Michael Sam: “I’m blessed”


Rams defensive end Michael Sam thinks he’s landed in the right place.

Sam, who became the NFL’s first openly gay player when he was drafted by the Rams on Saturday, was formally introduced at a press conference in St. Louis today. Sam thanked Rams coach Jeff Fisher, owner Stan Kroenke and General Manager Les Snead for bringing him to the team.

“I’m blessed,” Sam said. “I want to thank my head coach, Coach Fisher, and Mr. Kroenke and Mr. Snead, for giving me the opportunity to play here.”

Fisher explained that it won’t be easy for Sam to make the team, noting that the Rams are already strong at defensive end. But Fisher said that “Michael’s value as a football player is off the charts, so he has an opportunity now to compete to try to make our football team.”

As a seventh-round pick, Sam is no lock to make the roster, but he said he believes he has what it takes.

“I’m determined to be great. I want to train hard and try to make the team,” Sam said. “All my focus is on trying to make the team.”

Even if he doesn’t make the Rams’ roster for the regular season, Sam has already become a role model for young people, and he takes that seriously, wanting kids to know that they can be proud of who they are.

“It’s OK to be who you are,” Sam said. “Whether you’re gay, straight, black or white, it’s OK to be comfortable in your own skin.”

Michael Sam looked comfortable in his own skin today, and proud to be a St. Louis Ram.

99 responses to “Michael Sam: “I’m blessed”

  1. Does the team get to keep all profits from jersey sales? If so they may be put in a position where he cannot be cut.

  2. He’ll make the team. He needs to stop talking after this presser and start working. He’s garnering more attention than Manziel & everyone was worried about that…

  3. Yesterday he was hosed by the draft process and today he’s blessed. Please be quiet and let your on the field play do the talking

  4. I hope he’s smart enough to be careful with his money and won’t be one of those players who are broke 2 or 3 years after they’re out of the league.

  5. Now, concentrate on football and totally ignore the media. If you don’t do that and get cut the media will eat you and the league up. Please, ignore the media!

  6. The people who complained about their children seeing him kiss his boyfriend are liars and idiots. Do you expect us to believe that your four year-old was really watching the seventh round of the NFL draft? Either your little kids are diehard, analytical fans or they were bored out of their minds. Most draftees kiss their significant others, the only different this time being that it was a man. Big deal. If kissing a man isn’t your thing, don’t do it. No one is trying to make you.

  7. He doesn’t seem to be able to leave the media alone. He was a seventh round pick, and really should have preferred to be a UDFA. The Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year was not drafted at all (as PFT so adroitly pointed out) and he was in a better position to pick his situation.

  8. Blessed? That’s one word for it! I for one will be glad when the remainder of this guy’s 15 minutes are up? Please just go away.

  9. Can’t wait to see all the rainbow flags being waved at their stadium and the ram jerseys displaying the rainbow colors.

  10. Odds say he makes the team at least the practice squad, I don’t think the team would want the negative publicity if they cut him, the cries of you cut him because he is gay would be deafening.

  11. I think he will make the team even if it is only as a special team guy at first. He clearly made his mark in the SEC. I am surprised we don’t hear more about that.

  12. He seemed a little smug in his press conference almost seemed like he felt some of the questions were stupid… That’s great if you feel that way but then don’t have your own press conference… After all you’re just a 7th round pick.

  13. Think it’s great and proud to see it – but two words for this cat – media coach. Not a very articulate or loquacious fellow.

  14. Go Rams! Good luck to all your guys’ favorite teams. I’m hoping this is the Rams year! Is it football season yet?

  15. The NFL will now require the Rams to be on HBO’s Hard Knocks. There will be a lot of drama when he visits the coach to find out if he made the team or is getting cut.

  16. If this young man is smart, he should just stop talking to the media unless it is mandated by the team.

    Get to work, prove you deserve to be on the team because of your talent and probe to everyone you being gay had nothing to do with being drafted.

    It should shut up both sides of the spectrum. It should, but it probably won’t.

    I don’t care what any football player does on his personal time as long as it it legal. Just put on a great show on the field and entertain us football fans.

    That is all we want.

    Is the season here yet?

  17. We only admire him because he was courageous enough to tell us about his desire to be with another man? If he’s leading a progression of our culture, do we still discriminate against polygamists, those with the pedophilia gene, and consenting relatives – incest. Whats the new standard?

  18. all teams introduce their draft picks to the media right after the draft. Is this everyone’s first season around here? you are going to enjoy this sport i think

  19. Yeah sure great advice be yourself.. GO USA!!, just be cautious about following that same advice in Russia, India or Uganda and be glad you’re not there..

  20. The one thing about the NFL, if you can’t hack it, it will be on display for the world to see.

    Unless you are a Viking talent evaluator, then chances are they will miss it and sign you to their team. But everybody else will see it immediately.

  21. It wasn’t a Michael Sam press conference, it was a Rams draft class press conference. Fisher and management said after this conference the team will treat Sam like any other 7th round pick. But that won’t stop the media from digging their claws into Sam and making a circus out of it.

  22. You have an NFL draft history littered with lower-round Heisman Trophy winners, but Mr. up-to-three-months-ago-unheard-of projected himself as a Round 1-3 sure thing. Amazing how identity politics emboldens you. Best of luck.

  23. I will take Sam’s gratefulness to be picked and humbleness, over Johnny “Entitlement” any day.

  24. Will guys like Garrett Gilbert, Trey Millard, or any other 7th round draftee be having press conferences? Where’s the equal news coverage for there guys? Wait a second, that would require balance and objectivity in journalism, and those have gone by the wayside. Plus the fact remains we’re talking about a 7th round pick, which normally would never happen. In regards to Sam making the team, he should be strictly judged on his football merits. If he stinks, cut the cord like any other player not good enough to make the NFL. Either way, a man kissing a man is unnatural and gross IMHO. I don’t care what anyone says. But, if he can sack the QB, then let him make a living.

  25. Definitely headed for the practice squad because that’s the easiest way to keep him for p.r., while not having him on the roster taking up a spot of another player.

    Plus, him being around but not playing does two things:

    1-Lets the media slowly lose interest because they won’t see him in games.
    2-Lets the players get used to having him around.

  26. what really amazes me, is you have Clowney get drafted….Dee Ford was a first round pick and is a tenacious pass rusher

    and NFL N and everyone else hasn’t thought to really spend any time on that. Draft Grades, and discussing Michael Sam and how much he can bring to the Rams is what we get. what about all those other picks before him who they will never ever talk about?

    done with it. play football, the stuff I saw of him in the draft process he looked slow and out of place among better athletes.

  27. You can be sure that a deal was cut between the league and the Rams regarding the drafting of Michael Sam. Fisher, who co-chairs the Competition Committee, and who already gets the benefits of the zebra’s calls will be given some breaks this coming year.

    Fortunately he’s such a mediocre coach and has an equally mediocre starting QB, so it won’t make much of a difference.

  28. It’d be a lot more entertaining if Vito Cammisano would tell us all just how “blessed” Mr. Sams is…

  29. After the horrible combine results, Sam is lucky to even be drafted! I mean 2 – 200lb. bench presses? It’s normal for a good pass rusher to bench 10-15 times! He needs to step up his game to ACTUALLY make the team!

  30. What about good natured rookie hazing? Will the gay community cry foul if he gets taped to the goal posts? Imagine the suspensions that would ensue..

  31. I think he is playing this situation to his advantage. Generate as MUCH publicity as you can, over this. Every news story makes it that much harder for the Rams to cut him. It will become a PR nightmare to do so. The Rams aren’t going to want any part of that.
    Is this football, or politics? I can’t tell.

  32. can we stop with the overkill of articles? He’s a 7th round draft pick after all. No one cares about this except the people trying to make money off it

  33. Can everyone stop talking about this guy now? Becoming annoying. I think we get it. But it’s old news now. He’s gay, got drafted by an NFL team.

  34. I’m thinking there are 31 GM who are kicking themselves for not drafting this guy because of their loss of revenue. His jersey is out selling everyone except Johnny Footballs.

    Talk about entertainment what happen to knocking the snoot out of people?

  35. For those of you that obviously do not know;

    Every team has a press conference with all their draft picks. All the other Rams picks were at a presser today.

  36. Fisher is Goodell’s lapdog. He only drafted the guy because no one else would have.

  37. Of course his jerseys are selling.
    He’s the Flavor of the Month.
    I mean, established players can only sell so many jerseys before sales level off.

  38. To the commenters saying he should be on the practice squad instead of being cut, you do realize that you have to be cut before you can be signed to the practice squad, right??

  39. Longsuffering, most of the people complaining about the footage on Espn wasn’t about his kiss. It was the whole thing with the cake-stuffing it in each other’s faces, licking, etc. I thought it was really immature. And I’d say the same thing if it was a guy and his girlfriend. Not sure what he was thinking.

  40. I am seriously beyond tired of this guy already. I don’t care about your lifestyle or your beliefs. I just care about your football ability. So stop ramming your agenda down my throat.

  41. Another Chris Kluwe kinda guy. Seemed cool and standing up for the right things until it became obvious he was just doing it for the attention.

    Agree he needs to stop talking to the media and start focusing on making the team.

  42. Forget everything else

    This guy had one if the best corner-rush moves I’ve ever seen
    He’s a one truck pony but the trick works consistently even when he’s double teamed or chipped. Also very proficient at blowing up counter run plays. Forget the other stuff watch film on this guy! He plays to his strengths consistently and will do well in Jeff’s system the NFC west is the best division in football now!!

  43. His jersey isn’t outselling anyone’s. I don’t know where people come up with this. Obviously the LGBT community want to feel like they are part of “normal” society and everyone is beginning to accept them as such. NEVER happen.

  44. As a 7th rounder he could have used a low profile to sneak up on people and make a couple surprise plays out of the gate. Not gonna happen for Sam. He’s gonna be under a microscope now and better be strong to take the extra hits.

  45. He has monetary value for the NFL, not the Rams. Whatever they sell goes to the NFL so it can be distributed. This is called profit sharing.

  46. the rams presser was so pathetic to me. I am all for his rights and even for a team drafting the guy, that is fine, but the media attention is what makes it ridiculous

    at the presser, you have ALL the rams draft picks lined up at the table with coach fisher, and who is sitting in the middle of the picks right next to coach fisher? MICHAEL SAM!!!!

    there were a bunch of other guys I have no idea who they were? why would I, the 230 something pick of the draft was there!

  47. I’m tired if hearing everybody complain about the so called Michael Sam press conference. It wasn’t his press conference although he got the most media attention for being the first gay player. It was a press conference by the Rams to introduce all players like they do every year.

  48. when you get more about sam than the 3rd overall pick and his chances of starting as a QB, wow.

    now sam says he will make it(again). he is making it impossible to cut him, and when they do even if its not this year, he will get a reality show called “I am Sam” about his life “after football”

    shame on NFL N for having entire segments where they discuss his roster chances, shame on them for spending all of the late 7th discussing him and only him. for once, I actually wish they were talking too much about the QB’s in the mid rounds who probably will never play either but at least it isn’t a guy who was passed on by some teams over 10 times

  49. This is so beautiful….I wish him and the Rams the very best….I will be buying the 1st jersey that’s NOT my fav team….it’s ok though I’m a female so it’s cool to wear a guy’s name on my back…..god bless you Michael Sam:)

  50. Of course he makes the team. He’ll land on the practice squad as no other team will claim him after he’s cut. Then, when the Rams are out of playoff contention, he’ll be signed to the active roster just to keep the NFL out of hot water.

  51. I don’t have any ill will towards Sam, and wish him the best as a football player and a person.

    However, there is no question he has used this platform (NFL draft) in an attempt to forward an agenda not related to football. Yesterday wasn’t about Sam being a football player, but rather about the fact that Sam had “come out of the closet”.

    This type of attention hurts him professionally. Right now the media circus surrounding this is beyond hysterical, and the media is literally falling all over itself applauding Michael Sam.

    But when you use your profession as a platform to promote another agenda, you can end up losing focus on your purpose. Chris Kluwe found that out the hard way.

    The Rams drafted Sam to be a football player, not a social agenda promoter. The sooner Sam realizes this, the better off his professional career will be. I wish him a long and successful NFL career, but he won’t have one if he doesn’t stay focused on football.

  52. @ rutchaser

    The one’s buying these jerseys are the same one’s who are calling us bigot’s.

  53. This was a HORRIBLE idea by the Rams. First he isn’t good enough to play in the NFL and secondly you don’t need a distraction playing in that division. They will regret this one BIG TIME, it will cost Fisher his job.

  54. zoellner25 wrote:

    “Out of the league in 3 years.”

    Ummmm, you do realize that 3 years is the average career span of NFL players, don’t you?

  55. When I hear the “Ive been blessed” stuff; I think of the old couple standing in front of what was their double wide that was just ripped to shreds by a F4 tornado and saying: “We was blessed…….”. Well, if thats being blessed….I don’t want any part of it.

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