Despite climb in cap, rookie pool is flat

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Good news, rookies:  You’re entering the NFL in the same year the salary cap went up $10 million per team.

Bad news, rookies:  You won’t see any of it.

Per multiple league sources, the rookie pool did not change from 2013 to 2014.  The only adjustment came from the mandatory $15,000 increase in minimum salary that was negotiated in 2011 as part of the new labor deal.

So what can the rookie do?  The easy answer is nothing.  They’re stuck with the terms of the rookie pool to which the NFLPA agreed.

The better answer is this:  Ask for more of their money to be fully guaranteed.

For players taken near the top of the draft, the contracts already are fully guarantee.  The only topic for discussion is whether the guaranteed money will be subject an offset if the player is cut.  For other players whose contracts aren’t fully guaranteed, the agents should insist that, in lieu of an increase in the rookie pool, more of the money should be fully guaranteed.

13 responses to “Despite climb in cap, rookie pool is flat

  1. Be firm when demanding your agent to work harder!

    Use the classic lines such as “what am I paying you for”, and “that’s not good enough”, and “make it happen”, and “see my job is to play football, your job is you figure it out!”.

  2. Bad news, Rookies.

    You are rookies.

    Teams, and the NFL as a whole, owe you nothing until you prove yourself.

    The top draft picks still get paid 7-8 figures based on their draft position and their “higher probability” of not being a bust at the next level.

  3. All first rookies should enter the league on 1 year contracts with a maximum cap on their salary until the first year is over. Problem solved.

  4. Rooks should take that self serving little coward De Smith, hold him upside down by his tiny feet, and shake all the money out of his pockets. Next time he shows up at one of their events.

    Complete sellout to his voting constituency. DisGusting Smith.

  5. How much more will each rookie make with an extra $15,000 per team? Let’s assume each team drafts 7 players and signs 10 rookie free agents. That’s less than an extra $1000 per rookie. If I’m a 5th round pick, I’m not getting my underoos in a wad over $900.

  6. While something had to be done to stop the runaway contracts for top rookies like the ones given to Sam Bradford and JaWalrus, the pendulum swung too far to the other side when young players who are very very productive are stuck in a rookie contract and are grossly underpaid. There needs to be a medium somewhere to protect teams and to also reward rookies and younger players.

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