Andre Johnson wonders aloud about Texans future

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The Texans opened minicamp last week without veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson, and then failed to add a quarterback of substance during the NFL Draft.

And in the days since, it doesn’t sound like Johnson is thrilled with the direction of the franchise, saying he wondered “is this still the place for me?”

This offseason has been very frustrating for me,” Johnson said, via the Houston Chronicle.

Johnson, speaking at a charity event, said he hadn’t asked for a trade, but won’t be reporting to voluntary OTAs or minicamp.

He said he’s talking to team officials weekly, but was clearly bothered by something, saying he was in a “situation,” and that he’d see “what happens.”

Texans owner Bob McNair might not be worried about the team’s quarterback situation after a 2-14 season, but the 32-year-old Johnson doesn’t have to be thrilled about catching passes from the law firm of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tom Savage, Case Keenum and T.J. Yates.

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  1. A trade to the Raiders would make sense. Johnson and Schaub get along great and it would solidify the Raider’s WR.

  2. Ryan Mallett, Tom Savage, Case Keenum and all those other below-average QB’s cant get it done and cant get the ball to this guy. Houston needs a legit No.1 QB becuz they dont have one on the roster and Mallett isn’t much more than a solid backup, but they have a better back-up in Fitzpatrick, so really, idk why they would even want Mallett in the first place. Needless to say, their QB room is filled with mediocrity.

  3. Can you blame him. Guys been one of the best receivers the last ten years and the garbage franchise hasn’t given him a great qb. He deserves better. Just like Fitzgerald

  4. Can’t really blame him. At 32, he’s at the tail end of his prime and he knows it.

  5. Andre deserves to be traded to a contender.. He’s given the Texans all he has and some while never complaining! I’d love to see them work things out, but if not I can’t be mad at him for being selfish once in his career..

  6. Dez Bryant walks off the field early before the clock his 0:00…and everyone is on his back….

    Andre Johnson does the same thing…and no one says anything….

  7. Would suck to lose the game first HOF player! But if he isn’t happy and wants to go that may be the best for everybody.

  8. I’m not a Texan’s fan, but I am a fan of Andre. He’s always doing charity work, he gives and gives, never stops. Great receiver, and good character. Don’t worry Texan fans, you have a great, new head coach in Billy O’Brien. He’ll have something up his sleeve for a new qb, he won’t leave you hanging.

  9. You can’t really appreciate someone’s play to the fullest without seeing them in person. As a Colt’s fan, I have seen Johnson beast out against the Colts and I don’t blame him for being confused with what is going on with the QB in Texas. Again as a Colts fan, I am very cool with it, but do not understand it. Maybe Mullet from the Pats is coming to Texas, hope not, but if not, much more scared of the D with JJ and Clowney and Cushing, than anything the Texans are doing on offense and that is puzzling.

  10. Well, maybe a shorter contract should have been signed. A lot happens in the NFL during a 6 year time span.

  11. He won’t be traded. It’s just fantasy. His cap number is way to big to be moved, no team can afford a 15 million dollar hit at this point.

    He’d have to slash his salary in half to even get discussions to begin. And there’s no way any player in their right mind would do anything like that.

  12. I agree with commenters above- New England or Cleveland would be great fits. My Raiders would be great too, but not too sure how he likes Schaub given how much jawing they were doing on the sidelines last year.

  13. For all the “Mallett isn’t more than a back up talk” there has to be the “Mallett had all the intangibles of a franchise QB” coming out of the draft.

    He’s got the right physical make up. He’s proven over the last couple of years that the off field issues n which dropped his draft status seems behind him. And love or hate Brady, he’s been learning from one of the best QBs to ever play the game and coach for that matter.

    Not to mention he’d cost less than an unproven rookie some team spent 1-3 rd pick on

  14. Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald always come to mind when I think of the criticisms that Randy Moss endured during his career. When he was with garbage at QB, he let you know it, lol. These two guys are the flip side because they stayed loyal and believed in the program, and are now near the end of the road with nothing but meaningless stats to show for it all. At least with Fitzgerald, he got to play with a Hall of Famer for 3 years. Poor Andre Johnson can’t even remotely say that.

  15. What an ungraceful crybaby. 1st he signs a stupid contract then begs for a new one a year later, then yells at his QB last year and now laminates about his future?

    But as always some foolish team will give up value for a WR even though he’s done diddly squat to help the Texans do anything in the postseason.

  16. mcnair and smith are idiots for not trying to get a real #1 qb. i wouldn’t want to play for this stinker of a team either. it’s too bad because both the fans and players like AJ deserve better.

  17. Too bad to see this attitude out of a guy who’s been a mainstay of the franchise for most of its existence. Last year was a train wreck, but they had playoff appearances in 2011 and ’12.

    Understandable to be frustrated, not so good to blab about it to the media.

  18. Sorry Andre, the Vikes and Slick Rick Spielman stole Teddy B. under the Texans nose, and now you don’t have a franchise QB.

    You deserve better……follow Bridgewater to Minny and you will see what a future franchise QB is!!!!

  19. If he really means it he should take a huge pay cut to make it work. I mean friggin huge. Contending teams have no cap room cruddy teams do so to go play for a contender with a great qb he will have to loose at least 10 million in salary.

    Work for peanuts a great team will make it happen.

  20. As a Titans fan, Andre Johnson has easily been the Texan I’ve admired the most all these years.

    Runner-up would be David Carr–but that’s a whole other story …

  21. Very interesting is Obrien one of these guys that thinks he’s such a genius he doesn’t need a great player at quarterback he had many opportunities to get anyone of the top guys in this draft and didn’t do it Tom Savage is a developmental project. anyway I’d be happy to take Johnson off the Texans hands

  22. I’m not sure what options the Texans have had. They invested a lot in Schaub, rightly or wrongly, and did not want to make a #1-#1 mistake in the draft, just to take a QB. On the other hand, there is not much out there in the free agent market or up for trade. They have promised much and delivered little. If it wasn’t for the Bengals, they wouldn’t have a single playoff win.
    Its a business and sometimes things don’t line up right. In retrospect, they probably should have rolled the dice and taken Johnny Football. It certainly would have been exciting for a couple of years. Sometimes you can play too close to the vest. They did the safer, conservative thing, but this isn’t banking; its sports and entertainment. Fans have to have something to get fired up about. Winiing games 10 to 6 just doesn’t do it.

  23. Cant blame him. The Texans have the #1 overall pick in the draft, finish with 14 straight losses, and the whole world has known since October that their biggest off season need is a QB. And the best answer their front office comes up with is Tom Savage? What a joke.

  24. “Hey Bob and Rick you might want to listen up. You don’t want AJ mad at you!!!”

    Cortland Finnegan

  25. He just wants to win. Trade him to a contender that needs a receiver for a draft pick. He can still play with the best so you can probably get a first rounder since they are trying to rebuild anyway.

  26. Got to suck, to be one of those elite franchise decade players, who’s career ends up with just bumps and bruises and no ring to put on those special hands.
    And now at the end, your right back where you started w/ a college coaching staff, a clueless owner, and a GM Smith who’s ego is as big as the new jumbo screens. Poor guy knows it’s not going to happen, that must be the hard part to swallow…. what a shame… and great start for team w/ your top leader on and off the field, not wanting to even show up for work…. Can’t blame him, it’s a shame…

  27. Not a Colts fan but belongs there to finish his career. The perfect fit for a guy with 4 years left. There or Seattle

  28. Honestly though… we knew this was coming. He’s getting older, he wants to win now. I don’t blame him. A trade for Mallet seems to be the popular option of twitter right now.

    I’ll definitely have to change my username now….. 😦

  29. When Keenum had his first start, you could see how little of Johnson’s potential was being used. Unfortunately, Keenum never played like he did that night for the rest of the season.

  30. I was saying 5 years ago they should have released him to a team that was going places. It’s like the old saying, “If you love something, let it go. If it returns to you in a Patriots jersey you are screwed.”

  31. Cleveland will be desperate for a top WR to help das wunderkind, Johnny Football, and they are stacked with draft picks next year after the Bills traded up for Sammy Watkins.

  32. Buzz on the street is he, Houston, and Pittsburgh have a deal in the making for next years 3rd round draft pick and a conditional pick for the following year. Just waiting to pass the physical.

  33. Keep your wondering to yourself. You are an employee. Show up put up and shut up.. Who do you think you are Jerry Rice….

  34. Raider fans are funny..Why would he want to jump from one burning dumpster fire to another?

  35. Trade or release he’s a big cap hit for the Texans since they deferred so much of his salary. I don’t see either happening unless some team makes a crazy offer.

  36. The problem here is he’s the greatest player in Texans history and does 1) the owner 2) management and 3) the fans have unrealistic expectations for what his value currently is.
    Mallett and a draft pick sounds like an insult but probably isn’t. He’s still a good player but 32 years old and his breakaway speed has all but vanished.

  37. I can understand his frustration, but, there were no legit franchise QB solutions in this year’s draft or FA. Maybe they found a diamond in Savage. Regardless, bite the bullet this year with Savage or The Amish Rifle and try to snag Marcus Mariota next May.

  38. Schaub and Johnson do not get along. He walked off the field last year after an argument with Schaub.

    The Pats could send Mallet and a higher draft pick over to the Texans for him.

  39. Trade him to the colts… if they will give a 1st for a sorry trent richardson, we should be able to jack them for at least (3) 1st round picks for andre.

    Signed, HTown

  40. Spoiler Alert: The only way Andre Johnson is getting out of Houston this season is via retirement. The cap hit is much too large for him to be cut or traded.

  41. Don’t know that Houston is without a legit QB option. Ryan Fitz has always been at least decent, and having Andre Johnson as one of his WR’s would make him better. Savage has a lot of ability and potential, but is likely going to take a year or two to really get his bearings in the NFL.
    If a trade is in the works, Cleveland would be the perfect intersection of need and opportunity for Johnson, with a franchise that has considerable talent and the wherewithal in next years draft to make it happen if they really want to…

  42. I am an Andre Johnson fan, however Houston’s championship future does not coincide with Andre’s NFL longevity. If being a Texan for life conflicts with your NFL ambitions Andre, I understand. Good luck with your future team.

  43. How would it look if Andre was the solution for Cleveland being without Josh Gordon for the year…Farmer should be tripping over himself to get to the phone. I would be tempted to give up the 1st I got from Buffalo for AJ.

  44. ray farmer of the cleveland browns on line #1
    mr. mcnair we can trade the 1st round 2015 pick the bill gave us for johnson
    its a win-win

  45. The Cincinnati Bengals need a REAL #2 wide receiver.

    Marvin Jones is a legitimate #3 NFL wide receiver.
    ENOUGH with pretending he’s a viable #2 solution.

  46. Johnson for Hoyer haha, I laughed.

    Seriously though, the Browns need to keep their eye on this.

    What to do with Josh Gordon is the more pressing matter. If it’s true do you cut him?

  47. Raiders should trade for him. I know he and Schaub had their spats but it was a terrible situation in Houston last year for everyone.

    Besides, if Schaub sucks then Derek Carr can take over in a year or two. AJ started his career receiving passes from David, and he can play the last few years of his career with Derek. The Carr circle will be complete!

  48. Well you have to see how the personnel adjust to the Parcells Two-gap that Crennel will run. They have the ability to be sucessful at it, but the stats will drop.

    The passing “O” will suck with the current QB’s

    Needed someone at QB. Fitzpatrick? Hasn’t been the answer since he left Harvard.

  49. It’s incredible. Houston traded Schaub,signed Fitzpatrick (like he was an upgrade) and then,drafted Savage to go with Keenum and Yates. I’m pretty sure Keenum is the odd man out,so I can understand Johnson’s frustration. One bad season and a rising team is back to square one offensively. Despite drafting Clowney,their defense is not on par with a team like Seattle’s that can dominate all around. I also doubt even Cleveland is desperate enough to trade for a 32 year old WR with such a cap hit that’ll be just as disgruntled there as in Houston. Sad to say,but the Texans’ window just closed a little,and if Arian Foster gets hurt again,you might as well shut it and wait for the draft again.

  50. Detroit should trade Suh for him. NFC North is all about offense anyway. Suh would make the ultimate D in Houston. Detroit would be lightin it up Johnson and Johnson style. Just a thought..

  51. come to the chiefs, well I wish but cap space wouldnt allow it but I can dream can’t I?

  52. Way to go Matt, Gary and Rick Smith. We were an awesome team but led by TJ Yates of all people team in the playoffs 2 years ago and now you’re the worst team in the NFL with oh… nobody from that good team left because our backups were better than the the starters supposedly. You people not only screwed that up you managed to piss of the classiest guy in the NFL. You and Finnagin are the only screw ups who could – Season Ticket Holder since Day 1

  53. Got an idea since he went to the U of Miami–the Dolphins send the Texans Mike Wallace while the Texans send the Dolphins Andre Johnson…

    Never mind, Texans, you coulda had Johnny Football!

  54. “failed to add a quarterback of substance during the draft.”
    Was there a quarterback of substance in this draft? Not sure there was….. Texans made the right moves for the team. There was not a quarterback in this draft that would have made the Texans an offensive powerhouse, they may have been able to draft a qb in the late rounds that would help next year, but why? Why not wait until next year and go after a qb with a higher ceiling that can start right away. Andre Johnson WAS the face of the franchise but J.J. Watt is the face now and the Texans have loads of other young talent that will be there when the Texans find a franchise QB that will take them all the way. Good Move Texans!

  55. pitt4059 says:
    May 13, 2014 4:27 PM
    Buzz on the street is he, Houston, and Pittsburgh have a deal in the making for next years 3rd round draft pick and a conditional pick for the following year. Just waiting to pass the physical.


    also the steelers dont pay big money like that for players…his cap number is 15-16 million per year over next few years…not happening!!!

  56. well first off andre’s cap number is 15-16 million per year over the next 3 years..secondly most contenders are up against the cap already so being traded to a mediocre team would be a latteral move..texans even if they did trade him are not gonna just give him away nd they will prob not trade him within the afc either!!! its amazing he would throw away his legacy in houston..when you hear texans you think andre johnson.. dont remember barry sanders complaining when he was in detroit.. andre is going into the hof as a texan,my gut tells me he is in this way telkign the texans they better try to get a better option at qb..whether it be thru trade or something…

  57. also for all of you people saying they should have drafted a qb higher….FYI-none of those earlier qb’s drafted are gonna be starters this year so it wouldnt make a difference!! get over it!!

    if he were traded an ideal place would be san diego!! be the #1 and compliment with keenan allen and co with gates..would be a perfect match with rivers throwing the ball to him…. but like i said i dont think he would be moved within the afc and texans arent giving him away and no contender is gonna be able to trde for him with his high salary and cap # of 15-16 million…

  58. I really don’t want him to leave, but I can’t blame him. He wanted a QB, and the Texans failed to give him one. They had the chance, and they failed. Defense MAY be better, but to lose the heart and soul of the team, not worth it. Defense doesn’t always win the game, and Johnson knew this. Whatever he does, he’ll always be my favorite player and I’ll root for him no matter where he goes.

  59. I hope Brady’s on the phone with him right now convincing him to come to New England.

  60. It’s not surprising he’s upset. The team traded away Schaub, which probably upset him at least a little bit since they were so close. Then they sign Fitzpatrick, which clearly was apparent that he was just being brought in as a veteran presence to help mentor a young, future franchise QB.

    Then, they skip all of the first round QB’s, wait until the 4th round and draft Savage, who’s only looked upon as a project AT BEST. Which means the team will go into next season with Fitzpatrick, a below-average QB, starting for the team.

    Yeah, I would be pretty upset as well.

  61. I feel for Andre as a guy facing the end of his career with no ring in sight, but disagree completely with those that say the team flaked by not picking up a QB until Savage. There were no franchise QBs in this draft. They did the right thing. Their team will be better in the long run because of the decisions they made last week. Reaching for a QB just because you need one is what teams like Cleveland do . The Texans are better than that.

  62. Listened to the audio and all he said is he was thinking about his future and thats pretty much it. He is just thinking like an old veteran should when you have been through more bad seasons than good. AJ isnt going anywhere bc Houston is his home and he is our Superstar best wr in the game!

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