Jimmy Haslam expects Josh Gordon around “for a long time to come”


The Browns didn’t draft a replacement for the potentially suspended Josh Gordon, and owner Jimmy Haslam offered a show of support for his troubled star.

Josh is learning and growing and improving as a person,” Haslam said during a speech, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’s learning how to work hard. He’s learning how to be a professional. Josh is a smart young man. All of us have made mistakes when we were that age. We’re counting on Josh being a good football player for the Browns for a long time to come.

“We spend a lot of time with all of our core players and Josh is obviously one of those. We have all spent a lot of time talking to Josh and I’m not going to comment on the situation but I’ll say this, but I’ve been very pleased with his professional growth over the last year and the way he handles himself.”

Reports emerged last weekend of a recent failed marijuana test, which could lead to a year’s suspension, and though they knew about it going into the draft, General Manager Ray Farmer didn’t tap into a deep class.

“We’re confident we have a plan,” coach Mike Pettine said. “The situation didn’t call for panic. That’s something we weren’t going to do. I agree with Ray 1,000 percent that we have to build this team so that no one player drives the ship. …losing players for extended periods of time potentially is part of the game. Successful franchises are the ones that have enough depth built and enough options that they have from scheme-wise, coaching-wise to account for it.”

We’ll see if the Browns can overcome it, but the decision to bypass Sammy Watkins when they knew they’d likely be without Gordon is one that could haunt them.


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  1. “Josh is learning and growing and improving as a person,”

    Based on what evidence?

  2. I’m sure that’s the same face he made after he herd Gordon has been suspended for a year. But for real, what other job can you be suspended for a full year then be able to cone back to your same job like nothing ever happened. NFL players can go to jail, miss practice, games what ever. But if they are good enough it doesn’t hurt them. These guys need a dose of reality cause if one of us would fail a drug test, we’d be out a job in no time.

  3. I don’t see any scenario in which Josh Gordon is suspended for the year. Remember that Von Miller was looking at a year suspension and only served 6.

    Secondly, there is no WR that is going to be drafted and replace Josh Gordon’s production. I don’t care who is out there. First year WR are lucky to reach 1,000 yards, and Josh Gordon led the NFL in yardage last year. So, I think it is short minded to advocate replacing Josh Gordon for the first 6 games rather than continuing to build your team…ya know the entire team?

    There is nothing to do but hope Josh gets it at some point. You can’t trade him because you will never get value in return, and you don’t want him to go elsewhere and become a hall of famer. Josh Gordon has the talent and ability to be the best WR in the NFL. That is not hyperbole. He is immature and makes terrible decision, but from a purely football standpoint you can’t do anything but keep him around and hope he gets it.

  4. “We’re confident we have a plan,” coach Mike Pettine said.


    Yeah well having a plan is okay, but, then again, Gen Custer had a plan too. How’d that work out for him (not too well I’d say, unless his plan included getting slaughtered by Sitting Bull and 5,000 Cheyenne Dog Soldiers).

  5. It might work in their favor that they passed on Watkins. If they draft Watkins, Gordon might think that the team has moved on from him. If you had to make a choice between the potential of Watkins and what you have already witnessed from Gordon, I think you stick with Gordon…then again, anything is better than a suspended Gordon.

  6. I can’t see beating this drum over not picking Watkins as anything other than ludicrous. So they take Watkins, and they keep Gordon. Then they have to resign Gordon, which wont be cheap. Then, in theory they would resign Watkins. How would the math work on that? How is it working down in Arizona, where they have kept both Fitzgerald and Boldin. Oops, they couldn’t. How is it working in Seattle where they have Harvin and Golden? Oh, thats right, they couldn’t afford to resign Golden.

    So there is a SB winning team that cant afford both, but Cleveland, is shortsighted in not attempting the same.


  7. Looking at it now, I wish they could have taken Watkins and drafted Johnny Franchise but I doubt they could have pulled that off. It’s also hard for them to pass up the chance to take a good CB and get another 1st rounder next year. Seems like this team could resemble the Jets from Sanchez’s rookie year. Ground and pound with a good defense. Our line looks improved with the 2nd round pick we had. I guess we’ll see but I can’t wait for this darn season to start. GO BROWNS!!!!!

  8. Jimmy is right, you don’t give up on a young talent such as Josh…everyone made mistakes at that age, yes, he has a ton to lose, but in reality, he’s a kid…he will grow up! Go Brown’s! (Okay, let the Browns hate begin….)

  9. Just the way this thing is coming down, I just have a sneaking suspicion that this is a minor infraction for Gordon and he won’t be suspended for the year.
    Maybe a game or two but nothing major. Lets see how it plays out.

  10. I like the way the new front office is looking farther than the current year. That’s how you build and sustain a winning franchise.

    Hate on, haters!

    Go Browns!!!

  11. Although I think the rules around pot are dumb, they are rules none the less. Give it up, make your millions, and smoke all you want once you retire. The average careen in the NFL is so short, it just isn’t worth the trouble. I don’t get how these guys think they’ll get away with it.

    Again, I don’t think it’s hurting anybody. It’s not like he’s out there beating up his girlfriend or shooting himself in the leg at a nightclub… but come on.

  12. .

    Suspending a player for a full year for weed is unreasonable. It isn’t steroids or crack. There are levels of culpability regarding alleged “performance enhancing substances”. This appears to be the lowest level.


  13. Smash-mouth football. Beat up on the little sisters in the AFC North.

    Yeah…that’s the Cleveland Browns’ game. Come get you some…

  14. When the Owner may go to prison for fraud, having your star WR suspended for a season isn’t that big a deal.

  15. Just imagine if their trade package with the Bills (for Watkins) had included a 2015 4th rounder too and the Browns had acquired Stevie Johnson as part of the compensation.

  16. Protecting your player is one thing, 4 failed marijuana tests are another. There is no professional growth when you are suspended from your profession. He is selfish and feels he is bigger than his team,fans,and the game. I hope they can wiggle out of this, but getting a 1st round pick next year for not taking Watkins will hopefully give us 2 mid round selections. The guys we have are untapped talent. All will be fine. Go “Johnny Cleveland.”

  17. Smooth move AJAX.
    As usual, the Brownies figure out a way to screw themselves.
    No not in the draft, but offer a draft pick for a WR or trade for one.
    Knowledge was known about the troubles of Gordon

  18. I bet Josh is looking forward to his 2nd/3rd/4th chance…. in another NFL city.

    Stay high, friend.


    With no one to throw to, the Browns backup QB i.e. Manziel) will be running for his life. Just another “mistake by the lake” decision that is typical for that organizaton.

    Hey Dog Pound….there’s a reason your team is the doormat of the AFC North!!!

  20. 4-12 with Josh Gordon
    4-12 w/out Josh Gordon

    The bright side is those 4 wins will be 2 vs Cin and 2 vs Bal.

  21. So let me get this straight. You dont draft Watkins becuse you dont wanna make Gordan mad? Second you dont draft Watkins because in a few years it may be tough re-signing both……Classic!

  22. There’s no scenario where they end up with a first round draft pick next year, Watkins and Manziel. So really the question is whether the difference between Watkins and Gilbert is so great that it is more valuable than that 2015 first rounder.

    All of the receiver stuff is actually beside the point. Yes, the Browns need a receiver, but the Browns needed a player at every position they drafted.

    The cornerback they drafted makes both their corner and their nickel positions better. The tackle they drafted makes both a tackle and guard position better. Manziel obviously makes the qb position better.

    Probably the iffiest pick was the linebacker Christian Kirksey, but if any of you watched Browns football last year, you’ll remember how many times teams picked up 3rd and 7 or longer on them simply because their linebackers were too slow to cover fast tight ends and running backs.

  23. He will be around cause no one will take him off your hands. Don’t forget they tried to trade him last year when they traded Richardson.

  24. The Browns won only 5 games even with Gordon breaking records. Defense and good QBs win games, not WRs. The WR draft happy Lions are proof of that year in and year out.

  25. “Jimmy Haslam expects Josh Gordon around “for a long time to come””

    That’s funny… the Federal Penetentiary System said they expect Jimmy Haslam to be around “for a long time to come” too.

  26. “…we have to build this team so that no one player drives the ship.”

    Sooo, you’re building it so that one player SINKS the ship?

  27. The only players that should be suspended for marijuana use on the basis of performance enhancement are on the O-Line.

    What better position to use those munchies to enhance your weight gain?

  28. Everyone, nah dude talk about yourself, havent smoked pot or the like ever, but hey maybe he is referring to rebates-that will make more sense. Simple really $$$$ or pot, we all know what Josh preferred dumb @$$, thanks for being a part of my squad last season tho. I had dreams to draft you again, but that went up in smoke literally.

  29. Okay if you’re going to suspend for a few games at breaking the rules fine but don’t suspend a man who is not using “illicit drugs or substances” that make it impossible to get off of like “cocaine or heroine”, this man maybe was smoking alittle “pot” instead of killing himself!….and who’s to say what these “other” bigtime athletes are paying these doctors to do to just CHEAT!…give him the “benefit-of-the-doubt” since the Browns like any sports organization knew somewhat of what they were getting in drafting a player from the “get go”…I’m behind you man (Josh) now YOU need a heroe and the cith will let you know by “manning up” and let your playing do the talking…..but keep in mind you are ALWAYS being watched my brotha!…PEACE

  30. I sure hope Gordon gets it sooner vs later. To leadthe league the way he did, with the crappy QBs he had, imagine what he could do w a real QB.

    Stay off the hippie lettuce Josh.

  31. “the decision to bypass Sammy Watkins when they knew they’d likely be without Gordon is one that could haunt them.”

    You mean like taking Richardson over Julio Jones? etc. etc. Same old song and dance. Nice shiny new 22nd pick at QB to flush down the drain as well.

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