Should Brady be upset that second-round pick was used on a quarterback?


The New England Patriots had an interesting draft weekend, from the decision not to trade out of round one to the decision to take a quarterback in round two to the decision not to trade quarterback Ryan Mallett to the decision not to pick Michael Sam to the reported leakage of their Johnny Manziel scouting report to Bill Belichick’s coinage of the phrase, “MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace.”

Tom Curran of CSN New England joined Monday’s PFT Live to break it all down.

Looming most large of the draft weekend was the decision to take Jimmy Garoppolo in round two when the team had plenty of other needs to fill.  Is Tom Brady miffed that they didn’t get someone with that pick who could help Brady win another Super Bowl or two?  Should he be?

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57 responses to “Should Brady be upset that second-round pick was used on a quarterback?

  1. Brady should not be upset that a 2d rounder was used on a QB, but he should be upset that a 2d rounder was not used on Michael Sam.

  2. Yes. I mean come on, I am not even close to a Patriots fan but I am the first to say this guy has done so much with so little for so long.

    Look at Denver. If he had an arsenal even close to that they would be the team to beat. Get the guy some weapons, now, before we all watch him be wasted into retirement.

  3. Well Brady chose to give them a team friendly contract so he doesn’t have financial leverage in the matter. Did he ask for input on how they build the team around him in exchange for what he agreed to for them?

  4. He’s got a supermodel wife who earns three times as much as him, He’s the face of the most successful franchise of the last decade, he has 3 rings and is the most winningest Qb ever to play the game and Women watch football because of him.

    So to sum up. No.

  5. Yes, he should be furious. He should start whining, threaten to leave and point. Because it couldnt be as bad as when they traded his best friend/#1 wide receiver on the team away, and he still went out and led them to the AFC game.

  6. They could have used a DB or OL honestly with that pick. The dude will ride the pine like Mallet for 3 years, and they’ll draft another QB in 3 years to replace him anyways.

  7. If Garoppolo developed into that kind of talent, it would be a wonderful problem for Bill and the Patriots, the likes of which I suspect most other teams and their fans would be most envious. For now, the only REAL problem rests with the teams who don’t have a Tom Brady.

  8. The most winningest franchise in the last decade? I beg to differ on that one.

    What have they won recently?

    The Patriots have been on a downward spiral since they got caught cheating.

  9. Nice straw man argument. I think Brady is happy at what this team has done this past offseason (Revis, Browner, LaFell, Smith, Easley, & a slew of big bodies on the OL to keep him upright).

  10. Pats are smart to think now about their QB situation vs. waiting for Brady to decide to hang em up and being caught w/o anyone groomed in the Patriot Way (ugh).

    Brady has 2-3 more years tops…When he retires you’ll have a smooth transition rather than blowing a top pick and immediately throwing a rookie into the fire, watching him flail in year 1 as he gets up to NFL speed and generally suck…

    Wish they would do it that way actually as Jets fan…

  11. Sorry but Garappolo is not a good QB should of drafted him a good TE to help with Gronks constant injuries. Garappolo is the next Brady Quinn.

  12. The guy has how many rings and MVP trophies, a supermodel wife and more endorsement money than he has time to count.

    Yeah, he’s beside himself with grief over a 2nd round draft pick.

  13. The Pats will announce sometime this summer that Brady is going to retire after the 2014 season. The system is well suited to him, but they need to be able to throw the deep ball when necessary, and he hasn’t been able to do that for several years now. Everybody always blames it on the receivers, but there’s far more to it. He simply hasn’t been accurate on balls traveling more than 20 yards, and the stats prove it.

    Mallett was never going to be the successor. Now they have that guy.

  14. Tom is one of the great QB’S of any generation, I just wish he was on my team, or if not, out of the AFC-East. Bill

  15. The Winningest Franchise for the last 20 years!The greatest coach and the winningest QB of all time. But if anyone knows who Belichick will play if there is any slippage it’s Tommy.

  16. What do people not get? This pick was made so that in 4 years the team has the ability to make a decision.

    In 4 years the team will reassess. It’s possible Brady keeps his job. It’s possible Brady wont want to play anymore. It’s possible Garoppolo doesn’t develop. It’s possible Garoppolo takes the job.

    Ask again after 2017.

  17. Hmm. Serves Tom Brady right for having the audacity to age.

    Seriously, draft picks are an investment, and just because you may not get a big return on that investment for a couple years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it.

  18. Should Brady be upset? In one sense, yes, because he’s true competitor. But the front office made the right decision. Take my Titans for instance–in 2005, they used their No. 1 pick on Pacman Jones instead of Aaron Rodgers because they didn’t want to “disrespect” Steve McNair.

    Sure, as a huge McNair fan, I would’ve been totally ticked at the time if they’d drafted Rodgers. However, one year later, when McNair was off the team, I would’ve started to see the light. And in hindsight now? The decision was absolutely criminal. (Pun intended.)

  19. The Patriots once again make a very smart move, but it’s lost on most people. This is a franchise that has had remarkable stability since 1993 when they drafted Drew Bledsoe. That’s twenty-one seasons who two starting quarterbacks, and the only season where they were without Bledsoe or Brady they went 11-5 because they know how to groom quarterbacks. I’ll take that record of success over any other team in the NFL.

    Belichick was spot on in saying it’s better to be early to this party than late. It’s not a question of when Garoppolo overtakes Brady, but more a question of whether or not the team will be ready if Brady gets hurt in 2015. Now they are at the very least prepared. At the very most, they have identified the next franchise quarterback; it’s just way too early to judge. But the early signs are good… Garoppolo is mature, has a good attitude and a fantastic throwing motion, and his scouted weaknesses are things that can be coached out of him. I love the pick.

  20. Come on. Father Time is undefeated and Brady is heading into, what, his 14th season? The wheels are going to come off at some point, might as well be prepared for when they do.

  21. Every Patriots fan knew they would draft a QB at some point in the draft as Mallett is a free agent next season. Could they have waited and gotten a development QB later in the draft and used that pick on someone who can help them now? Possibly but then again maybe Bill Belichick should get the opinion of some of the posters on PFT since they watch more film and work out the players ?

  22. Where was this article last year when the Broncos were using a 2nd round pick on a QB? Maybe that pick could have helped them stay within 30 points of Seattle.

  23. upset you ask? why yes, yes he should be. so upset in fact he takes his ball and goes home. for good. forever.

  24. Brady knows that Belichick is brilliant and is correctly preparing for the future. It’s an example of a very smart Coach/GM unemotionally looking ahead.
    The bigger story here is that Ryan Mallett is probably considered chopped liver by the super coach and appears to have a limited future in New England. Who knows, he might even get to play a game somewhere some day.

  25. They spent picks on wide outs (toys) last year, I can see maybe taking a pass rusher in the 2nd on account of not knowing what you’ll get out of Will Smith but they must have felt good about dude to draft him in the 2nd round and didn’t feel like the quality would be there later on in the draft like what they had with the Mallett pick.

    Short answer is yes they could always give Brady more immediate help but the Patriots are obviously looking at being prepared for the future. Brady could walk away after any season in the next couple years and it wouldn’t shock anyone.

  26. That would assume Tom doesn’t care about the fortunes of the team after he’s not starting.

    I don’t think Tom is that kind of person.

  27. Drafting a QB also gives them options later on this summer. If Jimmy G comes in looks like a legit option to back up Brady it makes trading Mallett a lot easier. Houston still may be looking at making a deal and there is also the possibility a QB gets hurt in training camp or some such. I don’t know that I believe that Mallett is not on the block…I think they want to wait and see what they have with the new kid.

  28. Heck no! He’s got his gold jacket waiting for him and wears 3 Super Bowl rings. I’m sure that last thing to top off his legacy is to groom a kid to keep his team winning after he’s retired.

  29. And in 2 years when Manning is eating apple sauce for every meal and falling asleep in Broncos meetings, the Patriots will already have a plan in place for the future.

  30. When Mallett becomes a free agent after next season, it is likely he will get a raise of 1.5-2 mil per season. Pats won’t pay that for a backup unless its emergency.

    So they save that cap money for four years and snag a couple of picks. Silly to think the Pats don’t like Mallett, but they won’t pay top dollar to keep him.

  31. Counting on a 2nd rounder to be your future starter? Good luck with that. The chances are very slim. Count up all of the 2nd round QBs and see what % of them ever held the starting job for 2 years or more for the same team. Very very low probability. And if you are going to claim that “Bill knows talent” – I would say that has not been the case over the past several years. And certainly not with Mallet.

  32. Back in the day, how did QB John Elway feel when the Broncos drafted Tommy Maddox instead of help at other positions to win immediately?

  33. What everyone has forgotten is Bilichick has zero fidelity to a player that isn’t either producing on the field or has some worth to him in trade. That is NE definition of fidelity and the “Patriot way.”

  34. You guys are silly. Brady would not be the Brady you know if he suddenly got traded to another team….even if they ran the same kind of offences that he has in New England

  35. Why should brady be upset? He has and had back ups before. He understands the business. He is a professional. He lost Wes and he moved on. Pats has a new qb, just another teammate. He will work hard and earn his position. That’s how he operates. He said he wants to earn his due everyday. The new one will have to do the same, earn his due everyday. It’s the patriot way. Like McGinnis said it’s a blue collar franchise. Brandon Spikes did not measure up so he was booted out. Garropolo has a lot of work to do and he’s willing to learn. Brady will treat him the way he treated his other back ups. He has to measure up. Brady will not relinquish that position readily. The only time that Brady will be upset is when Garropolo or his back ups proved better than he is. But like Dan Marino said, Brady is not done yet.

  36. The story is a loaded one, everyone knows Tom will be going off to other things and age plus injuries catch up with all pro/amature athletes. Brady doesn’t get upset by trivial things usually, he’s not Peyton in that respect. He knows time and tide wait for no man and he’ll pull anchor and sail when his tide is right. I wish him the best in all aspects of his life, he’s gotten the most out of his situation after all and I can see him moving on and up to dominate some other endeavor in the not too distant future.
    I’ve enjoyed his playing and envy his ability and his life in general as most men would, he’s done more with his abilities than just play at a high level for a very long time and made many fans and detractors shout his name in victory and defeat. Garoppolo may or may not develop into his replacement/back up, Mallet has an arm but doesn’t impress with his decision making or his presence, seems to get happy feet whenever he senses peril(boogie man).
    The hope of this NFL fan is when he moves on another will out do his record setting career, out do his personal acheivements but it’ll be a very long time befor ANYONE out does both at the same time.

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