Mike Adams sued for malicious prosecution


A jury recently rejected the claim of Steelers tackle Mike Adams that he was stabbed last year by a trio of would-be carjackers.  A future jury may find that Adams owes one of them big money.

According to WPXI-11 in Pittsburgh, Dquay Means has sued Adams for malicious prosecution.  Means spent 11 months in prison awaiting trial on charges that included attempted murder.

Means and the other two defendants argued that Adams concocted the story of carjacking to avoid potential punishment from the team for what otherwise was, according to the three men, a drunken Adams instigating a fight.

But it’s one thing for the three defendants to show that the state failed to satisfy the very high burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  It’s quite another to prove the elements of a claim of malicious prosecution.

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  1. Yikes, 11 months in jail waiting to be found not guilty, perhaps because someone lied to CYA himself. I’d want some kind of justice as well.

  2. If Means did indeed spend 11 months in jail because Adams lied I hope they take him for everything he’s got. Whatever job and apartment that guy had is long gone.

  3. As in the last trial, I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that Adams was friggin’ stabbed. That magic mystery witness mattered in that last debacle of a trial, but I’m of the opinion that being a stabbee is a darn good reason to want your stabber in jail.

  4. Is the burden of proof not lower for a civil trial??? If this man spent 11 months in prison because Adams made up a story, then there is simply no place in the NFL for this type of individual.

    How ironic that some players will throw ethics out the window in order to avoid violating the ethics clause in their contracts.

  5. Perhaps he stabbed himself? Anyone who carries a knife probably intends to use it. Either way 11 months is too long to sit without trial. What’s going on in the court system? Too many drug arrests taking up all the time?

  6. Stab a drunk guy and then sue him for damages!
    His only fault was that he was drunk.

  7. Adams was drunk.
    Adams was twice the size of his assailant.
    Adams was stabbed.
    Maybe Adams being stabbed had something to do with his drunken state and his imposing size.

  8. He still got stabbed…anybody remember that part? They stabbed him and then expect payment from him. So you get into a fight with a drunk guy and then you stab him. So he was drunk YOU STABBED HIM! You messed up, you go to jail. You pay the consequences. Maybe you weren’t a car jacker but then you have assault with a deadly weapon…how about that. You sue him back and you look stupid in my opinion.

  9. These guys are known CRIMINALS and admitted punching Adams but then suddenly a surprise last minute witness says she didn’t see the two stab Adams…yep, Mike Adams just stabbed himself twice lacerating his spleen and stomach! The only reason they were found innocent was because Adams had been drinking and could not prove without a doubt the two men stabbed him. They are lucky not to be in jail and now are trying to make a money grab…crazy.

  10. Mike Adams didn’t make the prosecution, the Allegheny County District Attorney did. I don’t see how they can sue Adams for malicious prosecution, that would seem to be only applicable to the DA.

    If Mike Adams lied about the incident, wouldn’t they sue for slander?

  11. Don’t know the details of this case, but if they waited 11 months for trial, it’s because defense attorneys delayed. Defendants have a Constitutional right to a speedy trial, but frequently their own attorneys push back the court date for a variety of reasons that benefit the defendants. The prosecution cannot push back the case because it violates the defendant’s Constitutional rights.

  12. Although not guilty of attempted homicide, Means was found guilty of Escape within that same docket– its going to be tough to win malicious prosecution when the charges aren’t entirely unfounded.

  13. This is what happens when you teach your players that cheating is ok. Just because the refs all look the other way doesn’t mean the police will too.

    BTW, it’s black and YELLOW. There is no gold on your uniforms.

  14. The reporter has it backwards criminal is 99% burden of proof and civil is 51% burden of proof… O.J. Good example. Three witness (testimonies) and his credibility has no doubt been at least questioned during criminal court…. Bank

  15. Maybe he should have just accepted responsibility instead of trying to lie about it. Guys with character own mistakes.

  16. If the guy had a gun and shot Adams, the NRA and Conservatives would be lined up around the block claiming donating high priced lawyers that Means had a right to “stand his ground” and defend himself.

  17. Spent 11 months in jail, he was an artist signed to Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa). Could have made a significant amount of money during that time but was in jail due to a lie.

  18. I am waiting for a certain Steelers fan to put his money where his mouth is And say that if Mike Adams is found to have lied to the police he should be releases. but I guess since a Steelers is involved he will want to wait to see how it plays out. the hypocrisy is stunnning

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