Ravens sign a 17-man undrafted rookie class


The Ravens signed a healthy 17-man undrafted rookie class, including a guy who probably would have been drafted if he were healthy.

North Carolina tackle James Hurst, who suffered a broken fibula in the Tar Heels’ bowl game, was among the list of players the Ravens signed.

Western Kentucky linebacker Xavius Boyd, Temple defensive tackle Levi Brown, Tennessee-Martin wide receiver Jeremy Butler, Northern Colorado wide receiver Jace Davis, Oklahoma State tackle Parker Graham, Virginia Tech defensive tackle Derrick Hopkins, Texas A&M cornerback Tramain Jacobs, Houston punter Richie Leone, Ashland defensive tackle Jamie Meder, Albany State safety Dexter Moody, North Carolina A&T cornerback Deji Olatoye, North Texas linebacker Zachary Orr, Utah State defensive tackle A.J. Pataiali’i, Oregon cornerback Avery Patterson, Middle Tennessee State cornerback Sammy Seamster and Iowa tackle Brett Van Sloten.


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  1. Baltimore Colts:
    3 NFL Championships vs Giants58(GreatestGameEverPlayed)/GiantsAgain59/Cleveland68
    1 Super Bowl V vs. Dallas-70

    Baltimore Ravens
    Super Bowls XXXV, XLVII vs. Giants-00 and 49ers-12

    I’m from Baltimore so I can’t count, but I think it’s more than you…as a side note when NFL our team was absent:

    Baltimore Stars
    1 USFL Championship vs. Oakland Invaders-85

    Baltimore Stallions
    1 CFL Grey Cup vs. Calgary Stampeders-95

  2. I guess you’ll have UDFA classes that big when you can’t afford to pay anybody

  3. I hope that Hurst emerges as another Ozzie free agent gem. Looks like he handled Clowney last year.

    Still can’t believe they didn’t address OT in the early portion of the draft… sigh.

  4. When your draft goes as poorly as the ravens did, stock-piling a bunch of rooks isn’t a bad strategy.

  5. wow…what a bunch of nonsense from fans of a. a team that can’t win a playoff game no matter how many chances they get. b. a team that can’t finish ahead of the Ravens and got Tebowed the last time they made the playoffs and c. a team that was last relevant in the mid 90’s and are the fifth best football team in Maryland.

  6. @crownofthehelmet… or we just have the tendency of turning our undrafted free agents into Super Bowl Champions and Pro Bowlers. Or we turn them into Bart Scott before he went to the Jets. Or Adalius Thomas before he went to the Patriots. Yeah dumb move picking these guys up.

  7. @ canedaddy:

    I’m a Ravens fan and I watched that same footage and more, but I have to be honest and call it like I see it. Even if healthy Hurst is a developmental player at best. His feet are a bit too slow for the NFL level, his (effective) upper body strength seems low, he has some issues anchoring in pass protection, and his hand positioning seems to need serious work–the quicker DLs (including Clowney) routinely exploited these issues and managed to get him turned around far more often than you’d like to see at the college level, where the talent isn’t as good.

    He may eventually turn into a productive lineman, but that’s likely at least a couple of years away. Even without the injury there’s no way he looks like a mid-round pick, as some have said.

  8. Hurst would of been a 6th rounder at best. He has upside but lets temper the enthusiasm on him. Ozzie has a track record of grabbing productive, undrafted talent, and considering how deep this draft is, i expect there to be a gem somewhere in them 17 youngin’s. I did hear the Ravens grabbed Jerry Rice Jr. but he was very unproductive in college so dont let the name fool ya. Anyways, I am a fan of what Ozzie did. Keeping the defense young, fast, and fresh will never hurt the team so I think we improved the squad for the future.

  9. After that poor draft, the Ravens are trending downward. Over half of the fanbase is livid with Ozzie about that draft.

  10. The Steelers finished in 2nd place last year and the Ravens in 3rd. I’d say that would mean the Steelers are a team that finished ahead of the Ravens…..

  11. If history can predict future success then Ravens just signed a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick. For the slower Steeler fans that means a gem is found, he dominates, leaves in FA for a big contract (usually Miami) then Ravens get a comp pick for the loss. THAT is the Ozzie formula.

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