Patrick Peterson: Obviously the goal is to get a bigger deal than Richard Sherman


The Cardinals and cornerback Patrick Peterson are reportedly talking about a new contract and Peterson isn’t making any secret about his desired financial terms.

Peterson was paying attention when Richard Sherman got $57.4 million in an extension with the Seahawks earlier this offseason to make him the highest-paid cornerback in football and he’d like to set a new standard when he puts his name on the dotted line of a contract with the Cardinals.

“I’m definitely observant of what [Sherman] got,” Peterson said, via Kyle Odegard of the team’s website. “Obviously by him being the highest paid cornerback, the goal for the guys that come after him is to be higher than him. I believe he set the table pretty high, and me and my agent have some work to do.”

Peterson is tied to the Cardinals through 2015 after they exercised their option on his rookie deal and said he won’t “slack off just because I didn’t get paid or didn’t get compensated the way I felt I needed to” this offseason, but his chances of reaching his goal seem good whether it happens this year or next. Peterson doesn’t turn 24 until July, which means there should be plenty of good years left for a player who has already proven himself worthy of a lucrative deal at one of the most important positions on the field.

54 responses to “Patrick Peterson: Obviously the goal is to get a bigger deal than Richard Sherman

  1. It’s funny how you say Sherman is overrated. Most Picks and passes defensed in the last 3 years while being the least targeted CB in the league. Guy shuts down half of the field, and he’s overrated? LMAO give me a break.

  2. That Sherman contract is a joke. CB’s fall out so fast in the NFL it’s not even funny. $40 million no matter what for a CB is crazy and it’s going ot screw them when the time comes to start paying Wilson and the others. If they dole that out for someone who rarely touches the ball and can be avoided by good teams what should they give Wilson? The stadium?

    If the goal is to get a bigger deal than Richard Sherman they should let him play out his deal and let someone else pay it. He’s a great player but no CB deserves that kind of money in this league.

  3. I thought the goal was to get yourself and your teammates one of them shiny rings that Sherman and his teammates will be receiving in the very near future….

  4. Pay the man. Guy is 23, already one of the top 2-3 CBs,is a high-character guy, is usually healthy, and has the athletic ability to continue improving. A team really can’t ask for much more when deciding who to invest in.

  5. Sherman’s contract is just $1 for each time he holds the receiver. Peterson cannot match that number

  6. He’s been pretty great for Arizona and I think thus far he has earned the check. Another interesting competition inside of the NFC West I love it. Peterson covers the best WR all game long he follows them around that’s big time. Sherman plays 1 side of the field and even though I hate him and Seahawks(Niners fan) I must say he does a pretty good job. I would like to see him play more than one side. Some people think going from one side of the field to the other sometimes isn’t a big deal but you’ve never played football if you believe that. My uncle was a multi All-American DB and went to the NFL made a pro bowl and he said it’s hard to do.

  7. 49ers will win the division. 49ers got robbed on the drew brees bs call . that bs call cost us the division.

  8. Sorry guy. You’re a great returner, but only a good CB. To get that kind of money you have to excel at more than a special teams position. He’ll get paid, but the Cardinals would have to be idiots to pay him more than Sherman.

    Then again… The Cardinals certainly do make some questionable moves. Maybe he will get it.

  9. As a Seahawk fan, Peterson should be paid much more than Sherman…..a LOT more. Nothing to do with value, more to do with the more they pay Peterson, the less for the rest of their team.

  10. He can’t lead the team to super bowl. He has carson automatic pick palmer as their qb
    Why does he have a job still. His numbers are so avg

  11. I like Patrick peterson, but he’s overrated. Sherman is a beast I’m not even a Seahawks fan.

  12. Do some of you even watch football? Sherman was targeted 5 times in Seattle’s playoffs to win the Super Bowl. That’s playing including Brees and Manning, we all know how the one Kaep pass went.

    Patrick Peterson is a good CB but he should try help his team win a playoff game or make it to the playoffs before he starts demanding top dollar.

  13. That 12th man crap is so lame..
    Grow up already!
    I understand the college kids doing that but adults doing that is just childish immature behavior..

  14. You guys really need to get over this “both sides of the field” crap. It’s a stupid argument. Sherman did cover both sides against SF week 2. Shut Boldin down. Pete Carroll doesn’t like having his corners doing that. His scheme is very specific. It’s not that Richard can’t, It’s that PC doesn’t want him too.

    And I think Pete should’ve proved to a lot of people, you don’t need to do that to shut down the best offense of all time.

    So many couch coaches here. Why aren’t any of you making millions coaching in the league right now…..?

  15. Flacco got severly overpaid after his team won a Super Bowl. Richard Sherman got overpaid after his team won the Super Bowl.

    Patrick, if you want the bucks… Just get your team to win the Super Bowl.

  16. Both sides of the field are #1 and #2 NFL receivers. Shutting down either one is legit. Sherman covers 1st all the time. That argument is terrible. I don’t know how anyone can say Sherman is overrated. He led the league in picks and had 16 passes defensed on the FEWEST targets his way last year. That’s impressive. Meanwhile Pat Pete had 3 ints and got burned for TDs on more targets. Peterson is overrated.

  17. this is why the players agreed to the rookie pay scale, so the men who actually show what they bring to the league get paid like it.

    The cards will never win a super bowl if they start paying men like they have already won it.

  18. PP is a good talent with tons of potential.

    Richard Sherman has a lot of numbers to back up his contract.

    There’s a huge difference. But please, yes, ARI, pay him more than Sherman. Lock up your cap on one guy who might be great… pay him 11M / season to see if he can get there. I’m all for it.

  19. hawks fan here- I’ve always been super impressed with Patrick Peterson. He is a transcendant talent, and a dual threat as a returner. The only flaw I see in his game- dont get me wrong it’s not a flaw really, it’s just not amazing is his INT rate. Bottom line is the number one way a corner can influence the game he’s playing in is to take the ball away from opposing teams and defend passes against his reciever. Peterson just doesnt take the ball away enough – he has 8 less int’s than sherman, and he doesnt defend as many passes. Now you could argue that this is mitigated by his excellent performance on kick returns (which is definitely excellent). But would you rather put yourself in a financial crisis by paying out the nose for a corner/kick returner, or pay a guy like leon washington 1.2 million a year to return kicks for you and do a pretty dang good job.. Peterson isnt going to get that groundbreaking contract because he doesnt have the performance to back up the money. But I applaud him for shooting for the ceiling! good luck.

  20. The argument that Sherman isn’t as good as other cornerbacks because he *only* shuts down half of the field, doesn’t always guard the #1 receiver is hilarious. Sherman being able to shut down the right half of the field allows the SS Kam to move up and play the run/defend the middle of the field with the linebackers. It allows the FS Earl to only have to mainly cover the Middle and Left side of the field, with his speed he can get to anywhere. This allows the 2nd CB (Browner/Maxwell now/Whoever in 2015) to be extremely physical at the line knowing Earl’s got his back if the receiver slips him.

    All of this allows the Seahawks to play very few coverages exceptionally well. Well enough that with a decent pass rush destroyed the most productive offense in NFL History.

    Go ahead and rip him for only staying on one half of the field. But what he does allows the secondary to be the best in the game, and now they’re all paid like it.

  21. Any niner fan complaining about bad officiating calls needs to realize, if their team played well enough to win the game it wouldn’t have come down to a single call.
    Any game where somebody complains about a call I can go through game tape and showed where their team benefited from just as many bad calls.

  22. I wish there was a practical way to pay players at the end of the year for their performance. Sort of like incentive laden contracts, only universal criteria so that every single player knows if he wants to get paid like the best, he has to actually BE the best. It’s a pipe dream, for certain. But wouldn’t it be nice if players went all out every single play, and we got to see their best all the time, instead of Randy Mossing it, or saying stupid things in the media like “Sherman got paid, and I think I’m twice as good as him, so I gotta get paid more than he does”.

    Of course, if this were a reality, my team would be the most average salary in the league. Friggin Cowboys :/

  23. It doesnt happen often where the best cb wins the Super Bowl. I think Seattle wins the Super Bowl last year with a good corner, not great corner like Sherman.

    The best cb in recent memory to win the Super Bowl before Sherman (since 06) was Charles Woodson, who was on the downside of his career.

    Not saying they shouldnt have paid sherman, but the facts are what they are.. good corners are needed but you need a great pass rush.

  24. LOL How did this post become a Sherman bash, he got his money NOTHING you say will changed that but Peterson deserves big money as well. Look guys get paid for what they do on the field doesnt matter what position you play or how we feel about them if the team or another team thinks they deserve it then they get it. You haters need to stop

  25. Maybe I’m alone here, but I think it’s tacky to talk about how much money you want to make to the public. I were an athlete, I’d do my best to not ever talk about money in public with anybody no matter what, but that’s just me…

  26. But you came tie MR SHERMANS shoelaces Patrick. You play for a worse team your no where near the same leader on or off the field your not near as marketable and you aren’t as educated!!! OHHHH and Sherm has a ring. What you got pat??!!

    Yea he deserves more money!!!! Hahaha. What a joke!!!!

    Hold on to that clink victory as long you can cardinals. See you next season when you watch the hawks DO IT ALL AGAIN!!!!


  27. As someone who follows the Nfc from Az, let’s get real! The reality is Peterson is half the DB Sherman is.
    Take a look at Peterson’s INTs as they were done against lower tier QBs like Glennon and ZERO against the upper tier QBs while Sherman got his against anyone who would pass on him.
    How about defending the receiver? Peterson often loss his man or simply got beat. He got a lot of help from the Honey Badger who moved to cover for Peterson so his failings were not fatal On the other hand, Sherman generally covered his man like a blanket since the officials let him grab and hold while refusing to make more than one infraction call. That illegal advantage is not Sharman’s fault, but the NFL’s for refusing to properly enforce the rules equally.
    And then there is the obvious physical change in Peterson. During his rookie year, Peterson showed blazing speed with an even quicker burst of speed to produce separation on his punt returns for TDs. In every season since, Peterson looks and has played slower and unable to produce that burst any longer. That’s why he has been unable to return any more punts for aTD. This is also why his coverage is deteriorating because he no longer can try to bait QBs and close fast enough to make the play. The stats do not lie. Peterson simply cannot be compared directly with Sherman as Peterson is definitely plays inferior to Sherman.
    To any impartial NFL fan, it is clear that Peterson has lost some speed and lost the closing burst he had as a rookie. Peterson is not a part of the best DBs in the NFL and if the Cards overpay on the hype and on his rookie year, they will cripple the team in their salary cap ability to acquire and keep better complementary players.

  28. Peterson is a great athlete, but not a great CB. He can get there, not yet.

    He does not deserve Sherman money. QBs fear him and the smart ones don’t test him, because neither the QB or the WR BELIEVE they can beat him.

    Not even on 2nd and 1 do you wanna try him, because you may not get to 3rd and 1 by throwing to his area.

  29. Sherman covered Megatron all over the field. So Did Peterson. Here are their stats:

    Megatron vs. Patrick Peterson (2013)
    C. Johnson 6 REC, 116 YDS, 2 TD’s, long of 72 for a TD.

    Vs. Richard Sherman (2012)
    C. Johnson 3 REC, 46YDS, 0 TD’s long of 25

    Says it all, But if you want more:

    2013 Stats
    Richard Sherman 16 Passes Defensed, 8 Int. Patrick Peterson 13 Passes Defensed, 3 Int.
    FACT: Sherman is not just better than Peterson, he’s WAAAAY better.

  30. the goal for the guys that come after him is to be higher than him.

    So basically your saying talent has no bearing here, just who gets the last and largest contract. Sad.

  31. So now we know Peterson is a sniveling, whimpering baby. Anyone whose standard of acceptable salary is what somebody else makes is a sniveling, whimpering baby. Go to your employer with your stats, your team success, with tangible proof that you are the best player on your team, and thus are worth taking up 10-15% of your team’s salary cap by yourself. Don’t go whining about what somebody on another team makes. Do your job better than everybody else, and you’ll get paid better than everybody else. Until then, quit your bawling and help your team actually make the playoffs.

  32. Arizona would be better off letting him walk after his fifth year and collecting the comp pick. If Arians brought his Pitt knowledge with him, he’ll know what to do. Corner Backs come and go, BIG CONTRACTS NEVER GO AWAY! The cardinals, although very good on paper, need to keep bringing in new talent. Paying a HUGE salary to one corner back when teams are stacking two top WR and two tE on the field. Peterson is an unbelievable talent, but let a bad team pay him all that money.

  33. Sherman, Peterson. Peterson, Sherman. Not saying who’s better as I’d love to have either on my team. But seahawkboymike makes a strong case.

  34. “Obviously the goal is to get a bigger deal”

    And people complain about high ticket costs…
    This is part of the whole problem. Can’t continue
    this way, unchecked, forever.

  35. Thank you Mr. Peterson. This should put the loud mouth in his place, but we all know some ignorant comment is soon to follow. The fact of the matter is, the Seahawks secondary is overrated and is a product solely of their pass rush and defensive schemes. Peterson is spot on with his comments. JAIRUS BYRD is way better than E. Thomas. but got paid less; and PATRICK PETERSON is way better than R Sherman but should not be paid less.

    R. Sherman is not in top 3 of CB:
    1. Peterson
    2. Haden
    3. Revis

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