Bears agree with seventh-round pick Charles Leno Jr.


The Bears continue to quickly strike deals with their draft picks.

The club announced Tuesday it had agreed to a four-year contract with offensive tackle Charles Leno Jr., a seventh-round selection from Boise State.

Leno Jr. (6-4, 303) started 39 games for the Broncos. According to the club’s website, G.M. Phil Emery indicated Leno Jr. will vie for a backup role at tackle.

The Bears announced agreements with safety Brock Vereen (fourth-round pick) and quarterback David Fales (sixth-round pick) on Monday. Vereen, Fales and Leno Jr. are the first 2014 draft picks to reach contract agreements as announced by clubs.

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  1. One thing I have admired about the Bears, since the Cedric Benson hold out, they have made a big effort to get their draft picks signed early.
    Since then, if they weren’t the first to have all their draftee’s signed they were certainly in the top 3 in getting it done.

    Not a Bears fan but I like they way they don’t wait until July to start signing players.

    The draft and off season are not done until the players are signed. After the draft is no time for GM’s and negotiators to go on vacation.

  2. Cliff Stein is one of the most under-appreciated assets on any team in the league. Consistently has the majority of the Bears draft picks under contract before most teams sign their first one. he set a target for getting them done this week, and he has already 3 of 8 done. Ferguson may be next, especially since his reason for going pro is to support his mom, who was injured on the job.

    I think Leno competes with and ultimately replaces James Brown as a swing lineman, so Britton, Leno, and DeLa Puente are the depth guys on the OL behind the starters…pretty solid group compared to the crap we trotted out there just 2 years ago. Offensive line is becoming a strength position on this team….when’s the last time we could say that about the Bears? 1984? 1999?..certainly not since Lovie and Angelo came to Chicago.

  3. I’m a Packers fan, and it’s interesting to me to see the Bears now in competent hands. The team seems more focused on winning vs. hypersensitive to what the Packers are doing.

    For awhile it seemed like the Bears draft strategy was basically to pick who they thought the Packers would pick. Now it seems like they have a man with a plan.

    Sad on one hand, but good for the overall quality of the division. Still a two horse race betwee GB and Chi for 2014 baring some injury.

  4. You can say what you want about the Bears, but since the new regime has been in place here, things just seem to get done properly with regard to signing free agents and getting their draft needs addressed & signed. Of course time will how everyone pans out, but they did fairly well in the last draft & free agency with respect to the offensive line, so I’m optimistic.
    Of course the bottom line is that they need to improve the defense if they have any shot at getting past Green Bay, San Fran, Seattle, etc., but I think the gap is closing, albeit slowly. If (and it’s a big if) Cutler can stay healthy and have the same success as last year and if the defense can make some pretty large improvements, this team is going in the right direction to at least compete for a Wild Card spot.

  5. fnc111,
    Really? They were a few minutes away from the playoffs last season and with a defense that couldn’t stop a high school team. There’s no question that the defense will improve. Yes Cutler can be an enigma at times, but he has what it takes to win games. He’s in a good system for once and it’s now or never as far as I’m concerned. And lets not forget what we’ve had at QB here for the past twenty years prior to Cutler. Cutler is by far the best QB they’ve had since McMahon.

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