Browns, Joe Haden agree to new contract through 2019


The Browns are making a long-term commitment to Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden.

Haden, who has been with the Browns since they chose him with the seventh overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft, has agreed to a new contract that will keep him in Cleveland through the 2019 season. A league source tells PFT that the deal includes a $14 million signing bonus, $22 million fully guaranteed at signing and another $23 million guaranteed for injury. The signing bonus, the full guarantee and the amount guaranteed for injury all surpass the deal that Richard Sherman just signed with Seattle.

It’s a big move for the Browns, and one that should bolster the optimism in Cleveland generated by the Browns’ draft, which netted cornerback Justin Gilbert and quarterback Johnny Manziel in the first round.

Haden has played well in Cleveland since Day One, and although he’ll be adjusting to a new defense with new coach Mike Pettine, the Browns apparently have no doubt that he’s one of the players they want to build their team around. He’s a talented player, and having just turned 25 last month, he should have many good years left in Cleveland.

Despite the circus that was the start of their offseason, and the recent report that star receiver Josh Gordon is facing a potential drug suspension, there are a lot of reasons to like what the Browns are doing right now. Getting Haden locked up is one more reason to think the Browns might finally be building a winner.

84 responses to “Browns, Joe Haden agree to new contract through 2019

  1. Well I predicted before FA even started that this team would be in the best position to win the division this year, and now they have yet another extra 1st Round pick to keep building more of a lead over the rest of their rivals. Things are looking up for Cleveland right now.

  2. Cleveland’s offense is probably not going to wow anyone this year, but they’ve made some solid moves on defense without question. Looks like Farmer may have that team headed in the right direction, which will be a welcome change for Browns fans. That fan-base deserves better, even if their semi-slimy owner may not.

  3. Good for him, now Peterson should get his too. They both deserve more than Sherman simply because they cover number ones and don’t get most of their INTs from terrible QBs and Eli Manning

  4. Awesome! Now we get to watch him for 5 more years get abused by antonio brown! Watching haden try to cover brown the last few years has been absolutely hysterical! #owned

  5. It just keeps getting worse and worse for the Browns first wasting a pick on Manziel and now this? Haden is a good player but they shouldn’t pay him like he’s an elite player he’s far from one. I guess they have to overpay to keep good players there but this is way too much money. This new front office in Cleveland is worse than the old one this team will be destroyed in no time bc the damage they’re doing is long term like this contract they just gave out to someone who isn’t even a top 10 CB and would be the number 2 corner on all the elite teams not the number 1.

  6. Top 5 CB’s in the NFL 2014-2015 season.

    1. Darelle Revis
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Xavier Rhodes
    4. Joe Haden
    5. Captain Munnerlyn

  7. Sherman is more mouth than play on the field. Most you folks eat him right up. Hilarious. Haden can on the left side of the field and on the right. Youre not a shutdown corner if you cant shutdown the field. Seattle dynasty is over. Everyone is wanting to get paid this year.


    1) Is GM job really this easy?


    2)Is Ray Farmer that much better than all the other misfits we have had running office for the last 25 years?

    Great Job Mr. Farmer!!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  9. He’s better than Richard Sherman. I wouldn’t want my team spending that much on a single CB, but he deserves a contract like Sherman’s.

  10. Joe is not “elite” (hate that word), but he is a very good CB in this league. Even more importantly, he is a very good player that wants to be in Cleveland and has made that known since day 1. He is very active in the community and is a great ambassador for the Browns. This is a sign of things to come for the Browns. The team is improving, and the players on the team can see it as well. He could have landed this contract on the free market but chose to stay in Cleveland. Kudos to the Browns and congratulations to Joe. Us fans are very happy to have you around for a long long time.

  11. A good corner for sure, probably better than average, but NOT elite like Sherman or Revis. It’s not my money, but it seems that they are over-paying just a bit. I hope he is motivated to play up to the contract. Go Browns!

  12. Huh, they paid him more than Sherman? Sherman had all the leverage (INT, SB, etc) to get a monster contract. Figured Cleveland had a good comparison to pay Haden a bit less since he hasn’t accomplished as much as Sherman.

    Regardless Haden is a stud and good for him for getting as much money as possible.

  13. Since A. Brown has performance incentives, signing Haden is putting money directly into Brown’s pocket.

  14. Man, if Johnny Football and Justin Gilbert are good, this team will be competitive for a long time.

    Gilbert with Haden might give Cleveland the best CB tandem in the league one day soon. Pettine is a good defensive mind and leader.

    After the weirdest offseason in recent NFL history, things are looking up for the Brownies.

  15. Haslam has the team headed in the right direction and the money to complete a deal like this. Haden is one of the three best corner back’s in the league. Lots if Pro Bowl talent on this team and they are not far off from being a legitimate contender every year. Steelers are on a downslide with aging players and Cincy never gets past the first round. Browns may compete for division sooner than later!

  16. Totally unbiased opinion here (charger fan) Hayden is hands down the best corner in the league. Sherman covers #2s like 75% of the time. Revis had two good seasons in which the NY media blew him up. Joe Hayden on the other hand has been a shut down corner since day one, on top of that he keeps his mouth closed and his head on his shoulders. It’s a shame not more guys like this aren’t given the spotlight they deserve.

  17. HAHAHAHA. That’s why you are the CLEVELAND BROWNS!!! You pay MEDIOCRE DBS the money of ALL PRO SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!! Good news for JOE is he can watch the BEST CORNER IN THE LEAGUE and his teammates win it again and again while he and the browns win 5-7 games A SEASON!!! But hey. At least now the team can head over to Joes to watch the HAWKS DYNASTY as he will now have a pretty nice television!!!!!


  18. miserablesince99 says:
    May 13, 2014 12:22 PM

    Great signing. Curious if gets Sherman money


    No need to be curious, read the article above, he did!

  19. Hey all you Sherman haters, you guys are the only ones bringing up Sherman. This article is about Haden, not Sherman, so why be so obsessed about a Seahawks CB? Say what you want about Richard, but he’s in your heads. And he’s probably happy for Haden right now.

    Props to Cleveland and congrats to Haden, he’s a great CB and the Browns do look like they’re building a winner. Which is a great thing because they have awesome fans who deserve it.

  20. I have no idea how good he is since Cleveland games are never on national TV but if he is and the Browns want to give it to him good for him.

    Just one question though, when it was announced that Sherman got a great deal PFT was all negative about the financial impact. I see nothing like that in this article yet Cleveland will be facing the exact same cap hit, maybe more if the story is true that it’s for more money. So why all the positive spin MDS?

    Michael David Smith replies: I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I never wrote anything negative about the financial impact of Sherman’s deal.

  21. All the Haden haters need to see how he’s owned AJ Green in 6 games during his 3 years with CIN!

  22. In 1985 we had a similar situation– new coach, promising new QB (Bernie) and other new pieces. We eeked out an 8-8 record and made the playoffs. Then we went 12-4 in 1986, 10-5 in 1987, 10-6 in 1988 and 9-6 in 1989. We made the playoffs every year.

    I’d be THRILLED if this was the beginning of a run like that. Yeah…we didn’t win the big one. But at least we were in the hunt and playing meaningful games in December and January.

  23. I’m a huge Browns/Haden fan and like the signing, but I have to question the guaranteed amount. Three points:

    1) While Haden is very good (pro-bowl caliber) I don’t think he is AS GOOD a talent as Sherman.

    2) While I like Haden’s attitude – contrasted with that of Sherman – so that helps bolster his monetary value, IMO. Still…

    3) For all his antics Sherman has yet to be suspended from any games. Joe missed two last year and I think that should’ve been factored in.

    Ultimately I wish they could’ve had him but paid him just under what Sherman got. Still, overall good for Haden and good for the Browns.

  24. l0glcalv0icesays says:
    May 13, 2014 12:47 PM
    He’s not nearly as good as DeAngelo Hall. #HTTR #BurgandyAndGoldStandard

    Standard of what?, being irrelevant?

  25. Keenan Lewis is the same as Haden, maybe slightly below and Lewis’ salary avg. $5mm. Loomis is a wizard.

  26. Good move by the Browns, their fans have had it rough recently. An obvious move maybe but those count too. As a Steelers fan I kinda hate that guy, but he should be getting masterlock commercial endorsement cash. He’s lockdown.

  27. Yessss!

    I’m no more an expert at evaluating football talent than any of the other keyboard cowboys on this post. I do know he played well, he likes Cleveland, and the Browns have locked him up for the immediate future. That makes me happy. Only fellow Browns fans could relate.

    In “RAY” we trust!!!

    Timmons, get over it. Mack & his agent played the Jaguars to get “elite” money. He, like Joe Thomas, wanted to stay in Cleveland. Get a life!

  28. Very happy for the kid from Fort Washington, MD. Absolutely well deserved.

    Seriously though…people realize that their hatred for Richard Sherman doesn’t make him any less talented, right? They guy talks but the guy produces. As long as he keeps doing the latter that’s all that matters.

  29. I don’t get this move in 1 particular way. I’m ok with it if you really like Joe Haden & want to give him top of the markey money. But if you’re prepared to give him the most money, why do it before his original contract is up? It’s not like if he goes to FA he’s going to sign somewhere else for less money. Unless I’m missing something….

  30. I’m guilty as this as well but Hayden gets forgotten about. may be a top 2 or 3 cb in this game. He gets no love cause he plays in the world’s worst org. So underrated. Guy is a true lock down. Ask aj green.

  31. The only reason to lock a player up early is to get him for less money than if he was a Free Agent. Maybe I’m nitpicking, he’s a great player & it certainly doesn’t hurt having him locked up.

  32. And it’s already started. Browns have Manziel so now the media considers them their darling and this is a “Great move” to “build a winner”

    #1 They will be paying a fortune for him. They also just overpaid for Dansby & Whitner. Soon, they will be taking HUGE cap hits on overpaid, old, overrated players. So by the time it gets to 2019 they wont have anyone good left to surround Hayden. How is that building a future?

    #2 The article points out how Hayden has been there since 2010- they haven’t won more than 5 games in any of his time there. So why are we pretending like he is the end all be all difference maker? They still have no QB (yes, that means Johnny football too), so why would this even be relevant if they literally haven’t improved since hes been there?

  33. Cleveland had to pay a loser tax. It is why they had to pay him more than Sherman. Revis still will want the gross GDP of Uruguay in pay next season from who ever signs him though, regardless if they are a winner or not.

  34. Look. It’s not rocket science. If Mack is worth $8 million a year, then Hayden is worth $13.5 million a year. Why is that even remotely complicated. Pull out your Brown’s Calculator.

  35. If your team has a top CB in the pass happy NFL, you lock the man down with a contract. Maybe the 2nd most important position on the field next to QB.

  36. To the guy that made the comment about Brown owning Haden, every CB has 1 or 2 WRs that they have trouble with. Peterson has Crabtree. Sherman had Hilton and Stevie Johnson. Some player have other players number. It’s natural.

  37. I’m just happy Sherman got signed before Haden and Peterson, he was the highest paid CB for about a week.

  38. Now, word to the wise Mr. Hayden and advisors. Mr. Haslam, it appears, learned in a lifetime of building his family business how to create contracts that promised X and delivered far less than X to his customers, in particular the small and medium sized ones. I suggest you pay close attention to the “fine print”.

  39. Haden is a solid CB. Solid player. That much guaranteed money no way. Makes zero sense. His agent wins agent of the year already in May.

    Hes no where near Richard Sherman or Patrick Peterson

  40. Very good player & he seems like a very good guy BUT that contract is insane!!! $45 Million guaranteed for a CB??? I said the same thing about Sherman’s contract as well. All I know is that the league better keep raising that salary cap.

    Patriot fans better brace for a Revis holdout. Lol. Actually??? I wouldn’t be shocked.

  41. As long as he dont get injured the deal is a bargin. Great cleveland browns player and a huge asset to the city of cleveland. This guy does more charity than any play i have seen in my life time. He visited a 8th grader my son goes to school with that has bone cancer. It was so heart warmer to see a guy take the time out of his busy schedule to visit a 8th grader. Awsome Guy . real down to earth . Should be a walter payton award finalist every year.

  42. Breaking the bank for players after they win you a superbowl is the way to do it. See the Seahawks and Ravens.
    Breaking the bank for players before you win one is crazy and dumb. See the Broncos, Lions, Dolphins, and now the Browns.

  43. For those who think Hadens contract is more than Shermans, its not. Its one year longer but averages out at 13.6 mil a year and Shermans is 14 mil a year.

    Also, Haden deserves it. Great leader on and off the field. Shutdowns other teams #1’s routinely. Only 25 years old.

  44. I see a lot of people mentioning Richard Sherman. Fact is Sherman got a Superbowl contract. For those who don’t know what that is it’s when a player becomes overhyped due to a Superbowl appearance and gets a monster contract despite whether they actually deserve it or not (in other words you can be average during the regular season but if you have a great game when everyone is watching you’re “elite”).

    Fact is Sherman is very good AGAINST #2 RECEIVERS. His biggest moment of his career was covering Michael Crabtree in the NFC title game NOT Anquan Boldin.

    Compare this to Joe Hayden who is always going against teams #1 guys and more often then not shutting them down consistently he would probably demand a lot more than Sherman would if they ever hit the open market. Remember AJ Green and Calvin Johnson (two of the best in the league at their position) are still waiting for their first breakout game against the Browns. Remember one of the biggest stories last year was Khris Durhams breakout game with the Lions against the Browns last year. That’s because Stafford and co refused to even attempt to throw in Haydens direction after Johnson got shut down in the first half of that game. How many CB’s can say that?

  45. he got more money than sherman because he is better than sherman, seattle paid a CB $40 mil to cover the 2nd and 3rd best recievers on the other team, system player.

  46. Great commitment to a great football player and a great guy off the field. Joe is a class act all the way, great representative of the people of Cleveland. I think he could’ve chose to hit the open market and made the same money or more with another team, but he chose to stay in Cleveland which means a lot to the fans. When you have turds taking their talents elsewhere to join a stacked team, it’s refreshing to see Haden display real loyalty. Joe knows they are building something special in Beleiveland, and he wants to be a part of it, after going through the tough times, the title he will help bring to Cleveland will be so much sweeter there, and the town will go crazy, as opposed to most other NFL cities where the fans are fair weather bandwagon jumpers ( Cinnci, Pitts, Bal. etc.) Cleveland fans are the best in the NFL this is well known. Thank you Joe for being a stand up guy, the fans will forever have your back!!!

  47. Being a Browns fan I’m glad Joe Haden is saying here in Cleveland. He’s a great guy in person and is very active in the Cleveland area. He stays out of trouble and plays like a beast.

    From an organization standpoint, I think they probably could have negotiated better but at the same time they are showing that they take care of the players that stay out of trouble and play to their potential. C’mon Gordon, get with it man.

  48. I’m a Saints fan I when I look at the Browns I see the Saints when Shawn Payton took over. Browns fans this might just be your time

  49. I know to general fans,CBs are gauged by their flash or mouth,even being biased,Joe Haden is a top 3 corner,and despite being on a losing team,I’d place him #1. Either way,he’s a loyal guy and good in the community. He could’ve walked and got a fat check,but he wants to build in Cleveland and sees the improvement. I’m sure adding Decir and Gilbert helped him as well. Good move.

  50. If the Browns can keep it together for a couple of years and keep their core, they will compete in the next few years.

  51. Some people are soo funny Sherman’s deal averages about 12 ‘mill a year extension and that was supposed to kill the Seahawks lol . Sherman not following #1 wrs is not bc he can’t . It’s bc HIS DEFENSE IS ONE OF THE THREE BEST OF ALL TIME . EVER . Why mess with something that’s the best ? That’s not a bragging point and when Sherman did follow in one game it was Boldin after he out up 200 or 300 against GB week one . Next week 1 catch 6 yards .. That’s a FACT for the homie up their talking “FACTS” lol

  52. He was the first true freshman to start at corner at UF and had a rough go of it but as he took his lumps, he evolved into an absolute shutdown corner. Haden let his game do the talking and not so much his mouth, he deserves this contract. Go Gators and the best for Haden’s future, Haden’s Hideaway will shut players down for years (plus frustrate many fantasy football owners).

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