! Qb first round next year!

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