Jaguars keep the Seattle pipeline flowing with waiver claim

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If you play for the Seahawks, or have ever played for the Seahawks, there’s a chance you will end up in Jacksonville.

According to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars claimed linebacker Allen Bradford off waivers.

He was most recently with the Giants, but had stints with the Buccaneers and Seahawks prior.

He was in Seattle for parts of three seasons when Jags coach Gus Bradley was the defensive coordinator there.

While Bradford might not have the same kind of impact as players such as offseason additions Red Bryant and Chris Clemons, having familiar parts can only help, even if it’s a matter of keeping practice running at a smooth pace.

22 responses to “Jaguars keep the Seattle pipeline flowing with waiver claim

  1. Must be some player who’s gone from Green Bay to Minnesota to Seattle to Jacksonville. Or probably will be in the near future.

  2. They pick up all these ex-Hawks, but then they draft a QB with their 1st, very un-Hawk like. I’m a Seattle fan, but if you really wanna be like Seattle, your first round picks are gonna be rough (Thomas and Okung aside).

  3. He’s a good guy and a fine player. Best of luck to him. Great pickup Jags!

    Go Hawks!

  4. The Jags are picking up these west coast guys so that when the big move to LA comes, it won’t be so hard on the players and their families. Right, Timmons?

  5. Good signing. Hope he can snag a roster spot.

    Year 2 of rebuild in Jax is right on course.

  6. Loved Bradford. He hits hard, very hard. Jaguars are quickly turning into the second favorite team for this Seahawks fan. Would love to see a Hawks and Jags Superb Owl.

  7. @gabbert Jacksonville while located in the boundaries of the state of Florida is not a climate one should consider for retirement.

    Gus Bradley on the other hand seems like he knows what he’s doing. Interesting he was the second choice behind Chip. Time will tell.

  8. Funny how fans think Jville will move to LA. One city is growing, clean, a banking capital with no state income tax while the other is congested, built on an earth quake fault, taxes on top of taxes and the last team there was more than happy to get out.

    Don’t see any NFL team wanting LA again.

  9. Last pre-season Allen Bradford was lights out and I thought going to challenge Bobby Wagner or KJ Wright for the starting spot. Ken Norton Jr. said without question he was the most explosive hitter.

    I am hoping he finds success in Jacksonville.

  10. Bradford was an 5 star RB/LB in high school. He was an absolute monster in special teams early at USC. Loved the physical brand of play he always brought. Remember, he was part of a crowded backfield at USC, always seemed to answer the bell when given the opportunity. Think there’s a future for him in the league & will always cheer for AB!

  11. I was surprised and disappointed that the ‘Hawks let him go after the preseason he had last year. Seemed to be at the ball on every play he was on the field for. Another good pickup by Jax.

  12. Jags are thin and not very talented at LB….Poz was the only decent one and I’m not sure he fits Bradley’s style of D. They will sign more LBs. Why not sign a guy you already know? Makes sense. Takes time to change your roster.

  13. Jacksonville isn’t recognizable from the team at the end of 2012, (thank God).

    Still a year or two away, but a nice foundation.

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