Patrick Peterson confident he’ll get new deal done with Cardinals

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The Arizona Cardinals picked up cornerback Patrick Peterson’s fifth-year option last month. That decision means Peterson will remain under contract with the Cardinals through the 2015 season before he has a chance of reaching free agency.

Even though Peterson is still two seasons away from potentially hitting the free agent market, the two sides understand that Peterson has a massive contract coming his way in the near future. Peterson has been named to the Pro Bowl in each of his three seasons and is considered among the league’s top cornerbacks.

Peterson isn’t sure when his new deal will be done, but he fully expects to be a member of the Cardinals for a long time to come.

I think I’ll be here for a while,” Peterson said, via the Associated Press. “That’s a definite guarantee, I’ll be here for a while.”

Peterson’s agent and the Cardinals have begun early negotiations toward a new deal. With Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman signing a four-year, $56 million extension with $40 million guaranteed, the market for the league’s best corners has now been set.

Sherman and Peterson have both been named a first-team All-Pro twice in three seasons. Sherman has won a Super Bowl. Peterson has more Pro Bowl selections. Sherman predominantly plays one side of the field while Peterson tends to follow an opponent’s best receiver all over the field.

Peterson will likely claim he deserves more than Sherman due to some of those factors and the Cardinals will likely attempt to use Sherman’s deal as a ceiling. Either way, it should serve as a starting point in negotiations to get the ball rolling toward a new deal.

15 responses to “Patrick Peterson confident he’ll get new deal done with Cardinals

  1. Pay the mannnn. He’s got the talent to be the best cb in the game but he’s marginally top 5 .he’s the #1 best athlete at cb but isn’t as smart of a defender as Sherman . Pp relies alot more on his physical tools and Sherman relies on his background as a PAC 10 receiver and what offenses are trying to do as well as tendencies . Both are arguably the best among cbs but PP Has quite a few terrible games I’ve only seem Sherman struggle on a handful of plays ever yet alone games .

    I like PP a lot … The reason the ceiling should be Sherman’s deal is 3 fold . One he’s hella expensive already don’t strap your team by paying much more, second is Seattles scheme is why Sherman doesn’t follow wrs ,. That’s not something to brag about when Seattles defense is arguably one top 3 to ever play the game . Why go fussing with stuff that’s historically great . And three PP is a returner and plays some offensive plays until he stops he should not get top cb money bc he’s playing out of position and risking injury. To me if you are the best at a position you stick to it, doing too much more becomes a gimmick even if their capable of it.

    Not equal but would you let AD play a Strong safety ? Hell no , can’t risk what he does offensively for his potential somewhere else. PP is and exceptional talent I hope he never figures out the mental part bc he’s got Dion type talent .

    Also Buchanan is going to be a beast on that team .. Great great signing with him and honey badger that secondary has athletes EVERYWHERE .

  2. Yeah, but secretly he’d like to get a deal done with the Niners or the Seahawks.


  3. You forgot to add that Sherman followed Megatron all over the field and completely shut him down, while Peterson got repeatedly torched by him.

    There is no comparison at all as corners. Sherman is far better.

  4. Great player and am even better person. He is so skilled but yet so classy at the same time.

    Those are the type of players that teams tend to shoot for once FA comes around but usually a player like Patrick Peterson never gets close to the open market.

    So yes expect him to remain a Cardinal for life.

  5. Fitzgerald and Peterson are the greatest draft picks the Cardinals have made in decades. Larry got paid, and so will Peterson.

  6. Pay the man! He deserves a contract up there with the best corners in the league. New culture in Arizona…..keep these players for a long time rather than letting them walk in free agency

  7. Peterson is in my opinion a better overall corner than Sherman and he is also way more valuable and should easily exceed Sherman’s contract

  8. Not only is Peterson not a better corner than Sherman, he’s not even better than Byron Maxwell. But he’s a hell of a kick returner.

  9. I love how there can be an article about any CB, and some other team’s fan will bring up how overrated Sherman is.

    If Sherman is so overrated, why are you so obsessed with him?

    You all know Sherman is the best to ever play the game. And you can’t stand it because he’s not on your team. If your team did find a way to sign him, you’d be the first person on here laughing at the Seahawks and talking about Superbowls.


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